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Monday, June 30, 2014


Part 9

Compiled by
Albert Rosales

1959 Humanoid report. The end of the 50's decade brought forth a decrease in reported encounters. The world was entering a new phase of development; the era of innocence was about to come to end in dramatic fashion. 1959 brought in the last encounters of the "Happy Days" period. A new era was dawning. Following is a list of reported humanoid encounters for 1959.

Location. Wever, Iowa
Date: 1959
Time: unknown
8-year old Barbara Schutte (involved in other abductions) remembered being abducted and examined by an alien. A sample was taken from the first finger of her left hand (a remains to this day). The alien was friendly and told her the he would see her again, he would teach me what she needed to know later, and that some day she would be doing some important work, when she grew up, she would understand. (There is no description of the alien).

HC addendum
Source: Gray Barker's UFO Annual 1983
Type: G

Location. Bagan Dalam Penang Malaysia
Date: 1959
Time: unknown
Several students playing in a swampy area near riverbank saw a tiny man like figure dressed like a soldier and apparently armed. They reported the encounter to their teacher. No other information.

HC addition # 1449
Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin, A Summary of UFO and related Events in Malaysia 50/80
Type: E

Location. Near Mossoro, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Date: 1959
Time: dawn
A man encountered an oval shaped craft resting on the ground on three metallic legs. He was able to see three undescribed "little men" in it. The craft suddenly exploded in a brilliant flash of light and disappeared. (Similar incident reported in 1988 in the same area)

HC addition # 2593
Source: Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone
Type: A

Location. Saint Michel, Quebec, Canada
Date: 1959
Time: 0130A
Madame Berube and a friend were in their room when suddenly the area was illuminated by a bright white light coming from outside, looking out the window they saw at a distance of about 50 feet they saw a huge object with three bright points of light, one red, one green and the third yellow, hovering very close to the ground over the road. They could see a cabin-like structure surrounded by several transparent oval-shaped "windows" from which beige luminescent emerged. A hatchway was opened and two humanoid figures briefly stepped out and walked around some parked vehicles. No details on these could be seen. They soon returned to the object, which departed at high speed emitting a rumbling noise.

HC addendum
Source: Marc Leduc, CASUFO
Type: B

Location. La Havana coast Cuba
Date: 1959
Time: 0800A
A man fishing with a friend near the coastline suddenly saw the water around his vessel began to bubble, moments later a huge silvery disc shaped craft emerged out of the water hovered briefly, then shot away at high speed. A few minutes later they saw very near the boat at several meters in depth 3 to 4 dark clad figures that appeared to be wearing tight fitting diving suits. The witnesses could not determine the origin of the figures and assumed that they were somehow connected to the flying disc.

HC addition # 263
Source: Dr Sergio Cervera
Type: C?

Location. North Platte Nebraska
Date: 1959
Time: evening
Joyce Updike recalls standing by a country road waiting, when she saw two men approach, the two men wore "space suit like" outfits, headgear resembling old style diving helmets and thick soled shoes. One of the men was holding two metal rods that he was aiming towards the witness, while the other climbed over a nearby wire fence and walked to a landed object, partly hidden by a hill. She then found herself inside the object on top of an examining table, two men wearing winged type skullcaps stood next to her. They seemed to be of average height and well built. Another man wearing a three piece loose fitting "surgical" outfit with a hood & a smoke colored visor over the eyes, stood by a circular, glass covered instrument panel, and he also wore gauntlet gloves with pointed pincer type clamps. The man approached the witness and raised her right arm by the elbow, at this point all conscious recall ended.

HC addition # 1407
Source: Ruth Montgomery, Aliens Among us
Type: G

Location. Vechtel near Osnabruck Germany
Date: 1959
Time: evening
A couple and their young son had taken a walk in a forested area when they saw a bright orange colored dome shaped object descending over a nearby clearing, as it got closer they could now see that it was a disc shaped craft about four meters in diameter. Frightened the child and mother ran back to the house. Then from out of the woods a figure emerged, it was surrounded by a silvery blue light from an unknown source, it seemed to emit a cold air wave. The figure wore a one-piece suit and a divers mask. The figure made a sudden move putting his hand over his face, pushing aside a low hanging tree branch, then it seem to wave at the witness, it then walked back into the woods. Moments later the orange disc shaped object rose up into the sky and vanished.

HC addition # 246
Source: Ulrich Magin
Type: C

Location. Giant Rock California
Date: 1959
Time: late evening
While attending a convention Harry Mayer observed mysterious globes of light hovering over the runway at the local small airport. As he ran toward them, a pretty young blond woman suddenly appeared in front of him, and put out her arm stopping him in his tracks. She was barely more than five-feet tall and Mayer was well over six feet, she had "the strength of many men." They spoke long enough for Mayer to learn that her name was Mary. Under her coat she was wearing a chocolate-brown uniform that looked something like a ski suit. She claimed she was from Venus.

HC addendum
Source: Jerome Clark, Extraordinary Encounters
Type: C?

Location. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton Ohio
Date: 1959
Time: evening
Leon B Visse, an expert on histones (proteins connected with cellular genetic material), was invited to a military compound at Wright-Patterson, where he was asked to perform an experiment on the histonic weight of particular cells. In the first experiment Visse found an inordinately low histonic weight---far lower than in human cells. Either he was mistaken or there had to be a complete revision of genetic theories, he reasoned. But Visse obtained the same results when he repeated the experiment, so he asked if he could look at the organism from which the cells came. To his astonishment, Visse was taken into a special room where the corpses of two humanoids lay. The bodies were very tall---a little over 7 ft---and from their terrible injuries they appeared to have been in an accident, although the heads were intact, the forehead high and broad, very long blond hair. The eyes were stretched towards the temples, which gave them an Asiatic look. The nose and mouth were small. The lips were thin, perfectly delineated. Despite slight differences in their facial appearances, the two humanoids looked like twins. The bodies had been preserved in formaldehyde but remained perfectly white, apparently lacking the melanin granules, which cause normal human beings to tan in strong sunlight. The eyes were very light blue and looked no different from normal, Visse reported. The hands were human-like but slender, while their feet were absolutely flat, with small toes.

