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Are you not ALL ‘Children of the stars’? Did you not KNOW what you had decided and then came to Earth to put it into place?

The Federation o Light -- 16th August, 2014

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ADAMU THROUGH ZINGDAD -- An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families

An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families

Greetings my friends,

I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation brought to you through Zingdad.

Today I will be addressing the living members of the ancient bloodline families. Those ones who are sometimes called by other names such as, the Illuminati, The Powers That Be, The Ruling Elite, The Cabal and a few other, less charitable, terms that I shan’t mention.

To be clear: I am not now addressing the rich and powerful who regularly appear in the press. Political leaders, religious leaders and the heads of multinational corporations are not the ones who truly run planetary affairs. These are people who come and go with time. And, when required, they always bow to the far greater power wielded by the ones I now speak of.

But, be that as it may. The bloodline family members know who they are. And it is they whom I address today. Though I do suspect that this open letter will be of great interest to many others besides. It is intended, especially, that Starseeds and Lightbringers take note of this communiqué.

So here it begins… an open letter to the members of the ancient bloodline families:

My dear friends,

I must begin by saying that you are seen, known, understood and loved. Just as you are, right here and right now, you are loved. Perhaps it will surprise you to hear me say this? There is so much judgement of you wherever one goes, is there not? You are labelled as “dark” and “evil” and all your actions are automatically assumed to be “vile” and “despicable” by those who know almost nothing of you or the long and winding tale of how things came to be as they are and you came to be who you are.

So allow me to begin by assuring you that I am not here to damn you or even decry you. I am here to offer you a perspective and a choice. But to do so from a place of loving understanding.

Before I might get to this, allow me to say that I know that your only real “sin” is to be born as you were into the family you were. Between the intense expectations that were placed upon you right from birth, the very specialised training you were subjected to and the derision that was heaped upon those of your line who did not “make the grade”, you were programmed right from the very beginning to be what you have become: a wielder of power over others.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Deutsch -- Adamu: Umfassende politische Lagebesprechung

book3 300w

Adamu: Umfassende politische Lagebesprechung
Veröffentlicht am 22. August 2016

Vorwort von Zingdad (Arn Allingham):

Der heutige Newsletter wird sehr kurz sein, da ich nur eine neue Veröffentlichung mit euch zu teilen habe.

Aber was für eine Veröffentlichung das ist!

Ich habe mit Adamu fast einen ganzen Monat gearbeitet, um das neueste Update von ihm zu erhalten. Wie Sie sehen werden, es ist nicht nur sein bisher längstes Update… sondern auch das am dichtesten mit Informationen vollgepackte. Darüber hinaus waren es auch für mich persönlich die herausforderndsten Informationen, die ich jemals vom Geist in die Schriftform transkribieren sollte. Doch dies ist nicht die Zeit, um lange über mich und meine Belange zu grübeln… Im Moment geht es nur um die neue Botschaft von Adamu.

Ich empfehle Ihnen nicht zu versuchen, sie flott durchzulesen. Nehmen Sie sich dafür Zeit. Warten Sie, bis Sie eine gute Stunde oder zwei dafür übrig haben. Holen Sie sich eine große dampfende Tasse Kaffee und dann geben Sie dem Text Ihre volle Aufmerksamkeit. Ich weiß, dass Sie sich reichlich belohnt fühlen, wenn Sie so verfahren.

Hier ist er:

Adamu’s Angebot einer umfassenden politischen Lagebesprechung
einschließlich des kommenden finanziellen Neustarts
und der Wahlen in Amerika!

Ich grüße euch, meine lieben Freunde,

ich bin Adamu aus der Monaden-Einheit der Plejaden-Zivilisation und komme zu euch durch Zingdad.

Im heutigen Gespräch möchte ich euch eine Lagebesprechung über die politische Situation in der gegenwärtigen Welt anbieten. Diese Unterrichtung konzentriert sich darauf, ein umfassendes Verständnis für den kommenden finanziellen Neustart anzubieten. Dabei lässt sich nicht vermeiden, dass wir auch auf die kommenden Präsidentschaftswahlen in Amerika zu sprechen kommen.

