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Part 6


Compiled by
Albert Rosales

1951 Humanoid Reports. Early 50's, the infancy of the modern day phenomena. The start of the decade that brought the French wave of October 1954 and the US wave of November 1957. 1951 was a slow year but it was a harbinger of things to come. Following is a list of known humanoid encounters in 1951.

 Star Wars Kinkade Paintings 4
Location. Near Eureka California
Date: 1951
Time: unknown
Near the Eel River a 10-year old girl encountered a red-eyed hairy creature "with the strangest looking fangs." The strangest and most frightening thing about the creature is that it had tattered and torn clothing that barely covered him.

HC addition # 2896
Source: Jerome Clark & Loren Coleman Creatures of The Goblin World
Type: E

Location. Not given
Date: 1951
Time: unknown
The witness encountered a large Nordic-type being, accompanied by small beings. The large being was approximately 7-foot tall, very fair skin, chiseled features, long arms and fingers that reached to his knees. He wore a one-piece silver suit. He spoke about coming earth changes. The small beings were about 3 to 4-feet tall and had a covering over their mouths. She was escorted to a transport scout ship, where she encountered another being that was apparently at the controls. This entity was described as wearing a dark blue or black uniform type jacket, a hat, & a scarf around the neck. His skin was very white; he had black straight hair, large dark eyes, & a small lit for a mouth. She was then shown another planetary system.

HC addition # 3168
Source: Elizabeth London
Type: G

Location. Calumet Oklahoma
Date: 1951
Time: evening
Mrs. Lawrence Laub had gone out to check on the cattle, and had walked to the top of a hill between the farmhouse and the pasture and looked down to see a weird "something". Its head and body resembled those of a deer but only superficially. The animal standing on four thin deer-like legs but with huge pads for feet had long hair slightly lighter in color than a German shepherd dog. It was larger than a dog or a wolf and had small pointed ears and a bushy tail. Mrs. Laub watched it for about half a minute, then picked up a stick and tossed it toward the animal whose head was turned away from her. The stick attracted the creature's attention and it turned to watch Mrs. Laub apparently curious but not at all afraid. This proved too much for the witness. Quite unnerved she beat a retreat, all the while glancing over her shoulder at the animal, which continued to study her. Her husband had seen the same or a similar creature two years previously and in the meantime neighbors had reported coming upon strange tracks in their fields.

HC addition # 2895
Source: Jerome Clark & Loren Coleman Creatures of The Goblin World
Type: E

Location. Halidon South Australia
Date: 1951
Time: early morning
Mrs. A was a young, married woman, whose husband was away from the farm at the time, and whose baby had recently died. Her husband was a retired policeman, and they owned a 3500-acre property, north of Murray Bridge. Early one morning she was out with her dog rounding up cattle. She walked up a sand dune to overlook the surrounding countryside for the cattle. Upon reaching the top she observed an unusual object, resting on the ground on four legs. It seemed to be the size of a "two bedroom house." Mrs. A, watched for a few moments then decided to walk towards the object. As she did so 3 figures appeared from a door underneath the object. These figures "floated" down to the ground. They seemed masculine in gender. She said she was not scared and felt comfortable in the presence of the "men." The entities were described as of normal height, adult human looking beings. Their facial features were normal human ones, clear blue eyes. Their skin seemed "of a delicate nature" smooth with no wrinkles. Clothing was a tight fitting, silver colored suit, with silver boots and a hood over their heads. Mrs. A was taken, willingly, into the object, floating up in to it, as if riding an invisible lift. Inside there was a being standing at what today, would be called a computer console. The being was moving its hands over the panel, without touching it, yet lights flickered on and off as if in response to the movements. A screen, like a TV, was also noted in the room. Conversation ensued verbally, in English, with the beings. She also had the feeling they could use telepathy, as at the beginning of the visitation, they "talked without talking." She has little recollection today of the content of the conversation. The beings knew that she had recently lost a child and reassured her that things would be fine. She did not know how they knew this. She came out of the object by "floating" to the ground. A round circle was found on the ground where each leg of the object had contacted the ground. Although she tried to talk to people about her experience she only received ridicule.

HC addition # 2612
Source: Keith Basterfield
Type: G

Location. Near Bralorne British Columbia Canada
Date: 195
1 Time: afternoon
The very young witness was walking along a remote trail when suddenly 3 little men in shiny dark blue suits came along and one of them took her hand. She was then led to a nearby clearing. There they paused momentarily in front of a bright yellow light above them. There was a whirl of sparkles in the air around them, then one at a time they were raised up in the air. Her next memory was of standing in the yellow light in a small gray room with other little men who wore different colored suits. A few of the little men talked while the others were busy with some controls. At one point she was taken to a room with cloth walls a table and a large washtub. Her clothes were removed and she was told to sit quietly. Several people then came in and gathered around the table where the witness was sitting on. After performing and examination they all left except for one that gave the witness a dip in the cold salty water of the bathtub. After being dried up she was taken into a room with other children of various ages. They all talked among themselves, each mentioning the place they where from. Many had been unhappy to where they lived and wanted to stay with the little men. She was later allowed to say goodbye to the other children, then was placed in the small gray room with the yellow light. Moments later she was standing in the same clearing in the forest.