HC addendum
Source: Jean-Charles Fumoux, "Preuves Scientifiques OVNI"
Type: H

Location. Millersburg Oregon
Date: 1959
Time: night
The driver of a mint truck traveling near Conser Lake was terrified to see a tall, white creature that resembled a gorilla. The white hairy creature ran at 35 mph alongside the driver's truck peering into his cab. Sometime during the year it was rumored that a "flying saucer" had crashed into the lake.

HC addition # 3027
Source: Greg Long
Type: E or H?

Location. Carroll County Maryland
Date: 1959
Time: night
While on duty a police officer saw a huge hairy bipedal creature cross a dirt road in front of his car and step over a barbed wire fence. The police officer yelled halt and the creature turned and approached the officer, who in turn fired his gun at the entity with no apparent effect. The police officer then fled the area.

HC addition # 3069
Source: Mark Opsasnick, The Bigfoot Digest
Type: E

Location. Fiambala, Catamarca, Argentina
Date: 1959
Time: night
The young witness remembered being in her house with her mother and grandmother and the lights going out. As her mother and grandmother investigated a commotion with the chickens in the yard, the witness saw, apparently standing on a chair in the living room, a very small dwarf-like creature wearing a brown smock and a large floppy hat, she was not able to see his face. The witness screamed and her mother and grandmother came running in the room, by this time the little man had disappeared.

HC addendum
Source: Proyecto CATENT, Argentina
Type: E

Location. Ganden, Tibet
Date: 1959
Time: night
A delegation of Soviet scientists/scholars was introduced to an aged Tibetan monk with a profound knowledge of astronomy and problems peculiar to space travel. This lama was convinced that intelligent life existed on other worlds, and that, under the proper conditions, he could achieve visual contact with such beings from the beyond. The lama chose two scientists from the delegation. He instructed them in a special form of concentration and in the nutritional details of a special diet. After some days had gone by the lama invited the Russians to come to his cell. There, he introduced them to a piece of machinery entirely unknown to these savants. This mysterious apparatus---the details of which Kolosimo does not record---was emitting an odd, muffled noise. Suddenly, what looked like a cloudy face appeared in the center of the room. This manifestation slowly took on the indistinct form of a humanoid. The eerie figure stood erect and motionless, gazing at them blankly. Then there materialized in front of it what looked like a moving replica of our solar system, including Mercury, Venus, earth and the other planets slowly revolving around a central sun. This almost ghostly solar system had an anomalous feature: a tenth planet orbiting in leisurely fashion beyond the orbit of Pluto. Was this object from a sort of time capsule, an artifact meant to convey some sense of the knowledge and circumstances of the sentient species, which had occupied our planets before us?

HC addendum
Source: Peter Kolosimo, & Hartwig Hausdorf, The Chinese Roswell Type: F?

Location. Conneautville, Pennsylvania
Date: 1959
Time: night
Caroline McAdoo (involved in other encounters) was walking home along a rural road when she saw the shadow of a creature with a huge body and a small head. She reported a choking odor of rotten garbage and various vocalizations comprising of whistling, laughing, and screaming sounds. The creature touched the shoulder of the witness.

HC addendum
Type: E

Location. At sea in the Florida Straits
Date: 1959
Time: 2200
While serving in the USN aboard the aircraft carrier USS FDR, Chester Grusinski was below decks when he noticed a number of seamen hurrying up to the flight deck of the carrier. When he got to the flight deck, there were approximately 25 other men present observing an oblong, orange light in the sky. The light approached the carrier in a "wobbling" fashion, blocking out the background of stars in the sky and becoming larger. At a distance of probably no more than several hundred feet from the vessel, it stopped and hovered; Grusinski could clearly see a row of square windows, lighted within by a dull orange glow; in two of these windows, to his left, he could see occupants, one in each window. One appeared to be leaning against the glass and looking down at the witnesses, while the other could be seen only from the neck up. Then they both moved away and were no longer visible. At is closer range; Grusinski could feel a wave of warmth coming from the object. After the figures disappeared, the bottom of the object began glowing a red orange; it became brighter as the object began to move off, and they could clearly see then that it was cigar shaped. The faster it moved, the brighter it got. The observation lasted from two to five minutes. The next day, Grusinski, got up early to see if there was any reference to the incident in the "plan of the day." He found none; when queried about it by others, he denied having seen anything. On the other hand, he was unable to find anyone else who was willing to talk about it.

Humcat 1959-17
Source: Dr Ron Westrum
Type: A

Location. Leigh England
Date: 1959
Time: 2230
Mrs C Wickens had been visiting her sister's home in Leigh and on her way to catch a late bus noticed three figures crouching on the nearby grass verge; she could also make out several other groups of three and four figures standing further back in the shadows. All were dressed in clothing of dazzling white and wore balaclava-type helmets over their heads. They stood motionless, watching the witness, and there was a strange silence over the area. Then, on her left, she suddenly noticed a solitary robot-like figure standing well over six-feet, and she was seized by terror and couldn't go on. She fled back to her sister's home where she remained for the night. Her sister wrote the experience off, claiming she had seen "boy scouts" camping on the green for the night. In the morning there were no signs of such.