Die zu erörternden Themen sind komplex, und auch wenn ich versuche, mich kurz zu fassen, wird diese Abhandlung ein wenig länger als ihr von mir zu erhalten gewohnt seid. Ich bin jedoch überzeugt, dass es eure Zeit wert ist, die ihr euch einräumt, um das zu verdauen, was ich euch anzubieten habe. Die folgende Lagebesprechung wird euch einige Konzentration und Aufmerksamkeit abverlangen. Und nicht alles, was ihr lest, wird lustig oder aufregend sein. Doch es ist elementar wichtig, dass ihr versteht, was ich jetzt mit euch teilen möchte. Eure Zukunft und tatsächlich die Zukunft eurer planetaren Zivilisation könnte sehr gut davon abhängen!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

ADAMU THROUGH ZINGDAD -- Adamu Offers a Full Political Briefing… Including the Coming Financial Reset… and the American Elections!

Adamu Offers a Full Political Briefing…
Including the Coming Financial Reset… 

and the American Elections!

Greetings to you my dear friends.

I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation coming to you through Zingdad.

In today’s conversation I will be offering you a briefing on the political situation in the world at present. The focus of this briefing is to offer you a comprehensive understanding of the coming financial reset. Unavoidably, we will also be discussing the coming presidential elections in America.

The topics under discussion are complex and though I will attempt to be brief, this communiqué will be a little longer than you are used to receiving from me. I do believe it will, however, be worth your while to set the time aside to digest what I have to offer. The briefing that will follow will take some focus and attention. And not all of it will be fun or exciting to read. But it is crucial that you understand what I am about to share with you. Your future, and indeed the future of your planetary civilisation, might very well depend upon it!

In today’s conversation I will be addressing a number of real hot-button issues. It is vital that you have the full context for what I am about to say so I must begin with a very firm request that you please make sure that you have read the previous items in this series. Without this background you are likely to misunderstand today’s content. These previous items are all conveniently collected for you at

And while we are addressing such administrative issues, I’d like to also invite you to sign up for our newsletter at This will allow Zingdad to update you directly whenever he and I release new material.

Now, on to the matters at hand. And what pivotal matters they are! My friends, you are right in the eye of the storm of change. Your planetary consciousness is at the most crucial stage of its development yet. And so I find it important to bring you to an understanding of the situation so that you can weather the coming storm with your courage in hand… and crucially too… so that you can make the correct, fully informed choices for yourself, your life and those who depend upon you.

To begin with, I know you have noticed that your world’s financial system is on the verge of collapse. Everyone knows that. And those who have created this disaster are very busy pretending as if they don’t know how it got that way or how to fix it. All the while proceeding to do EXACTLY what it takes to make it worse! While making themselves richer and all the rest of you poorer.

You see, my friends, the financial system is not busy breaking. That is what they want you to believe. It was built this way. It is doing what it was created to do. And what it was created to do is to enslave you, to steal your power and to place control of the whole world in the hands of this system’s creators.

But if you don’t have a clear understanding of the mechanics of your monetary system, this will take a little explaining. And so I wish to offer you, right now, the very barest boiled down facts. You can consider what I am about to tell you to be a synopsis, but I do suggest you use the resources on the Internet to do your own research in order to gain a deeper understanding.

So here we go:

The first fact is that what you have in your wallet and in your bank account is not money, it is fiat currency. Money is something with real, intrinsic value. Like a gold or silver coin. That is money. The worth of the coin is right there in the coin. The value of such a coin does not change. One ounce of gold is one ounce of gold. That IS its value. Other things might change value in relation to an ounce of gold but the gold is what it is. It is possible to create paper money. This is what is called a promissory note. I could create a piece of paper which promises that I will give the bearer of that paper, say, an ounce of gold. Then that paper is a proxy for the coin. The paper is worth one ounce of gold. As long as you believe me, and as long as I don’t create more paper than I actually have gold to back it with, then that paper is also money.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