HC addition # 3213
Source: missing from my files
Type: G

Location. Georgetown Guyana
Date: 1951
Time: early evening
The main witness (Denver) along with her father, young son, and several locals were strolling along the local seawall alongside the ocean when they all saw a bright light approaching from the ocean. As it came closer they could see that it was a saucer-shaped craft with multicolored lights and windows. The main witness and son remained watching as most of the other people fled in panic. The object landed nearby on a grassy area near the seawall. Inside the windows the witness was able to see several dark man shaped figures, apparently no heads or arms were visible. Moments later the object rose straight up and then flew inland at very high speed. Later a large circular burned area was found on the grassy area where the object had landed.

HC addition # 2086
Source: Personal interview with witness
Type: A

Location. Mournes, England
Date: 1951
Time: evening
Some small boys were playing in the yard and one had climbed up a thorn tree and was breaking branches with his hands and throwing them down at the other boys. Suddenly a little man emerged from the bottom of the tree and yelled up at the boy demanding that he get down from the tree. The boys came down quickly but the little man had disappeared. He reportedly was wearing a big broad hat. No other description available.

HC addendum
Source: Janet Bord, Faeries, Real Encounters with The Little People Type: E

Location. Chirundu, Zimbabwe
Date: 1951
Time: evening
16-year old Cleo Rosin had gone to her mother to the Zambezi River in order to collect some drinking water. When they arrived at the river there was a canoe anchored along the bank, and Cleo climbed inside in an adventurous way. When she sat down, she noticed that there was a small round island in the middle of the river, which was especially wide at this point. And sitting on the island, near its edge, with her lower body partially in the water, was a particularly beautiful woman with long black hair. To Cleo's surprise, the woman was naked and she was white. At this stage, Cleo's mother was still filling the buckets with water. She called out to her mother: "Mommy, just look at that woman over there." Her mother looked up and said, "'d better keep quiet." And then she added, "Look away." But Cleo had already seen the bottom part of the woman's body and it was like a fish and the woman was looking directly at them. But as her mother advised, Cleo looked away, and when she looked up again, the woman was gone. Her mother told her not to tell anyone about the encounter or else the "mermaid" would return and take her.

HC addendum
Source: Cynthia Hind, Fate November 2000
Type: E

Location. Gobi-Altai Almak Mongolia
Date: 1951
Time: 1900
Two men saw in the slope of a nearby mountain a blinding flash, minutes later they saw a dome shaped craft on the ground. Several humanoid figures with lights on the face area and stomach section could be seen coming in and out of the object. The witnesses attempted to approach the object but encountered an invisible force field that prevented them from doing so. A scorched area was found at the landing site later.

HC addition # 560
Source: Felix Y Zigel in UFO Landings in the USSR And other countries
Type: B
High Strangeness Index: 6
Reliability of Source: 9
Comments: Humanoid report from a little known area of the world from where few UFO reports have originated. I suspect that there are many hidden encounters from there.

Location. Near Phoenix Arizona
Date: 1951
Time: night
A couple driving at night towards the city saw on the side of an isolated road a landed disc shaped object surrounded by light. Numerous short figures were seen walking around the object. They were too frightened to stop and kept on driving.

HC addition # 3864
Source: CAUS
Type: C

Location. Maumee Ohio
Date: 1951
Time: night
The witness began to recall details of a strange encounter she had as a 7-year old child in a Maumee, Ohio, orphanage. Having awakened in the night to go to the bathroom, she saw up to 10 small, strange humanoid figure floats in through the window of the dormitory she shared with 7 other girls. They glided toward her bed with their legs together, and their tube like arms appeared joint-less; their skin seemed to have scales and was of a dark gray color, and their heads were similar in shape to that of a tadpole, although she is unable to recall any facial features. The entities surrounded her bed and the "leader" stood at the top left corner, speaking to the others in an incomprehensible language, with the others nodding in response. The "leader" held his hand above her, under which was suspended a small "eye like" device that scanned her body, as he moved his hand back and forth. At no time did he, or any of the others, touch her. At no time during the examination did any of the other girls in the room awaken.

Humcat 1951-2
Source: Robert Pratt, National Enquirer
Type: E

Location. Baltimore, Maryland
Date: 1951
Time: night
For several weeks a bizarre black-robed figure invaded a housing project in this city. According to witnesses the figure could run and jump like a gazelle. He had a hump on his back and a horrible face. He jumped from rooftops but never left a footprint when he hit the ground. This agile intruder usually made his escape by leaping over barbed wire fences into adjacent cemeteries.

HC addendum
Source: Phillip L Rife, America's Nightmare Monsters
Type: E

Location. Colonia Hidalgo, Mexico City, Mexico
Date: 1951
Time: night
Alberto Islas had just finished dropping off his girlfriend at her home when he noticed a bizarre woman like figure totally dressed in a white loose-fitting semi-transparent dress. It had long black hair and floated just above the ground. As it approached the witness it began screaming, a loud supernatural, melancholy scream. It suddenly vanished in plain sight.