Humcat 1959-16
Source: Humcat quoting Newspaper source
Type: E

Location. Stratford-on-Avon England
Date: January 1959
Time: 1715
Leonard Hewins saw a fiery round red object come in for a landing 100 yards away. When it stopped the light went out, and a blue haze about 12 ft high formed around the object. In this haze he saw 3 tall human like, blond haired figures wearing blue coveralls that "appeared to step up, lifting themselves with a clumsy movement." A 4th figure appeared and they seated themselves 2 in front and 2 in the rear; then the object began to glow red again, & rose with a trail of sparks & a rushing sound. A trail of multi-colored very beautiful stars shot out from the rear. He then heard a sound like rushing water, the same that you hear when pressing your ears in and out with your fingers when at a waterfall. The object then disappeared towards the west. The witness reported seeing a similar object in 1930 and again in 1953.

Humcat 1959-1
Source: John D Llewellyn for Bufora
Type: A

Location. Gdynia Poland
Date: January 21 1959
Time: night
A luminous object was seen to fall into the harbor of Gdynia; divers set to reach it brought back a piece of un-rusted metal whose composition is not publicly known. Several days later, a strange male figure wearing "a sort of uniform" was encountered dragging himself along the beach; part of his face & hair appeared to be burnt. On taking him to a hospital, it was found that the uniform was of metal, and that the being's organs were quite different from ours, the numbers of fingers & toes also different. The creature died after an armband was removed; its body was sent to the USSR. An autopsy revealed a different structure of internal organs and a spiral system of blood circulation. It had six fingered extremities and was about 1.60 meters in height. The body was stored in a frozen container and stored in an underground bunker apparently in the Moscow area. Apparently divers found half of the object embedded in the mud under the water. According to information later uncovered, in fact, not one, but two alien bodies were recovered on the shore within the short time gap between recoveries. One of the aliens was dead, while the second gave signs of life and remained alive for a long time. He was examined in the Gdynia-Redlow hospital and soon fell into a coma-like state after an arm bracelet was removed. The aliens had six digits on their hands and feet. An autopsy was conducted on one of the dead aliens; the second one (the one in coma like state) was put in a special chamber aimed to support its vital functions. The six-fingered being from Gdynia (the one taken to the USSR the other apparently remained in Poland at an undisclosed location) is still stored in an isolated top-secret underground bunker located under a building on the territory of the biomedical research facility center east of Solnechnogorsk, together with other alien bodies.

Humcat 1959-2
Source: Ion Hobana & Julien Weverbergh, Anton Anfalov Lenura Azizova, Larissa Chora, and Bronislaw Rzepecki
Type: H

Location. Near New Richmond, Ohio
Date: January 30 1959
Time: night
A trucker driving on US Route 52 saw a bizarre gray "ugly" creature with tentacles crossing the road ahead of the truck, two hours later just across the border at Covington Kentucky a woman reported seeing a strange creature grayish in color, with a lopsided chest, ugly tentacles, and rolls of fat running horizontally over a bald head.

HC addendum
Source: Bigfoot, Tales of Unexplained Creatures UFO and Psychic Connections
Type: E

Location. Near Cedar City, Utah
Date: February 28 1959
Time: afternoon
Gerry Irwin, a Nike missile technician, was driving from Nampa Idaho to his barracks at Fort Bliss, El Paso. He'd reached Cedar City when he observed a glowing object crossing the sky. Irwin decided it may have been an airliner on fire, which was attempting to land, and he went to investigate. Using shoe polish, he wrote "Stop" on the side of his car, and left a note on the steering wheel which read: "Have gone to investigate possible plane crash. Please call law enforcement officers"). A short while later, a fish and game inspector did stop and took the note to the Cedar County sheriff, Otto Pfief, who returned to the site with a group of volunteers. No trace of an airplane crash was found, but Irwin was soon discovered unconscious and taken to a hospital. When Irwin finally woke up form a deep sleep, he was puzzled by the absence of his jacket. He was flown back to Fort Bliss and placed under observation for four days, after which he returned to duty. Irwin behaved very strangely; he was plagued by fainting, didn't seem to be aware of the correct date, and kept asking, "were there any survivors?" He was placed in a hospital for psychiatric examination, and the day after being discharged, April 18, Irwin felt a powerful urge to return to the site of his strange encounter. Once there he walked straight to a bush and found his missing jacket. There was a pencil in a buttonhole with a piece of paper wound tightly around it. Irwin curiously took the paper and burned it. He then went to the sheriff Pfief, who provided him with all the details of the initial incident. Shortly thereafter, Irwin's case came to the attention of the inspector general, who ordered a new investigation. On July 10, Irwin re-entered the hospital. On August 1, he failed to report for duty. One month later, he was listed as a deserter and was never seen again.

HC addendum
Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport To Magonia & The Ignored and Unexplained
Type: G?

Location. Chantilly, Oise, France
Date: Spring 1959
Time: 1300
The witness, Suzanne boarded a non-stop train, which was headed north to Paris. In this crammed train she encountered two pretty young blond women, identical to each other like twins. As she approached them, they suddenly disappeared in plain sight. The following day on Sunday, she went to Catholic mass at 0800A and again encountered the same two identical blond women. Again as she attempted to approach them they again vanished in plain sight.

HC addendum
Source: Joel Mesnard, LDLN # 332
Type: E

Location. Silver Spring Maryland
Date: March 7 1959
Time: 0930A
Seeing behind a hedge a man in a white "helmet," Rev. Pearl Kerwin went around the hedge to meet him; she encountered a man in a white one-piece coverall type of suit covering even his feet, with bright blue trunks. The "helmet" was part of the suit, like a hood. She yelled, and the man ran off very rapidly, apparently "skimming" over the ground. John Gill, who saw his face at 15 ft distance, said there were 2 black holes where eyes should be.