SALENA MIGEOT -- A Message for Your Soul -- August 10, 2016


Beloved Ones, 

It is with great joy that we greet you today! In the midst of what some of you are experiencing as a time of great despair, uncertainty, and even doubt about your collective future, we would like to inform you that you will see a vast change for the better. Remember that things are always darkest before the dawn and the Age of Aquarius is in the midst of dawning. As such, there will be pockets of darkness around your globe that the dawn will expose to increase your awareness. Allow that to simply inform you of what is receding, not what is proliferating. As we said in our last transmission, things will look very different within a few short months. We remind you that you always have more options than most of you consider in any situation. This is true of your personal lives as well as on a much larger scale. Your awareness will shift from what seems to be to what actually is. This shift has been taking place for some time, but will crystalize more and more as so much that does not serve you recedes and the truth of who you are becomes more and more apparent. A part of this very significant shift is that you will become more heart-centered or as we like to say, heart-wise. 

When you make heart-based choices, they are inherently wiser than mental configurations that cause you to arrive at some conclusion based on circumstantial evidence and incomplete information. Your heart is the most powerful organ of your system and has much more to do with your consciousness than you know. If it were otherwise, would not the intelligentsia of the world be advanced in consciousness? The heart is a complicated organ that can and does inform you of what is in your highest good if you let it. Most of you have been trained in a way that suppresses your hearts ability to guide you in this way. Many of you have been successful in reversing your training enough to become heart-centered again. Being truly heart-centered involves allowing your intuition to develop to the point that you totally and completely trust it to guide you to what is in your highest good. If you have a flash of fear regarding any situation, that is not intuition. Intuition is love based and has nothing to do with fear. If fear comes up for you, it is not coming from the heart. That is impossible. The heart knows no fear. So rejoice in the knowing that you will be coming more and more into your heart-centeredness and moving further and further away from fear. Those of you who are fearful of the state of the world right now, fear not! Change is coming rapidly that will give you great evidence that fear is an illusion. All those involved with supporting this illusion are losing power to the greater consciousness that is growing more and more powerful every day. So fear not that the current dramas will lead to anything but ultimate freedom for all of humanity. We have said many times that things will get worse before they get better. You are currently witnessing that happening. If you give support to those things that you fear through your time, your attention, your conversation, you are feeding the fear. It is as simple as that. 

We remind you at this time to cultivate the garden of your heart. Focus your time and attention on those things that bring you joy. Spend time with loved ones or stay in communication with loved ones if you cannot be with them physically. We mean this both for those who are physically distant as well as for those who have crossed to another realm but very well may be in the same room with you. If you loved them, the energy of your love can draw them near to you. We ask you to know that like fear, any lower emotions can keep you from your heart-centeredness. Therefore, if you want to communicate with your departed loved ones, or simply feel their presence and know they are with you, do your best to think of them with joy. Remember the good times and let go of the bad. If you want to express anything that you were not able to say in person while they were alive, tell them now. It does not matter if you say it out loud or in your mind, as a deep share, or as a prayer, to them personally, or to the universe. If you feel you need to justify something, clarify something, forgive something, whatever it is, just do it. And then do your best to let it go and know they are in a place to receive the truth of what you have to say much more so than they were in life. In most cases, it will be easier for you to connect with departed loved ones from this time forward than it has ever been before. There will be changes taking place that allow you to experience that which you have only wished for regarding your departed loved ones. We could say there will be easier access to them. As you become more and more heart-centered and less fear based, you will have the experience of knowing so much more than you currently allow yourself to know. 

We also remind you to spend more and more time in nature as that is an excellent way to embrace your heart-centeredness. You are able to connect with your heart wisdom much easier in nature than out of nature. Think of it as: nature connects you more deeply with your true essential nature. The more time you spend in nature, the better. When you connect with the natural world, it is so much easier for you to connect with your own heart-wisdom and be in the flow of what is in your own highest good. Outside of nature there are so many things that take you out of your heart-centeredness. Gratitude, loved ones, nature, the absence of technology, singing, dancing, playing, moving your body in ways that increase your energy, and breathing deeply are all excellent ways of becoming more heart centered and closer to your divine potential.   