HC addendum
Source: Manuel Carballal, Mundo Misterioso
Type: E
Comments: Reputed to have been the famed Mythological figure or creature called "La Llorona"

Location. Moscow, Russia
Date: 1951
Time: late night
Local resident Zinaida Elshevskaya at the time---a young woman, awoke in the middle of night and saw a bright light behind her window. Her first thought was that of a fire and wanted to wake her parents but changed her mind, apparently under some type of influence. The light was now changing tints of soft pastel tones, with the golden color prevailing. She felt no fear and soon the light began moving behind the window towards the entry door. Intrigued, she put on a dressing gown and walked over to the entry door. Outside she saw an entity of uncommon beauty, human in appearance. The entity floated in the air only 5 meters away from the door. The entity was young, without a clearly defined sexual orientation, but most likely a female and approximately 2 meters in height. The alien had radiant eyes and golden light hair, wore a bluish cloak up to the shoulders and sandals, the soles made out of thin bluish ribbons crossing each other over the naked foot. The figure was surrounded by a cloud of light roughly egg-shaped. Zinaida then heard a voice, "Would you like to see your Earth from outside, I can show you?" Zinaida said yes and the entity then invited her over and Zinaida came closer, stretched her hand and was suddenly sucked into the egg-shaped cocoon of light. They then separated from the ground and soon appeared in space, still encased in the cocoon of light. The Earth resembled a bluish globe from their location. They circled the Earth several times, at times changing flight patterns. Soon, gliding down swiftly they returned to Zinaida's back door. The entity then said, "Wait for me tomorrow. We will fly even farther away." The entity and the cocoon of light then disappeared before her eyes. The next night the second contact occurred. Zinaida was again invited into the cocoon and again flew between planets, this time for a longer duration. Under regressive hypnosis by Valeriy Avdeev, (not in 1951) the researchers apparently were able to come in contact with the entity, which identify itself as a female named "Loo" and told the researchers that she had "guarded" Zinaida since she was a young child.

HC addendum
Source: Alexey Priyma "On The Crossroads of Two Worlds"
Type: G

Location. Casteil Pyrenees Orientales France
Date: early 1951
Time: unknown
Jacques B Bley, then an Alpine guide and inn keeper, was confronted by a strange man who bowed to him and asked to be furnished every day with 2 bottles of milk and some bread. This man, over 6 ft tall, with blue almond shape eyes and blond hair falling to his shoulders was of athletic physique, with long fingered white hands, and wore extremely tight trousers, black boots, and an ample shirt and jacket with tight sleeves. His unusual appearance attracted attention. This man came to the hotel for milk and bread every day for a few weeks. Asked where he came from, he replied "From above." Gradually he began to talk with Bley, "developing profound themes of social political character," which Bley could understand only with difficulty. Bley learned that he was engaged in making a topographic map of the local mountain massif, and was shown it; "a team of topographers would have had to work 2 months to do this work, and the unknown man had done it all by himself in less than 15 days." One day he secretly followed him to his camp, and found him living in "a strange conical tent, metallic gray, very low, near which was an identical being who appeared to be a woman." Another time, Bley's young son photographed the 2 men, over the stranger's protest; when the film was developed, both photos appeared to be entirely unexposed. Finally the strange man told Bley that it was time for him to "return up there" and that, as he had no "money like yours," he would pay for the bread and milk with some gold nuggets he had gathered from the local stream. Ribera spoke to the jeweler who bought these nuggets from Bley; he remembered the incident. The mayor of Casteil also verified the existence of the strange man.

Humcat 1951-1
Source: Antonio Ribera
Type: E?

Location. Unmatjera central Australia
Date: February 1951
Time: unknown
A group of aborigines observed a shiny circular object land near a similar craft, about 12 meters in diameter. Several minutes later, a dwarf dressed in a shiny suit and having a "round shiny head" came out of one craft and entered the other; both took off with a buzzing sound.

Humcat 1951-5
Source: Frank Edwards
Type: B

Location. Sussex England
Date: February 4 1951
Time: evening
A young girl playing in her garden saw a hovering disc-shaped object with a transparent cupola on top. Inside she could see three figures wearing shiny silvery outfits apparently looking down on her. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: GEPUC List
Type: A

Location. Los Angeles, California
Date: February 15 1951
Time: 1100A
The 8-year old witness was at her grandmother's house when her mother sent her out to get an item from her car. While opening the trunk, she got the feeling that she was being watched. She looked around but did not see anybody; she got the sweater and then looked up for no apparent reason. She then saw a round object hovering at about 1500 ft overhead. The object was round and had a cone-shaped bottom, with what looked like six rings around the cone. She remembers seeing some movement at the outer edge of the airframe. The craft then shot up at an extremely high rate of speed and vanished. The witness apparently lost 55 minutes of time.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC
Type: A or G?

Location. East Port Macquarie New South Wales Australia
Date: Spring 1951
Time: 2200
The main witness and two friends were walking up a steep incline on a hill when suddenly his two friends turned and ran down the hill. The witness then saw a six-foot tall human shaped figure floating just above the ground just ahead of him. It was smoky gray in color and was wearing a robe. No facial features could be seen. The main witness eventually also fled the scene.