Humcat 1959-3
Source: Eli Berzweig, Don Neill & Richard Hall for Nicap
Type: E

Location. Purnong Landing South Australia
Date: March 12 1959
Time: night
6-year old Kim Marks was preparing for bed when he saw a 5ft man, with a crimson face, wearing a red jacket & trousers with white trimmings. He was visible for a minute and a half. Kim's dog did not react. A few hours later, a multi-colored luminous object was seen close to the Marks property.

Humcat 1959-4
Source: Keith Basterfield
Type: C?

Location. Colebrook New Hampshire
Date: March 19 1959
Time: 0100A
Two men were on the grounds of the Lady of Grace Monastery when they saw a large silvery Saturn shaped object descend over them, the craft had lighted windows around its lower portion and blinking red, yellow and green lights around the outer rim, it also emitted a loud humming sound. The craft flew towards and retreated from the witnesses several times. They apparently suffered a black out. Years later under hypnosis one witness recalled that the craft landed nearby on three legs and all normal noises ceased. They were both then taken inside, where they communicated by telepathy with several humanoids including a taller six-foot tall being that appeared to be the leader. Several experiments and examinations were conducted on them and they were taken onboard a larger craft or mothership where they saw other human abductees.

HC addition # 715
Source: Morton Schafer, Mufon Journal # 302
Type: G

Location. Lampertheim, Germany
Date: March 29 1959
Time: 2000
26-year old Horst Raps had gone out for a walk as suggested by his doctor after being diagnosed with a lung disease. As he walked he sees a light coming down from the sky. The light approaches and he sees an object within hovering one meter above the ground. The craft is saucer-shaped surrounded in a blue-violet light; it is surmounted with a cupola, which emits bright beams of light. Fascinated he sees a stairway descend to the ground and a tall heavyset man-like figure emerges. The figure is wearing a tight-fitting multicolored uniform. He approaches Raps and speaks in perfect German to him. He warns the witness of approaching future dangers and asks him to return to the same place 3 days later.

HC addendum
Source: UFO Geheimnisse Berlin January 1998
Type: B

Location. Charles Mill Lake Ohio
Date: March 28 1959
Time: night
Three witnesses encountered in a swampy area, a seven-foot tall luminous humanoid, apparently arm-less and with large bright greenish eyes. It left tracks behind resembling those of footgear worn by skin divers.

HC addition # 314
Source: Loren Coleman, Curious Encounters
Type: E

Location. Kankakee Illinois
Date: early April 1959
Time: 2030
David Soucie saw a white glowing disc land and a large ape-like creature appear in front of it and proceed to his direction; he hid and watched it pass him. No other information.

Humcat 1959-5
Source: Donald Keyhoe Nicap
Type: C

Location. Lampertheim Germany
Date: April 1 1959
Time: unknown
Horst Raps returned to the previously appointed site and again found the hovering blue-violet disc and the tall extraterrestrial awaiting him. This time he was invited onboard the UFO and supposedly taken on a ride to a planet in the Alpha Centauri Constellation. There he encountered various races of people, which lived in dwellings shaped like cupolas and cultivate multicolored flowers.

HC addition # 2440
Source: Ulrich Magin
Type: G

Location. Kankakee Illinois
Date: mid April 1959
Time: 2030
A week after the previous incident, Carl Miller & David Soucie, watching from a railroad bridge, both saw a white glowing disc hovering over the tracks. A huge black-silhouetted form was seen moving in front of the light. It was ape-like, with very long arms & no neck; it moved like an ape, using its arms. When it got within 100 yards of him, Miller ran.

Humcat 1959-6
Source: Donald Keyhoe, Nicap
Type: C

Location. Sao Paulo Brazil
Date: April 26 1959
Time: midnight
Having see a "red hot" appearing disc in the sky before he went to bed, Luis Da Silva woke and felt a compulsion to go out to the garden, where he found a note telling him to return the next night at 0130A. He did so, and as a circular object appeared at an altitude of 300 ft he felt himself paralyzed. From the UFO descended in a spiral a man who did not quite touch the ground; he wore a helmet, and was clad in plastic clothing, with gloves looking like glass. He told Da Silva, to return on Thursday at 0205A, and re-ascended in a spiral to his craft. On Thursday the same sequence of events occurred, but 3 entities in sequence descended (only one at a time.) The last of these asked Da Silva for a sheet of paper, and inscribed upon it a message of unknown markings.

Humcat 1959-7
Source: Dr Walter Buhler SBEDV
Type: B

Location. New Paltz New York
Date: May 1959
Time: 0230A

Sitting at the window unable to sleep, Thomas McKinney saw on the New Paltz athletic field a large mushroom shaped object 50-75 ft in diameter, wrapped in a thin grayish mist. Several appendages that looked like ladders extended between its top and the ground, and small white lights "hopped" up and down these "ladders." After watching for an hour he woke his wife, and they both watched it for another hour before going to bed; they did not see it leave. No traces were found the next day.

Humcat 1959-8
Source: Gary Levine & Ted Bloecher
Type: B?