There is nothing throughout the universes that can keep you from your divine potential once this great shift is complete. There is no one that can limit you. You are sovereign beings, Beloveds, and we greatly anticipate your increasing awareness of your sovereignty. We are loving you powerfully.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides
Channeller: Salena Migeot

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Japanese -- ガイドの集合からのメッセージ 2016年7月28日 - Salena Migeot

ガイドの集合からのメッセージ 201628

The Collective of Guides
Channeled by Salena Migeot
28 July, 2016


Thursday, July 28, 2016

SALENA MIGEOT -- A Message for Your Soul -- July 28, 2016

A Message for Your Soul 

July 28, 2016

Dearest Beloved Ones, 

Everything we have been preparing for is coming to fruition. It will take several more months for you to see that we are succeeding in spreading the powerful light of Divine Consciousness into every aspect of your beingness and every place where people gather whether in love, fellowship, community, and good works, or to spread fear, hatred, disinformation, or any other miscreation. There will be no individual, no business, no financial institution, no government building or agency no matter how small or large, that will not be affected by this influx of Divine Consciousness. This is truly a gift for all of humanity and every human will be affected. 

We lovingly request that you let this envelope you in peace, hope, possibility, and joy, in all ways. What we mean by this is: there is no one who will not feel "upgraded" in some way. You will find that you have more energy, greater abilities, better memory, more physical dexterity and agility, and so many more enhanced ways of living and being. We say this will transpire over the next several months when, in actuality, it has been happening for a great length of time and this is the completion. 

The next phase of your existence can be very different if you choose to conduct yourself differently. We invite you to know that you have the power to change not only your individual lives but all of creation as you know it at this time. That requires a very conscious attitude as you move forward. That means staying out of the fray of the negative political discourse. If you can discuss politics in a way that conveys your viewpoint but does nothing to discount another’s, than by all means fully and frequently engage. If however, you have difficulty understanding another party or candidate and that inability to understand is expressed in vitriol, polarization, lack of tolerance, assigning political slants to people you have known and loved for any length of time and suddenly discounting them because of their political views, you are not exhibiting the ability to hold onto your political ideals or principles while fully embracing the diversity of human discourse. 

We predict that in the coming weeks that will change. You will likely see things from another’s viewpoint. That does not mean you agree with them. It means you can understand how they can support the candidate or party they do without agreeing with it or feeling compelled to strongly disagree. As you all come into this level of acceptance, we invite you to consider how your thinking may not be in the highest good of all. If the candidate or policies you support do not support what is in the highest good of ALL of humanity, then they are likely polarizing and supportive of separation to some extent. The trouble with modern American politics is that it has been groomed to mean certain things for one party and other things for another party. There has not been a fair playing field for third or fourth or fifth parties to engage and take their rightful place. Therefore, these more progressive parties remain on the fringe - ostracized for their differences and vastly portrayed as lone wolves, extremists, idealists, impractical, and not relevant. To the extent that you tolerate this, you are contributing to it. 

Dearest Ones, this is where you who live on continental American soil have been duped, betrayed, and misled. From an outsider perspective there is the grossest form of nepotism that has been allowed to exist in American politics for over a century. Anyone who does not get along with the family is not invited to the table. Even though they have every right to be there, they are strong armed out of the dining room even though just showing up takes a massive amount of courage and tenacity and more hard work than the ones who are invited have had to accomplish. So the ones who have the family blessing, on both sides of the family are allowed to continue their decades old arguments with no intention of reaching a resolution. They agree to disagree on certain policies even though in many ways both sides have very similar viewpoints. Their very existence depends on them agreeing to disagree. They have been gathering at that table for so long that they have gotten very good at getting along with each other behind the scenes but pretending to be opponents to keep the illusion that is American politics viable. 