HC addition # 1165
Source: Mark Moravec, Psiufo Phenomena
Type: E

Location. Near Paarl Cape Town, South Africa
Date: Spring 1951
Time: 2315
H M a British instrumentation engineer, had driven part way up a mountain called the Drakensteen, 7 miles from Paarl, and was just turning back when a man appeared, waving his arm to stop the car, and asked "Have you any water?" H M had none. "You see, we need water!" he said. H M offered to take him to a stream; the man asked if it was far away, and on hearing it was only 1/4 mile, got into the car. H M offered an oilcan as container for the water, "That will be all right," said the man. When they got back, the man pointed toward the mountain, into the area darkened by its shadow, saying, "There, please, there!" So H M drove into the shadows, and discovered, about 100 yards from the road, a lenticular object with squarish windows around its circumference, standing on 2 broad feet. It was 35-50 ft in diameter & about 13 ft high. Between the supports legs a flight of steps led up to a lighted opening. The man then invited the dumbfounded H M to enter the UFO, and with a "friendly gesture" persuaded him to do so. Standing in the doorway, he saw that a circular bench, or couch, ran all around the circumference; in the center was an array of about 8 3 ft hand levers projecting from a rectangular aperture in the floor, each ending in a sort of "fork" like that of an old hand brake, and beyond these was an object shaped something like an upright piano perhaps an "instrument panel," though no dials or instruments were visible. The white light came from no visible source. In the UFO were 4 more men, one of whom was lying on the couch; H M's companion explained that he "had got burnt in a slight accident." H M was not permitted to approach him. All the men were short, 5-5'3" tall, and wore belted beige laboratory gowns extending below the knees, with trousers and shoes visible below. They totally ignored the witness. H M's companion gave them water; on being asked if they needed a doctor, he said no. The he asked if H M had any questions about the craft. H M asked where the engines where; he replied "We don't have any engines." Pointing at the levers, he said "We nullify gravity; that is how we rise." Asked how this was done, he answered that they used "a very heavy fluid" which circulated in a tube at near light velocity, creating a magnet. H M said such a speed was impossible. "No, it is simple," he replied, "when the fluid is leaving the tube, it is already entering a the other end, thus its relative speed is infinite." H M asked where they came from; he pointed at the sky and said "From there;" to more specific questions he would not reply. After 15-20 minutes of conversation, the man pointed toward the door and invited H M to leave, which he did. About 45 minutes had elapsed since the man had first accosted him. The next day he went back to the spot, and found some "very strange marks." H M's interlocutor seemed older than the others, perhaps over 40. The men's bodies and faces were normal (perhaps with somewhat pronounced foreheads), their hair short and chestnut colored, none showing any traces of beard growth. Their hands seemed delicate, like women's. The witness told this story to the investigator in 1977, while in Spain, doing work for a Spanish firm. He had never divulged it before.

Humcat 1951-12
Source: Juan Jose Benitez, FSR Vol. 24 # 2
Type: G

Location. Brugine, Italy
Date: Spring 1951
Time: night
A woman reported seeing a low flying cigar shaped object that suddenly emitted a bright flash of light. She lost consciousness and had a missing time episode. She briefly recalled seeing a human like figure wearing a silvery coverall onboard the object. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: CUN
Type: G?

Location. Santiago De Compostela, La Coruña, Spain
Date: March 1951
Time: 2200
Alerted by their barking dog two sisters, B Bahamonde & E Bahamonde looked out the window to see a two meter tall bronze colored fluorescent figure standing in the garden. The figure stood immobile in the garden. At one point the dog approached the figure and was apparently calmed by the humanoid using some unknown influence. The figure soon vanished. Soon after the incident poltergeist-like phenomena was reported in the household.

HC addendum
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine
Type: E

Location. Pine Bluff Arkansas
Date: March 1951
Time: 2230
Clifford W Bowman, 48, was driving with his wife over Union Bridge when he saw an object with multicolored lights---pink, yellow, and white---in the air 50 ft away. It was round, about 30 ft in diameter and 7.5 ft high, and had lights in "window shaped blocks." It made a sound like an electric motor. His car's headlights went out; then, as the object approached within 40 ft, his motor cut out. The UFO stopped and landed in a field, its lights no longer revolving. He stopped & got out, and started to walk toward it. Then he saw "a figure, or something" run around the UFO and get in, after which it immediately took off. The entire encounter lasted 10 minutes or less.

Humcat 1951-4
Source: Project Blue Book Files
Type: B?

Location. Manila Philippines
Date: May 10 1951
Time: evening
On a sultry May evening the Manila police patrols were expecting trouble. There was the smell of it in the air and it was a safe prediction as the storm warning made by the distant rumble of the approaching thunderstorm. A patrol car received a message of a crowd gathering outside of the waterfront bars. The car skidded to a stop as a terrified scream rang out. Forcing their way through the watching crowd, the officers saw a girl rolling about on the ground. She kept shouting, "Keep it away from me! Keep it away, Oh, please wont someone help me,? I can't stand the pain!" But no one around her could see anything near the girl. The shocked police officers clearly saw teeth marks appearing on the girl's arms and neck. As nobody else moved to help her, the officers sprang forward and carried the frantically struggling girl to the car, manacled her and drove at top speed to the police station. All during the trip, the girl fought against the manacles, screaming and sobbing. At the police headquarters, the police doctor suspected that the girl, Clarita Villanueva, had been taking drugs or drinking. Another doctor thought she was having an epileptic seizure. She was then taken to a cell, ignoring her pleas not to leave her alone. A few minutes later, she started screaming uncontrollably and this time the two police officers came running. The distraught girl moaned to them "The thing is coming at me, It's coming through the cell door." She described the unseen entity as resembling a man with large bulging eyes and wearing a cape over his shoulders and it floated in mid-air. The police officers went inside the cell, but still could see nothing. As they watched stunned, ore and more bite barks began appearing on the girl's arms. They summoned the doctor and the chief of police. The doctor determined that the bite marks were not self-inflicted. Eventually the exhausted girl fell asleep and in the morning as she was being led away she began screaming that the "thing" was back. She eventually collapsed. Later while being taken away by ambulance she reported two creatures attacking her this time, both with large staring eyes. Witnesses watched teeth marks forming on the girl's neck and arms. They eventually reached the hospital where the attacks ceased. She was guarded 24 hours a day for several days. She was eventually released. Clarita described one of the beings as "big, black, hairy human like," very tall, with two sharp canine teeth and a long beard like a "Hindu." Its feet were three times the size of normal human feet. The second entity was about 3 feet tall, and also black, hairy and "ugly."