Location. Superstition Mountains, Arizona
Date: May 1959
Time: night
Two prospectors told a strange story while visiting with an old time of the Phoenix area. They claimed that for several days they noticed what they at first thought to be several small children playing near and in a small creek, which had water in it only during the early spring season. They were quite familiar with the many "strange" deaths that had occurred in this area and wisely felt that children had no business there. These small "children" appeared to be about five or six years old and would be seen in the same dry creek bed day after day as the prospectors went about their diggings. One day they decided to investigate and see what children could possibly be doing in such an area. When they reached the creek bed they discovered, to their amazement that the "children" had completely vanished but there, still very fresh in the sand, were footprints. These prints appeared as miniature duplicates of engineer boots. Although the miners returned to the same spot the next day they reportedly never saw the "children" again. Other witnesses claim to have seen these little "children" at closer range and say they look more like men than children. Some ranchers, while on roundups in this same area, say that they could clearly see "little men" as they called them, on the tops of ridges and mountains of the superstition range watching them.

HC addendum
Source: Commander X, Underground Alien Bases
Type: E

Location. Germany, exact location not given
Date: Summer 1959
Time: afternoon
The nine-year old witness had strayed from a picnic into some nearby woods when suddenly she had the feeling that she was being watched. She then found herself facing a short luminous being wearing a luminous reflective seamless suit. The being had a triangular face with cat like eyes. The witness had the impression that the creature had been caught by surprise and that he had been inspecting the plant life in the area. Next thing that the witness remembers was blacking out and seeing some lights, later she found herself back in the picnic with her family, feeling very strange.

HC addition # 1342
Source: Kenneth Ring PhD, The Omega Project
Type: E or G?

Location. Aberdeen, Washington
Date: Summer 1959
Time: afternoon
On a Friday afternoon Shirlee Teabo was driving to her home in the suburbs of Seattle when she barely noticed a tall, angular man hunched at the shoulder of a curving stretch of highway, she had never before picked up a hitchhiker yet for some reason she felt an inner compulsion to offer this man a lift. Almost without volition she backed her car along the shoulder of the freeway, but began to tremble with fright when he slid into the seat beside her. "Don't be afraid, Shirlee," she reports that he said. She wondered how he knew her name. She noted other odd things about her new companion. Although it was a steaming summer day, he wore a heavy pinstriped suit with wide out of date lapels, and a wide brimmed black hat pulled low over his eyes. Suddenly he was telling her things about herself that she had never told anyone, and she had the weird sensation that she had known him all her life. Increasingly suspicious, she pulled into a roadside restaurant area, hoping that the hitchhiker would look for another ride. But he followed her inside, and sat quietly while she ordered coffee and an ice-cream cone, declining anything for himself. She offered the stranger ice cream and he appeared to study the cone for a long time before tasting it. They returned to the car, and were cruising through Tacoma before Shirlee realized that she had no idea of her passenger's destination. "Oh, this will be fine," he said vaguely. She stopped the car, and he smiled and called good-bye. As she pulled back onto the roadway she glanced in the rearview mirror for a last glimpse of the stranger. But he was gone. She pulled off the road, looking frantically up and down the highway. There was nowhere for him to hide, yet he was nowhere to be seen. He had vanished. Another man, a neighbor known as Everett reported a very similar encounter with an equally described and garbed man who also mysteriously disappeared after a short car ride.

HC addendum
Source: Ruth Montgomery, Aliens Among Us
Type: E

Location. Pennsylvania, exact location not given
Date: Summer 1959
Time: late evening
The witness was sitting in his lounge chair, reading, dozing but was at the same time tense and restless. Something seemed to be at the back of his mind. Suddenly he looked toward the door. Somehow he knew someone was at the other side. He lay his book down got up and went to the door, opened it a crack and looked out. There were two men dressed in black there. They looked like identical twins. They were dark complexioned with Oriental eyes, but they were definitely not Orientals. They never said a word but the witness heard in his mind, "Are you ready?" He does not know why but for some reason he was ready to go. Since it was so terribly hot that night, he had stripped down to his "birthday suit" so when he reached for a pair of walking shorts again he heard in his mind, "That will not be necessary. No one will see you." They stepped out in the hall and instantly they were on top of a flat hill in back of the apartments. The witness was rather surprised that the scene had changed so quickly. He noticed the headlights of a car coming down the street, and he ducked behind the two men. He then heard some laughter in his mind, "We told you no one would see you. Try it." He then boldly stepped around in front of them, spread his feet apart, propped his hands on his hips, daring anyone to see me. But the car, with a man and a woman in it, passed a few feet from them not even looking in their direction. He turned to say something to his companions and they were looking up. He followed their gaze and realized that something was hanging there suspended above them. As he did so, an opening appeared in its center and blue-white light came tumbling out of it. He felt a queasy sensation in the pit of his stomach, like when you are in an elevator or an airplane that is dropping too fast. He could see apartment houses and the ground receding below them. They were floating up toward whatever the object was. He blacked out as they approached the opening. When he came to he was lying on his side facing a wall. He rolled over on his back and sat up. He was in an oddly shaped room. It somehow resembled a wedge of pie with the point of bitten off. The whole room was bare except for some kind of projection on which he was sitting. Everything seemed to be made out of a blue gray material. While the walls were very hard the surface on he was sitting was very soft even though everything seemed to have been made of the same material. The room was bathed in a soft glow and there were no shadows anywhere, but there was no light source that he could see. He then heard a female voice say, "He's awake now." He looked around to see if he could spot the speaker but saw nothing, just the walls. About this time on the short wall a door appeared and opened. He could see into a hallway. Although the hall was dark, here was blue-white illumination that appeared as though it was coming from some great distance. Two shadows flittered across the doorway. He couldn't tell anything about their shapes. The movement was too rapid and too distorted. But he received a mental impression of two people approaching---a man in the front and a woman in the back---carrying a tray full of some kind of surgical instruments and hypodermic syringes. His next memory was of being back in his apartment, in his chair, reading his book. An interesting detail was that a book that he had been reading went mysteriously missing for a week after the encounter and was later found right on the same spot where the witness had left it.

