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Friday, May 16, 2014

PROJECT CAMELOT - Out from under Majestic: Dan Burisch uncensored

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Out from under Majestic: Dan Burisch uncensored



A video interview with Dan Burisch - Part 1
Las Vegas, July 2006

Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Lynn Cassidy

Dan Burisch

Dan Burisch: Yes, I’m by nature a recluse. People are going to find that out very soon... Well, you know, there’s another thing too. I’ve had over the last twenty years so many cameras on me...

Marci McDowell: Or more...

D: I’m at the point where it’s OK.

Kerry Cassidy: Well. that’s good. Yeah, so you’re actually cool with it. Well that’s nice.

D: We’ve had... I’ve had cameras in extremely invasive .. that can be done to me any more...

This is exactly what I was thinking about [laughs].

K: It is?

D: Nightshade presents: “Dr. Burisch Blamed for LaQuinta Fire.”

K: [laughs]

D: Oh lovely. “George Knapp here...” Ohhhh lovely.

Marci:  “... reporting from LaQuinta.”

K: Right.

Start of interview

Kerry: OK. ... I’m very pleased to be with Dan Burisch and...

Dan: I just introduced myself...

K: Well, actually, I would like you to sort of give a brief introduction, ah, who you are and what you’re known for. [humorously] Maybe what you’d like to be known for?

D: Aside from cantankerous activities...

K: Uh huh.

D: And, ah disobeying certain, authority structures. Well... I’m a microbiologist... a retired one now, but continuing somewhat the practice involved in a very unusual project called Lotus. I am a twenty-year retiree from Majestic, first having been brought in in 1986 under the auspices of the Committee of the Majority, and specifically working for the Majestic-12 assigned to Project Aquarius. I suppose I’m more known for meeting a J-Rod? Ah, and working at S-4. Aside from that, I don’t really know what I’m known for, aside from irritating a bunch of people on the web that don’t want to hear about me.

K: OK. So you worked for Majestic and you were basically, I mean, in brief ... and I know there’s a really long history as to how you’ve ended ...

D: Right. Well, Lotus was an accessory project. It wasn’t, you know... it was funded because everything that I was doing at the time was being funded, ultimately, by them. But, ah, it was an accessory project. It wasn’t something of a critical nature for... for the Majestic, or as I believed for a long time. However the principle of the Lotus ultimately ended up being a rather, ah, earth-shaking item for the participants at the T-9 conference a couple of years ago.

The T-9 conference

K: What is the T-9 conference?

D: It... during the course of speaking with extra-terrestrials, and our interactions with them from the 1950s onward, there have been a series of treaties established between we and they... they meaning the future human intelligence. Time-travelers. And there have been a ... As a consequence of our relationship with them, there have been more than one treaty system in place. During the last one of those treaty negotiation and signing times I had the privilege of being in the presence of the negotiators, at the conference which was held in the state of New Mexico.

K: And there were how many aliens present at the time?

D: There were two... four... six, and a few in the strollers behind the curtains, so we had, ah...

K: A few in strollers? I’m sorry. What was that reference?

D: They’re unable to cope for long periods of time in our atmosphere.

K: I see.

D: Our present atmosphere. They’ve adapted, if you will, to the atmospheres of their... their particular future timeline. And as a consequence, coming here would be oppressive to them, existing in our standard temperature, and our pressure. So they have been provided unique, sealed off, pressurized, systems that they would be moved around in by their attendants, basically on a Segway-type transport system, where you can push it and it will actually move forward... very easily maneuverable.

K: I see. So that’s what you meant by a stroller system.

D: Right, right.

D: And so they were encapsulated in their strollers in their positions as negotiators for their... ah.... their time. And...

K: Are you saying that these aliens that were present at this conference that happened... what, this year? Last year?

D: A couple years...

K: A couple years ago, in which they discussed... I’m assuming it was Lotus.

D: Between 2003 and 4.

K:  I’m sorry?

D: Between 2003 and 2004.

K: And they discussed the Lotus project?

D: It was brought up and in fact, ah, as part of the negotiations the P+45,000 group of J-Rods, wanted the codes for the Lotus principle added into the treaty negotiations so that they could use it in their own attempts to ameliorate their particular neuropathies.

K: Wow. So they saw the value...

D: They wanted to use it.

K; So they saw the value right away.

D: They saw potential value for it...

K: Uh huh.

D: ...and they wanted to use it for that purpose. It was my argument that it should not be used for a particular purpose, that this is, moreover, part of a natural system which has been put in place by whatever god that one would want to deign as being the creator of the universe, as part of a natural system and not to be controllable by humankind. In so doing...

K: Or by alien kind, by inference?

D:  Well, they’re humans. They’re humans.

K: You would consider them humans.

D: They’re humans.

K: OK, so...

D: They’re human beings, albeit different from what we, ah, would expect to see as a human being. But then again if we look in the history, the presently accepted history, of the evolution of humankind... If one were to walk, ah, into a conference held by Neanderthals, one would be taken aback. Well in the same way one may be taken aback by walking into a conference with these gentlemen.