HC addition # 2851
Source: Frank Edwards
Type: E

Location. Near Salzburg Austria
Date: May 15 1951
Time: 2320
Walking after dark, the witness was suddenly paralyzed by a being with a pencil like hand weapon, and then "pulled" (floating) after him to a flying saucer about 150 ft in diameter, where he was put in a transparent chamber and taken up with the saucer. The UFO pilot had a bald, cylindrical head, no nose or external ears, a small mouth, and compound eyes; his hands were 3 fingered. He did not speak. They passed close to the moon, then quickly arrival at Mars, where he saw fields of big red flowers, canals with bridges across them, and other saucers with human captives in them. Then (still a prisoner) he was taken back to Earth; they passed a Martian satellite that "that looked like a tin ball," and in 10 minutes were nearing Earth. He was delivered back to the place where he had been captured. No communication passed. The whole episode took about an hour.

Humcat 1951-6
Source: FSR Vol. 13 # 4
Type: G

Location. Siena, Italy
Date: Summer 1951
Time: unknown
Young Luciano Bichi was playing in an outside patio area behind some houses when a beautiful & elegant female figure suddenly approached from a nearby path. The figure was encased in a bluish light or glow that seemed to emanate from the sky. The woman had a beautiful olive skinned facial features, with pink voluptuous lips and large oriental eyes. On its head she wore a large broad rimmed hat, adorned with what appeared to be matured stalks of wheat. It moved swiftly, apparently floating just above the ground. The figure briefly glanced at the witness with a dark penetrating stare. She did not speak. The witness suffered from a period of general malaise soon after the encounter.

HC addendum
Source: Il Giornale De Misteri # 205
Type: E

Location. San Diego California
Date: Summer 1951
Time: afternoon
Norma Jeffries was in the living room ironing and listening to the radio. Suddenly the music stopped and there was no sound coming from the radio at all. She checked the electricity and it appeared to be functioning. Suddenly the room began to darken around her. The room turned a dark gray color. As the witness eyes adjusted to the peculiar light, she saw in the center of the room what appeared to be a large rock. She watched with fascination as the room radiated a bluish glow emanating from just above the rock on the floor. Suddenly the figure of a woman appeared standing on top of the rock. She was described as a beautiful woman wearing a white and blue flowing dress, and barefooted. Her facial features were serene and the witness was filled with an enormous sense of peace. The witness dropped to her knees and said "Ave Maria." The woman smiled down at the witness, at the same time extending her palm downward, she said "Dominus Vobiscum." The witness then uttered more words in Latin and warmth descended over her. Then she looked up and the woman and the rock had disappeared. The room again became light, and the radio started playing again.

HC addition # 3969
Source: Corrine Kenner & Craig Miller, Strange But True
Type: E

Location. Beausoleil Alpes Maritimes France
Date: Summer 1951
Time: 2100
It was still daylight, Mrs X, 40, her husband, 49, and a police officer friend, 50, were walking down the Rue Des Martyrs to a little square where a theatrical company was giving an outdoor play, when they noticed a transparent ovoid object 15 feet in length, which was hovering at an altitude of 25 ft over the square. The audience at the play had their backs turned to it. The witnesses walked up to within 25 ft of the UFO. They could see two figures seated in front of the egg, one hidden by the other. The one closer to them was lean and aged in appearance, with a long white beard; he wore a light colored suit with no headgear, and was leaning forward as if watching the play. The object was tilted toward the observers. When the witnesses called out to the audience to look at the object, it immediately took off, passing behind roofs in 1 second. They had observed it for 20-25 seconds.

Humcat 1951-3
Source: Anne Marie & Phillippe Maissa, Thierry Leplat
& Eric Zurcher
Type: A

Location. Valle De La Sierra Madre, Cuernavaca, Mexico
Date: Summer 1951
Time: unknown
Two anonymous engineers reported the crash of a UFO in the area, numerous dead and apparently carbonized humanoids were found inside. The humanoids apparently had beautiful features (!) and very delicate hands. Apparently the remains of the object and its dead occupants were flown to the U.S.