HC addendum
Source: Brad Steiger, "Alien Meetings"
Type: G

Location. Hickam Airfield, Oahu, Hawaii
Date: Summer 1959
Time: night
On a warm summer night, six-year old Maureen Izon was sleeping soundly on the bottom bunk when she suddenly felt a bitter chill around her. She opened her eyes and looked around. Standing at the side of her bed were three illuminated figures. They had no features at all. They looked like human silhouettes made up of white vapor. Being a devout Catholic, Maureen lifted a cross pendant around her neck towards the figures, but they remained standing by her bed. The taller figure moved toward her. She could feel the air getting colder around her neck and then she felt pressure around her neck. The figure was apparently trying to choke her. Maureen tried to bring his right hand up to make the sign of the cross. But her hand felt like it weighed a ton. At the same time she was having difficulty breathing. She barely managed to make the sign of the cross and began praying. Soon the figures vanished and the room became warm again. On a later date, the same witness woke up with a runny nose and when she reached over to the tissue box when suddenly a large hairy hand came up from behind the tissue box and grabbed her wrist. She attempted to scream but was unable to as a cold chill enveloped her body. She opened her mouth in an attempt to bite the hairy hand and it suddenly disappeared.

HC addendum
Source: Rick Carroll, Hawaii's Best Spooky Tales
Type: E

Location. Superior Montana
Date: June 1959
Time: 0100A
After several nights of waking up and finding the door to the bedroom ajar, the witness woke up that night to see five gray colored figures standing by the door looking at him and his sleeping grandfather next to him. He could see a column of light or "energy" in the middle of the room that appeared to be vibrating without any sound. This appeared to be the mode of transportation for the creatures. According to the witness this intrusion was repeated several nights in a row. No other information.

HC addition # 3625
Source: NUFORC
Type: E

Location. Whitefield Manchester England
Date: June 26 1959
Time: unknown
The witness was walking along Alexander Avenue when he noticed two men that were walking ahead of him. The men were six-foot tall and had long blond hair; they also wore tight pants and large heavy boots. They turned a corner and when the witness quickly followed, the men had already vanished.

HC addition # 345
Source: Janet & Colin Bord, Modern Mysteries of Britain
Type: E

Location. Boianai New Guinea
Date: June 26 1959 Time: 1845
A brightly luminous object descended to a height of about 300 ft, its apparent size then being about 5" at arm's length and its luminosity dull orange yellow. It was circular with a wide base and a narrower upper deck, and had 4 tapering legs, 2 at each end, on the bottom. A shaft of blue light shining upwards at 45 degrees was seen part of the time. On top of this appeared four men, surrounded at a little distance by an aura of luminescence. "If wearing clothes, they were very tight-fitting." Father Gill and 37 Papuans were witnesses. Several other smaller UFOs maneuvered around it. The object hovered, the men coming & going, for 2.5 hours. Then it shot off at tremendous speed.

Humcat 1959-9
Source: Rev Norman E G Crutwell, FSR Special Issue # 4
Type: A

Location. Boianai New Guinea
Date: June 27 1959
Time: 1800
24 hours after the previous sighting, the object re-appeared in the same position, a little further off. Four men were seen occupied with something on top of it. Father William Gill waved, and one of the men on the UFO did the same; then all the observers waved, and all 4 seemed to wave back. Flashlight signals were answered by movements of the object, which oscillated & then came somewhat closer. After this there was no further response. After about 1.5 hours of visibility low clouds hid the object.

Humcat 1959-10
Source: Rev Norman E G Crutwell, FSR Special Issue # 4
Type: A

Location. Washington DC
Date: July 9 1959
Time: 1400
An interesting para-psychological experiment closely tied to the UFO phenomenon was conducted on this day in Washington DC by the CIA and US Naval Intelligence. It was held at an office in a government building at the corner of 5th and K Streets. According to Lt Colonel Robert Friend, the officer in charge of Project Blue Book at the time and who was present at the session, telepathic communication was attempted through a psychic channeler who was also a military officer. Colonel Friend was invited to attend a meeting with this officer, and was given the following background information. A Canadian woman Mrs. Swan had come to their attention through the Canadian government. The Canadians had conducted an extensive investigation into Mrs. Swan's claims of contact with the aliens. With two Naval Intelligence officers present, she went into a trance and they asked her scientific and technical questions to which a woman of her education could not possibly know the answers. Yet as questions were put to her, she was able to answer quickly and easily, apparently with telepathic help from purported extraterrestrials. According to the report, the aliens represented an organization called the "Universal Association of Planets," and this group had a project monitoring Earth. The investigation took an unexpected turn when the woman informed one of the Naval officers that "they" were willing to answers questions directly through him, a Navy commander and intelligence officer---with no prior experience in telepathic communications. He took over, attempting to write down the answers to questions put to him by his associate Naval officer. The word traveled back quickly to Washington officials and a very skeptical CIA. Nevertheless, there was no strong reason to totally disbelieve the report of this respected Navy commander and his partner. A meeting was arranged to be held in the security portion of a Washington government building. When trance state contact was achieved, several questions were put to him, and answers came back quickly. "Do you favor any government group or race?" and "Would there be a third world war?" Both were answered "No." The officials present then asked to see a spaceship. The commander, still in a trance, told the group to look out the window and they would have proof. They did promptly and a dark saucer-shaped object was seen hovering in the sky "at approximately 1400 hours." They hurriedly made calls to the Washington radar center to confirm the presence of the object. Radar operators told them that they were experiencing a strange type of technical difficulty with their equipment, and radar was blocked for that quadrant of the sky over Washington. A follow up contact session was attempted that same day with only limited success, it was indicated, "this was not the right time".