Beloved Ones, it is time to rip down the veil of this illusion. Do you want to keep supporting this charade or do you want to make lasting, meaningful change for all? We invite you to consider what would happen if you chose not to support either mainstream party and decided to give your vote to the person you believe has worked hardest and has the most integrity. What if you stripped away all the political blah, blah, blah, and based your vote on the character of the person who is working hardest for you and your rights? We could expose many secrets of both mainstream parties but that is not what we do. Suffice it to say that all will be revealed. There will be massive exposure, disclosure, and more information shared than at any time throughout American history combined. Neutral scholars will sort through the information and cut out what is most extraneous and redundant. This will make it much more accessible and digestible to the average person. Through this, you will see how you have been duped for many decades into believing certain things to keep a status quo of political enmeshment. 

You have the saying that 'the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.' When it comes to your two mainstream political parties, they know exactly what the other is doing because they were all present when the assignments were given. One is tasked with holding up this illusion and the other with holding that illusion. We can tell you with certainty that these illusions will not survive the current political cycle. By November, there will be a very different playing field. And you will all rejoice about it! No matter who you currently support, you will be overjoyed with how things play out. 

Beloved ones, we have long resisted political discourse because it is generally not in alignment with what we endeavor to impart to you - especially in this current cycle. This current cycle is unprecedented in terms of the amount of money controlling things. We are talking about complete and total control of every line you read or hear from every news source that is corporate owned. We are talking about the lies that are being spread and supported by people who believe it is true because they read it in or heard it on the news. We can say with great authority and with love, forgiveness, and very compassionate understanding of the human condition that you are better than that. You are evolving into ones who will not tolerate what is being tolerated. You will regain your dignity as a people and you will once again be proud of the America you know and love. 

We invite you to think of the world you want to live in. Think about how that world would be, what you want for your family, your children, and grandchildren. Think about the kinds of communities you want to live in, what you want to do for work, how you want your efforts supported whether they be directed to industry, manufacturing, innovation, arts, culture, education, technology, or any other pursuit. Who is most likely to see to it that the federal funds allocated to these areas are not cut? Who is least likely to be swayed by lobbyists? Who do you trust as a person? Who would you be confident of holding the ship together when massive amounts of crisis and calamity strike whether in drought, flooding, forest fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, etc. Who would be there to see things through without selling out and who does not have ties to any corporations or agencies that would profit from getting federal contracts to help get the area or the country back on track? 

These are all more important factors in who you elect than war or terrorism combined. The likelihood of a World War III is non-existent. Every government knows that that would mean the end of the world for all. There is a tacit agreement not to engage in nuclear arms or any other kind of warfare that would lead to eventual annihilation of the species. Terrorism is manufactured to keep you in fear and keep you dependent on your government to 'protect' you. Think about all of the school and community shootings as well as the global terrorist attacks. Why is it common policy now to shoot the shooters rather than try them? Because a trial would reveal who hired them, trained them, how much they were paid, what promises were made to take care of their families, and many other unsavory details that went into their recruitment and training. So, now that we have stated the obvious that so many of you choose not to look at, think about if you want these types of events to continue or do you want the perpetrators voted out? 

The very basic truth is that both mainstream American political parties have too much power. They are more connected than divided. Much more so than you know. We invite you to take this into consideration and look into alternate parties and their candidates and see who is the kind of leader you truly want, instead of one who the media spin says is the only one who can keep the opposite party candidate from being elected. That is manipulation of the worst kind. We invite you all to rise up collectively and vote with your hearts, independent of the mental manipulation you have all been subjected to. If you look into the other parties, we think you will be pleasantly surprised who you see there and who fits the kind of character we've been portraying. And the beauty of it is, there is not only one. For those of you who feel that another cannot defeat the Democrat or the Republican, think again. It is your world, is it not? Begin thinking that way more and more and create the world you want. You have seen a great deal offered this election cycle in terms of mobilization of millions to a cause and it is not too late to embrace a cause or a new candidate. 

And so it is. 

The Collective of Guides 

Channeled by Salena Migeot

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