HC addendum
Source: J Gonzalez Sanchez FSR, Project Becassine
Type: H

Location. Brandon Manitoba Canada
Date: June 1951
Time: 0700A
The witness had seen a hovering disc shaped craft with a square black box centered under the canopy descending over the area, and then hovering 30 ft above him. The object then hovered above some power lines, wobbled then ascended into the clouds and out of sight. Later that morning the main witness heard a sound that woke him up, it sounded like the buzzing of many bees. He then noticed very small dust like particles swarming at the foot of the bed. The particles converged forming the image of a man wearing a black outfit. The figure was translucent, ghost like, and wore black clothing. He had white hair in a pompadour style. He was silent but moved his right arm in a slow upward motion of greeting. A whitish blue light emanated from his direction. The terrified witness hid under the covers and apparently fell asleep. Upon waking up the figure was gone.

HC addition # 3622
Source: NUFORC
Type: D

Location. County Wicklow Ireland
Date: June 1951
Time: 2145
Two girls walking in a lane saw a little man 2-3 ft tall standing in the road. He was dressed all in black, with a black cap, and seemed "youngish." They ran into a field through a gate; looking back, they did not see the "fairy" but saw "something about the size and shape of a common tin kitchen clock" balanced on the top of the gate.

Humcat 1951-7
Source: Diarmuid McManus, Irish Earth Folk
Type: E

Location. Vacha Germany
Date: June 5 1951
Time: 2300
The witness, a member of the local militia, was standing watch when he saw a very bright light on a nearby hill, close to the light stood two or three small figures or persons wearing shiny suits. At the same time a power failure was occurring in the area. The witness was convinced he had seen "angels."

HC addition # 184
Source: Ulrich Magin
Type: E

Location. Sonderborg Denmark
Date: June 19 1951
Time: 1200
Joseph Matiszewski, a mechanic, heard a whistling sound and saw an object in a meadow. Approaching within 50 meters, he found himself paralyzed and observed that birds had stopped singing and cows seemed to be similarly unable to move. From the UFO emerged four handsome men who had brown skin and wore black shiny suits & translucent helmets. 8 objects also emerged from the craft and hovered above it. Other men inside the craft & on its deck appeared to be making repairs, then the objects flew to about 100 meters altitude and climbed rapidly out of sight. Only then did the paralysis subside.

Humcat 1951-8
Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia Quoting UFO Nachrichten
Type: B

Location. Over Georgia
Date: July 1951
Time: unknown
A lozenge shaped object collided with a Piper Club piloted by Fred Reagan and it fell until a force pulled him upward, into the UFO. Inside it were beings like metallic stalks of asparagus, about 3 feet tall, who communicated somehow, but seemingly in English. They apologized for the accident, then gave him a medical examination and healed him of cancer, so they claimed. They deposited him unconscious on the ground beside the wreck of his plane, without a scratch or bruise on him. In May 1952 the witness died of brain deterioration attributed to radiation.

HC addition # 2226
Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 15 # 5
Type: G

Location. Orange, France
Date: July 1951
Time: late evening
Pierre Monnet was traveling on his "velo-motorcycle" and as he reached a crossroads he saw an object hovering a few meters from the ground. The object was extremely bright and he saw several figures moving within the light around the vehicle. As the figures stepped out of the light he noticed that it was four very tall men with long blond hair wearing light combination suits with epaulets on their shoulders. One of the men spoke in a loud reassuring voice. Monnet stood three meters from the aliens as they communicated. Monnet could not remembered how long the contact lasted and does not remember how the aliens left but feels that he was given a message that he was to divulge as time went by.

HC addendum
Source: Guy Tarade, "Ovni, Terre Planete Sous Controle"
Type: C

Location. Near Ukiah, Calaveras County, California
Date: July 3 1951
Time: 0300A
The young witness staying at a catholic school camp and had cut his foot while hiking. Somewhere in the night he suddenly awoke startled realizing that he was sleeping on the cement serving area about 6 blocks from his cabin. What woke him up was a weird blue-green light that he could see with his eyes closed. It was about 2 telephone poles above him and slowly rising creating a low buzzing sound in his head. He looked up to see a huge (city block wide) black disk with pieces of silver around its edges. In the center was the bluish-green light, it slowly rose over him and zipped out of sight. Despite his injured foot he walked back to the cabin creating quite a commotion. He tried to explain to the counselors what he had seen but was rebuked. Soon his memory came back as to what had actually occurred. He remembers being confronted by a female entity, with a large head, huge shiny black cat-like eyes, dull white skin tone and short in stature. The short female being spoke with the witness by using telepathy, using soft gentle tones. She said her name was "Nane" and explained to the young witness that she was the leader of a force that protected her planet's security. In an instant they were in a "planet" who's color looked like white or gray everywhere. He seemed to float just above the ground and was told that it was not safe for him. He asked where he was and was told he was at the "place of ashes" that the humans call the moon. She added that once there had been a huge civilization on the moon but a great war had wiped it out, she pointed out that the currently visible craters had been a result of the "war". She said that the Universe was like a giant highway, similar to the highways on earth. She also spoke about different types of UFOs, planets and aliens. She claimed that the story of Jesus Christ was just that, a story used by governments on earth to control the populace (I beg to differ), she asked him if a real loving God would allow all the disease, murder, war, hatred and death on earth. The alien female told the witness that she had visited him 3 times before and was always near. (The witness is planning to write an E-book about the incident)