HC addendum
Source: UFOCAT, quoting Don Elkins "Secrets of the UFOs", Robert Emenegger, "UFOs, Past, Present and Future"
Type: F

Location. Near Sapulpa Oklahoma
Date: July 12 1959
Time: night
Frank B Standing Horse was in a field clearing some land for a local church when a large disc shaped craft landed nearby. Three normal looking men emerged from the craft and invited him onboard. Inside the witness met a beautiful woman six-feet 4 inches tall with long black hair and blue eyes. The witness supposedly took a long journey to several planets including Mars where he saw some large rock-like buildings, & to the planet Oreon where he saw large beautiful buildings & churches. He was eventually returned.

HC addition # 2284
Source: Flying Saucers Intl Issue # 25, July 1967
Type: G

Location. Blenheim New Zealand
Date: July 13 1959
Time: 0540A
Walking to her cow shed, Mrs Frederick Moreland saw a round object with 2 green lights come down out of the clouds to hover at rooftop level. Around its edge were 2 counter-rotating belts of fiery orange jets. A glass like cowl covered its top, and through this she could see 2 men wearing diver's helmets, one of whom stood up & leaned forward; both were clad in tight fitting silvery colored suits. As it departed, the UFO made a whining high-pitched sound, and left behind it a smell "just like pepper."

Humcat 1959-11
Source: Harold Fulton, Apro Bulletin 9/59
Type: A

Location. Near Fort Garland California
Date: August 1959
Time: night
The witness was driving in the desert with a friend when the car ahead of them suddenly disappeared. Later around sunset he went alone to take photographs and was sitting in the car when he apparently experienced a time lapse. He remembers standing in a transparent cylinder inside a large room; there he saw several humanoids wearing armor like outfits. They communicated with the witness by using telepathy and told him they were in a hovering space station above the earth. He was taken to a room where he was shown an anti-gravity device. He was also told that they had taken the vehicle and driver that he had seen to disappear earlier.

HC addition # 462
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions the Measure Of A mystery
Type: G

Location. Lake Bonita New Mexico
Date: August 20 1959
Time: 0300A
The witness and three young girls were sleeping in a station wagon, when they saw a bright fireball like object descend and land on the side of the nearby mountain. Several figures carrying bright flashlight like objects apparently emerged from the object and approached the witnesses' location, shining beams of light inside the vehicle, illuminating the area like daylight. The figures then left the area and the witness exited their vehicles and crawled to a nearby cabin.

HC addition # 3604
Source: NUFORC
Type: C

Location. Werdehl-Eveking Germany
Date: August 25 1959
Time: 1100A
Near Hagen, Lutz Holtmann walks toward a bright object in a forest, and fainted when he got close to it. When he regained consciousness, he saw it take off silently, and vertically. It was round, had a tripod landing gear, with two rows of bright openings, and was about 30 meters in diameter. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Nachrichten October 1959
Type: G? Unexplored abduction event?

Location. Near Gills Rock, Wisconsin
Date: September 13 1959
Time: 1400
Scott Mitchell was on the hallway of his home when he saw a being described as dark gray, wrinkled skin throughout its body, standing at the opposite end. The being communicated in a telepathic voice that went directly to the witness head. "Do not be afraid, we will not harm you." Scared the witness attempted to run but was paralyzed in his tracks, time seemed to slow down around him. A greenish haze surrounded the witness and the being glided towards him. The witness then lost consciousness. His next memory was of waking up in the house in a back bedroom. Witness has experienced further encounters.

HC addendum
Source: UFOs and Aliens Among Us
Type: E or G?

Location. Near Moscow Russia
Date: September 26 1959
Time: night
A Russian military aircraft discovered from the air the crash site of a large disc shaped craft, it appeared to be smoldering and it was shattered with one large piece broken off. The largest section of the craft was transported by helicopter to a nearby airfield at Aktyubinsk. It was discovered that it was badly damaged by some kind of explosion and fire and the inside was completely charred. On the site it was discovered noticeable radiation and among the fragments the body of an 80 cm dwarf-like humanoid was found. Fragments of the craft were transported to different scientific secret locations and the body to an underground bunker in Moscow.

HC addendum
Source: Anton "Cade" Belousov, Soviet X Files List
Type: H
High Strangeness Index: 8
Reliability of Source: 8

Location. Mariannelund Sweden
Date: September 29 1959
Time: 1855
On running outside after an electrical power failure, Mr. Gideon Johansson and his son saw a brilliant white light hovering over a nearby building. This descended, breaking through the top a maple tree, until it was only 18" above the street, and 10 ft from Mr. Johansson. It was an oval, dome shaped machine 12 ft long & 8 ft high, light blue in color; in front was a large window surrounded by rivet-heads. Inside this, brilliantly illuminated by a white light, he could see 2 small, seated individuals, with very high crowned heads, big eyes, small mouths, and pointed chins. Each had an earphone on one ear. They wore white uniforms with broad black belts crossed over their shoulders & chests. One of them loosened his belt to work on something below the window level. After 2 minutes the craft floated along the street for 25 yards, then disappeared in a flash, with a rush of air. A glassy deposit was found on the power line 1 km away. Mr. Johansson suffered ill effects to his health, and the maple tree eventually died.