K: OK. So you’ve got two kinds of aliens. And people that are watching this... some people may have no idea about the... the T-2... the two timelines...

D: Probably not. And we actually had three kinds of extra-terrestrials, human lineage extra-terrestrials, present. Two kinds of P+45,000 years from now if we were to translate over to Timeline 2. (Difficult subjects, aren’t they?) [smiling] Ah... two representatives from that time. Two representatives from P+52,000 years ahead J-Rods... both of which generally have the anatomical configuration of what would be in ufology called Grays.

K: OK.

D: Gray aliens. And two representatives from P+52,000 Orions who would generally, I guess, in ufological circles I guess one could say, would call Nordics... or Talls.

K: OK. And, and .. were there...

D: Actually they are more human-like, but have larger eyes, very blue eyes, blondish hair, etcetera.

K: I see. And... OK, well, of course I’ve got many questions on this score...

D: So do I.

K: [laughs] But, and for people listening, we would also like to know, were there any “reptilians” present?

D: ...No.... not per se.

K: Ok, can you...

D: What I’ve come to understand... and it’s generally held ... I think I can say it’s generally held within our society... that the notion of a reptilian is a misnomer. And I’m not saying that to apply a negative connotation to the stories that individuals have brought forward, probably mostly forthrightly...

Portals = Micro-Wormholes?

...But that when you view or observe, ah, what would be called a Gray... what I would call a J-Rod... ah... the particular ruddy configuration of their skin, that changes in the sudoriferous glandular structure of their... of their skin, can make them appear, during exacerbations of the illness, very reptilian in appearance. And also possibly preying mantis type, ah, in appearance. They have... They are also suffering from a Cockayne-like syndrome which makes them lurch forward, so they appear very preying mantis-like. So I think that possibly many of the accounts which have forthrightly come from individuals who have actually been abducted by the P-45s, have maybe been interpreted as being reptilian in appearance because of their skin structure. But they’re not really reptiles.

K: OK.

D: Now, I’m not saying.... I’m trying to be inclusive here ... that there are things in they... the... in the mind of man and in the glorious universe of God that I don’t know. That there’s a possibility that individuals have been... have encountered alien species not to my reference. Given the fact... I mean, you know... Gosh, I’ve had to accept the fact that there are human beings that many years ahead of us on another timeline co-existing in reality. How hard would it be for me accept that there are other extra-terrestrials of non-human lineage? Of which I’ve only been briefed about one, which was an extra-dimensional species, who have referenced other extra-terrestrial species that I know nothing about.

K: Mm hm.

D: How hard is it for me to accept that, after I’ve been in the presence of a human-lineage extra-terrestrial? I don’t have a problem with that, but at the same time I don’t have evidence to support it either. “Reptilian” in that, if one were under stress, and one had no previous reference to their biology, their pathophysiology, their particular problems, one could reasonably expect, out of a group of people experiencing them, that more than fifty percent of the group could probably say that they were reptilian in appearance.

K: Hm. OK, that’s interesting.

D: That’s the best I can say...

K: So their appearance morphs to some degree into more of a reptilian...

D: Well...

K: ...under stress...

D: Well...

K: what you’re saying? I mean, maybe you don’t like the word morph.

D: I’m saying people could interpret them that way.

K: OK.

D: Reasonably be expected...

K: Visually...

D: interpret them that way if they do not have a scientific grounding in what they’re looking at.

K: Sure.

D: You know, I’m trying not to... I’m trying to be inclusive of reports of individuals that have no reason to have come forward and say things that they’ve said, for other than the fact they’ve experienced something. I’m trying to understand, or maybe... help people to understand why they may have interpreted it as well...

K: Sure.

D: ...these things in this way. However, they may have actually come into contact with something which was fully reptilian in appearance.

K: [laughs]

D: I don’t know. I haven’t...

K: Exactly.

D: I’m trying to be honest at the same time tell people... because apparently it’s happened to me... that it’s OK... that they were abducted, and...


K: OK. Apparently what’s happened...

D: ...and, ah, that it’s happened.

K: OK. Apparently what has happened to you?

D: Well... in 1973 I was playing in a park in southern California, in Mae Boyar Park. This is probably going to come out in one or more versions of the debriefing of me. I was playing baseball with my grandpa in the park. And I was having him throw me a ball so I could catch it over my shoulder. I was trying to run away at the same time and he would throw the ball so I could try to catch the ball like Willie Mays’s famous catches. During one of these throws of the ball... I remember looking up toward the sun... it was high in the sky at the time, it was summertime ... and... glancing away because the sun was blinding me; looking down toward the grass, which was very bright green at the time; and then seeing a flash where the grass appeared to turn black. I appeared... from my perspective I was... I was covered in a shadow. The shadow reminded me of a triangular bat kite...