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC
Type: G

Location. Veghanza Ferrara Italy
Date: August 14 1951
Time: 1300
A local farmer saw an object descend and land on a field near the town cemetery. The object was silvery white in color and was Saturn shaped with a dome on top and a row of dark oval shaped windows. It landed on telescopic supports and a set of stairs was lowered to the ground one on each side. The farmer then saw six strange beings that seemed to be looking around in the cemetery, the beings approached the witness. They were described as humanoid about four-foot tall, wearing shiny white overalls, white ankle length boots and all carried cylinders on their backs. They also had belts with multi-colored lenses around their hips. Five were described as "clean shaven" and one had a short red beard. The beings had white faces and large round blue eyes. Their arms seemed longer than normal and they all carried what appeared to be "weapons." They wore round transparent helmets on their heads and seemed to communicate by using hand signals. Moments later the beings walked back to the object and entered it. The craft rose up retracting its supports and emitting a loud buzzing sound. It emitted a red green flame from a short nozzle on its underside, tilted slightly, and then shot away at incredible speed.

HC addition # 866
Source: Maurizio Verga, FSR Vol. 24 # 6
Type: B

Location. Dugny-sur-Meuse, France
Date: Fall 1951
Time: night
A group of workers were attempting to re-charge the battery of their stalled truck, when suddenly an orange light illuminated the area around them and they saw a luminous orange globe on the ground nearby. Suddenly from out of the globe a tall beautiful woman steps out. The woman was Nordic in appearance with long blond flowing hair over her shoulders. She wore a blue robe with a belt and was smiling at the men. The tall woman was carrying what appeared to be an infant in her hands, which she caressed lovingly. Abruptly the figure vanished and the globe brightens taking on the appearance of a "jellyfish". The witness felt a strange sensation of cold as if being inside an icebox. Soon the light blinked out and vanished. The men left the area convinced that they had encountered the "Virgin".

HC addendum
Source: Raoul Robe, Regional Catalogue
Type: B?

Location. Manila Philippines
Date: September 1951
Time: afternoon
Sixth grader Cornelio Closa from the Zamora Elementary School met in a nearby field, a beautiful girl dressed in white with long blond hair reaching down to her waist. She was barefooted, about Cornelio's age, but she appeared to float, rather than walk when she moved beside him. Although the girl did not open her smiling lips, Cornelio was able to hear and understand what she said. When she touched his hand, he felt different, very light. He became unaware of his surroundings. He does not remember anything else of his first meeting with the mysterious blond girl. He apparently met the girl numerous other times. With her he was able to float around and traveled to many places in the city. He apparently obtained the ability to disappear at will. As he grew older he apparently returned to normal.

HC addition # 3002
Source: Brad Steiger, Strange Disappearances
Type: E or G?

Location. Bloomington California
Date: September 1951
Time: 2100 & 2115
While sitting on the lawn outside their trailer park, Mrs Louise McDougall felt someone was watching her; on looking up, she saw a flying saucer hovering "not 20 ft up." It was lenticular, perhaps 100 ft in diameter, and of a "gunmetal silver" metallic appearance. In its lower half were tall rectangular windows, in which could be seen against an amber glow 4 men, in one piece "jump suits," with shoulder length hair. She turned a spotlight on the saucer, whereupon it shot off silently at incredible speed. About 15 minutes later it was back, hovering in the same spot, the figures still visible at the windows. After 6 or 7 minutes it again took off to the southeast. Witness's husband and 3 others likewise saw it.

Humcat 1951-10
Source: Nicap & Lucius Farish
Type: A

Location. Withdean England
Date: September 5 1951
Time: 0630A
The witness woke up and looked out the bedroom window, which was about 15 feet above the ground. She then saw a large dome shaped craft descend and land on the lawn. Panel like doors opened and three men stepped out. These were described as six-foot tall, completely bald, wearing dark green one-piece garments and all held an object resembling a machine gun. They walked around for 30 minutes then began walking backwards, as if coordinated, they re-entered their object, which then shot up vertically and was lost from sight.

HC addition # 182
Source: Norman Oliver, Quest UFO Magazine
Type: B

Location. Near Orland Park Illinois
Date: September 24 1951
Time: 2300
The witness was walking through a wooded area when he felt a burning in his neck and saw a silvery object ahead in the woods, it was silvery gray and oval shaped. The witness felt paralyzed and two beings appeared at a window of the craft and asked him several questions. Under hypnosis he recalled that when he approached the craft about a dozen 18 inch tall beings walked towards him and jumped against his body, making high-pitched noises. They appeared frog like and had large slanted eyes, with slit like mouths and brown striped skin. Smaller bug like beings were also present, he ran from the area but felt heaviness and passed out. Later he continued walking and again encountered the object. Under deeper hypnosis he remembered waking up inside the object lying on a soft bed while a light shone on his face. Two five-foot tall humanoid beings approached, they had flat faces, hidden behind transparent shields and wore a one-piece suit with helmets. After the incident the witness suffered from chronic ill health.

HC addition # 467
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of A Mystery
Type: G

Location. Garston Liverpool England
Date: November 1951
Time: night
Two witnesses (a third person with them was unable to see anything), were driving on a ship breaking yard when they spotted a strange creature on the car headlights, it was a humanoid about six-foot six and wearing tight fitting plum colored pants, his hair stuck up from his head in a great brush four to five inches high. It walked with an ape like gait and was quickly lost from sight.