Humcat 1959-12
Source: K Gosta Rehn for Apro & Anders Liljegren for UFO Sweden
Type: A

Location. El Cobre, Algeciras Spain
Date: October 16 1959
Time: 0300A
A worker was alone at a local water plant when suddenly all electricity and light at the plant was shut off. He went outside to see what had caused the outage and felt a strange electrical sensation in the air. He then saw about 200 meters away a hovering luminous object that was very close to the ground, it was shaped like a half egg on top of a plate, and it emitted a brilliant orange green & purple light. Next to the object stood two tall human like figures wearing shiny silvery orange outfits, one of the beings bent down under the object and appeared to look inside. All the time the witness was not able to move a muscle, holding a flashlight in his hand. Somehow he was suddenly able to turn the flashlight on and both beings re-entered the object, which then ascended slowly emitting a loud buzzing sound and increasing in luminosity. Ground traces were found at the site. And the witness almost suffered a nervous breakdown afterwards.

HC addition # 94
Source: Ballester Olmos & Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia De Los Encuentros Cercanos con Ovnis
Type: B

Location. Aubagne Bouches du Rhone France
Date: end of October 1959
Time: 1800
Miss Moulet, 45, was hanging out her washing in the twilight, with her 3 children, when she saw an egg-shaped object descend silently, to hover just above her. Through a wide triangular window in its front, strongly illuminated, she could see about 20 persons, tall, with wavy blond hair and very light skin, wearing white suits and short sleeves. They were smiling or perhaps laughing at her. The air became very cold. After 10-15 minutes the object took off again, disappearing in 2 or 3 seconds, leaving a slight trail.

Humcat 1959-15
Source: M Cohin of SVEPS in LDLN # 125
Type: A

Location. County Carlow Ireland
Date: November 1959
Time: daytime
A man removing a large bush with a bulldozer was startled to see a three-foot tall red man-like figure run out from underneath the machine & run across the field, it jumped over a fence and disappeared into the next field. Three other witnesses saw the running figure.

HC addition # 1388
Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained!
Type: E

Location. Near Marysville California
Date: November 15 1959
Time: 0300A
The witness who was on leave from the army was driving on US99 with two friends when he was suddenly beamed onboard a hovering bluish white craft. His two friends were apparently put to sleep and not disturbed. The witness was then taken to a room that had many instruments by six four-foot tall humanoids with large human like eyes and given a medical examination. The beings wore silvery gray outfits with a dark triangle-like insignia on their chest area and apparently glided above the floor instead of walking. The witness was later deposited back in his vehicle unharmed.

HC addition # 196
Source: Nick H Edwards, Cuforn Bulletin Nov/Dec 1988
Type: G

Location. Pinhal, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Date: December 1959
Time: unknown
A witness encountered a two-meter tall humanoid with large eyes, blond hair, and wearing a tight fitting gray coverall. He was accompanied by a shorter, 1.60 meter in height, also human in appearance. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Revista Brasileira Ovni
Type: E?

Location. Near Cherry Point Station, North Carolina
Date: December 1959
Time: 1500
A young man living near the 2nd Marine Air wing was playing baseball with high school age friends when someone hit the ball over the roof of his house. He chased the ball and saw a round, disc-shaped craft with platform around it just "sitting" in the air. The craft was 40 feet in diameter sat motionless and soundless about 100 feet away and about 20 feet high. An opening appeared in the UFO and a humanoid in a skintight suit and skullcap stepped out onto the platform. The humanoid after a few seconds spotted him and immediately reentered the UFO. The object then zoomed away. The humanoid stood about five feet three and wore a gray suit. The unknown object appeared to use colors to mimic its background for camouflage purposes. He says despite being only several miles from the Marine base he never considered the UFO was a man-made craft because of it seamless construction, zero engine noise, and great speed displayed. The entity, despite its short stature, did have human form.

HC addendum
Source: John Thompson, Filer's Files # 50
Type: B

Location. Brocton England
Date: December 1959
Time: night
The 3 witnesses car stalled on a hill and they got out to push it. Suddenly they saw a small figure, only 3.5 ft tall, standing behind the car. Its head was 3 or 4 times normal size, enclosed in a large transparent bowl; from the neck down it was clad in close fitting blackish clothing. This being asked "Are you in trouble," and on receiving an affirmative answer, proceeded to push the car at a good pace up the hill, enabling the driver to start it. When they turned to thank the helpful stranger, he was gone.

Humcat 1959-13
Source: Wilfrid Daniels
Type: E

Location. Haverhill, Massachusetts
Date: December 17 1959
Time: 0800A
In the morning four children on a school bus saw a flash in the sky, then watched a silver, domed disc land in a field. A door on the craft opened and a humanoid occupant exited. There is no additional information.

HC addendum
Source: UFOCAT, quoting Loren E Gross, "The Fifth Horseman of the
Apocalypse: UFOs A History. 1959: October-December
Type: B

Location. Near Modesto California
Date: December 22 1959
Time: 2350
Kenneth Lindsey was walking when he saw a bright orange bowl shaped object that descended to about 20 ft above the road, extending over the entire road. "On it I could see shadows which appeared to be moving, but I could not distinguish what they were." After 2 minutes, it rose again into the air. Others in the neighborhood also saw the object.

Humcat 1959-14
Source: Apro Bulletin 1/60
Type: A

Location. Fontaines, Les Mitris France
Date: end of 1959
Time: night
Several schoolchildren were walking on a field saw a large metallic craft with a black dome on top on the ground. Two figures stood in front of the object. Only the upper section of their bodies was visible and they appeared to be wearing brown combination suits. A couple of the witnesses attempted to approach the object but were prevented by some type of invisible force or influence. The humanoids seemed to ignore the witnesses. After awhile the beings disappeared and the object departed soundlessly at high speed.

HC addendum
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine
Type: C

Total Cases: 59

Addendums will be inserted as they become available.

Please send all feedback, including reports of new cases direct to Albert Rosales at:

Please see the Humanoid Sighting Reports Index for a list of all reports on UFOINFO together with an introduction and explanation of the Type of Close Encounter Classifications. 


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