HC addition # 403
Source: Janet & Colin Bord, Modern Mysteries of Britain
Type: E

Location. Terrest Belgium
Date: November 1951
Time: 2215
The two witnesses were returning home to the village when they sighted a fiery sphere descending over them. It descended lower on four leg-like protrusions came out of it and then landed on the middle of the highway. The craft was shaped like a convex disc flat on the bottom. The object emitted a very intense heat wave, thus preventing one of the witnesses from approaching. Beams of light also emerged from the craft. The object had opened up before landing and now seven very short beings were seen to emerge. The beings were fiery red in color, had large heads and deep sunken eyes. Some of the beings sat on the rim of the object while another being appear to rub his fingers on the feet of the landing gear. One of the beings then motioned to the witness to step back, the craft then rose vertically until about 100 meters, it then changed directions and flew east at an angle. Four scorched black spots were found on the road where the object had landed. One of the witnesses (the one who attempted to approach the object) suffered several mental & physical effects after the incident.

HC addition # 826
Source: Luc Devincke, FSR Vol. 28 # 4
Type: B

Location. Queens County New Brunswick Canada
Date: November 22 1951
Time: 1800
Herman Belyea was returning home when he came upon a pole fence and before crossing it hit it with his ax. Suddenly he heard five loud yells coming from the woods, he walked about 100 yards further and heard 4 or 5 more yells. He looked up and saw something leaping at him. It ran a short way and overtook Belyea who had to stop and face it. The creature stood up on its rear legs with mouth open and with forepaws waving it charged at him. Belyea swung his ax but missed, he then ran for it. The creature then leaped off into the woods, but he did not run far before he saw it coming again. He stopped and swung the ax and the creature moved off, he repeated this several times before the creature finally moved off into the woods. He described the creature as black or gray in color, two feet long tail, and at least six-feet tall.

HC addition # 2902
Source: Jerome Clark & Loren Coleman, Creatures Of The Goblin World
Type: E

Location. Gibbstown New Jersey
Date: November 22 1951
Time: night
A group of youngsters had gathered at a party a the Duport Clubhouse, when one of the boys glanced out a window to see a "thing" staring at him with blood oozing out of its face. After the boys saw the creature, their chaperone called the police, but by the time the police had arrived the creature had disappeared.

HC addition # 2131
Source: Michael Norman & Beth Scott, Haunted America
Type: E

Location. Red Springs North Carolina
Date: December 1951
Time: 2100
At dusk Sam Coley's 12-year old son called his father and 17-year old sister out to see a strange object coming out of the sky. It was shaped like 2 saucers put together, with a cabin like bulge in the center. It was almost silent; a slight "purr" could be heard. It stopped about 6 ft above the ground, about 300 yards from the house. "It gave off no light except from windows in the cabin. Coley said he saw a man inside." After hovering for 10 minutes, it took off, almost silently, "like a bolt of lighting." The police chief apparently lost his skepticism after the interview.

Humcat 1951-11
Source: State Defense Director E Z Jones and the Red Springs Police Chief
Type: A

Total Cases: 47

Addendums will be inserted as they become available.

1951 Humanoid encounters list:

1. 00001951 Near Eureka California
2. 00001951 not given
3. 00001951 Calumet Oklahoma
4. 00001951 Halidon South Australia
5. 00001951 near Bralorne British Columbia Canada
6. 00001951 Georgetown Guyana
7. 00001951 Mournes, England
8. 00001951 Chirundu Zimbabwe
9. 00001951 Gobi-Altai Almak Mongolia
10. 00001951 near Phoenix Arizona
11. 00001951 Maumee Ohio
12. 00001951 Baltimore Maryland
13. 00001951 Colonia Hidalgo, Mexico City, Mexico
14. Early1951 Casteil Pyrenees Orientales France
15. 02001951 Unmatjera Central Australia
16. 02041951 Sussex England
17. Spring1951 East Port Macquarie New South Wales Australia
18. Spring1951 near Paarl Cape Town, South Africa
19. Spring1951 Brugine Italy
20. 03001951 Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña Spain
21. 03001951 Pine Bluff Arkansas
22. 05101951 Manila Philippines
23. 05151951 near Salzburg Austria
24. Summer1951 Siena Italy
25. Summer1951 San Diego California
26. Summer1951 Beausoleil Alpes Maritimes France
27. Summer1951 Valle De La Sierra Madre, Cuernavaca, Mexico
28. 06001951 Brandon Manitoba, Canada
29. 06001951 County Wicklow Ireland
30. 06051951 Vacha Germany
31. 06191951 Sonderborg Denmark
32. 07001951 over Georgia (USA)
33. 07001951 Orange France
34. 08141951 Veghanza Ferrara Italy
35. Fall1951 Dugny-sur-Meuse, France
36. 09001951 Manila Philippines
37. 09001951 Bloomington California
38. 09051951 Withdean England
39. 09241951 near Orland Park Illinois
40. 11001951 Garston Liverpool England
41. 11001951 Terrest Belgium
42. 11221951 Queens County New Brunswick, Canada
43. 11221951 Gibbstown New Jersey
44. 12001951 Red Springs, North Carolina

Please send all feedback, including reports of new cases direct to Albert Rosales at:

Please see the Humanoid Sighting Reports Index for a list of all reports on UFOINFO together with an introduction and explanation of the Type of Close Encounter Classifications.

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