K: Hm.

D: ...that I had played with, with my grandfather over the riverbed nearby. And that’s the way I was basically able to describe it at the time. I was... what, I was nine. I was nine at the time. Ah... Then I remember a flash. Immediately there is a disjoint memory of this... it’s not contiguous... where I saw my grandfather sitting over by a tree several yards away from me. And the sun had clearly moved in its aspect to me, so time had clearly passed. The Earth had moved and the time had passed. At least several hours had passed. He was very shook up. I ran over to him, asked him what happened and he didn’t want to talk about it. He said, “You’re OK now. You’re OK now.” And he wanted to go home. So he walked me home immediately over the overpass over Del Amo Boulevard and we went home. This precipitated a major domestic upset between my grandparents and my mom and dad. Ultimately this domestic upset resulted in my grandparents moving out.

And around that same time, I was having unusual dreams. And in the dream I would wake up... Do I think they were probably dreams now? No... But I would wake up and I would walk from my bedroom through the restroom which connected between my bedroom and a small laundry area that went to a doorway off the north side of our house. And to the right of that laundry area there was a closet. That’s the closet where my grandpa used to put his work jacket and his work boots. He worked at Gaffers & Sattler’s as an enamel dipper, dipping pieces in enamel for... manually... for things like appliances, stoves, etcetera. And he would come home every day just covered in enamel dots all over his jacket and his boots. And I would open the door to that closet and that’s all I can remember from the dream.

K: Uh huh.

D: But I knew that I was meeting somebody called Harry. He was a little friend. And I know that as knowledge, that I met a little friend there, but I have no visual memory of what Harry looked like.

It was finally... because I finally told my mom and dad about it... and it was finally rationalized away that I was... because I was still watching Sesame Street at the time, that it was Oscar the Grouch. And that’s the way my mom put it. She said, “You’re thinking about Oscar the Grouch. Because he looks furry and hairy.” And from that time on, as the dreams continued, I then remember seeing Oscar the Grouch in my dream, but not in the closet, ah, in the restroom, or... you know, past the restroom. But I remember just seeing a picture of Oscar the Grouch. So I felt very calm about it after that. I... you know, I accepted it, as a boy.

K: So how... OK. So you were in... You were abducted in some... in.... in something that you don’t remember the details of. Is that actual experience...

D: Yeah, I told you what the...

K: that’s missing time...

D: ... the actual memory of it from my boyhood... that is it. Now I remember, possibly, and I’m not sure over the years whether this was confabulation or not, because I was a boy at the time. I think I remember seeing a tall person... like if you take a movie frame, like one frame, or a flash of a still picture...

K: Uh huh.

D: an iconic memory almost... of a tall person standing next to him at the tree.

K: Next to your grandfather.

D : My grandpa. Yeah.

K: OK.

D: And he refused until the day he passed to discuss what happened. He would become extremely agitated. And John Doty for certain had many conversations with him... and maybe even John would...

K: This is your father and mother...

D: Yeah... they’re my mom and dad that I grew up with. I’ve learned certain things about my family since then that are really neither here nor there, having to do with who was actual biological father and biological mother and things like that. But... they were my mom and dad. They are my mom and dad. I mean, they are the mom and dad I remember growing up with and, ah, I...

K: But they are not MJ-1...

D: No.

K: OK...

D: No, no.

K: OK. But MJ-1 is.... Somehow this... this abduction occurred... of your experience seem to have resulted in you becoming or you being viewed as the son of MJ-1. Is that right?

D: Right, right. What happened is this: I also learned of what happened to me from Chi’el’ah, the J-Rod that I met at S-4.

K: Hm.

D: He showed me from his perspective what had happened to me in 1973.

K: Wow...

D: I saw myself being pulled by my chest, upward, off the surface of the park. I saw my grandfather going like this [acts out holding head in hands] and basically panicking... crying, because he wasn’t able... My grandfather was very protective of me... and he wasn’t able to protect me. And now I understand, God bless him, why he was so upset. The one person in his whole life that he.... knew that he would protect, that he loved that much to protect... but he couldn’t protect at that moment. And I understand...

K: So...

D: ...why he was so upset. But the J-Rod showed me what happened to me, that I was picked up and that I was laid down on a table in some sort of a craft, ah.... and that this craft was a generally... ah.... chevron-shaped, almost triangular shaped craft. And I was laid down next to a series of young people, one of which was in fact the son of the former MJ-1. Something went wrong during the the course of my time on board the craft, when samples were being taken of me for their studies. And the son of the former MJ-1 died. During that time they put some sort of equipment on me. It almost looked like an EEG type... ah, a neural net, if you will... the receivers, probes... electrodes, if you will... on me. And they were trying to save, desperately trying to save... And I could see the... the movement of the J-Rods around this other boy. And I know what he looked like and all of that because I’ve seen it through the eyes of Chi’el’ah. They were trying to save him, and he ultimately passed. During that time, apparently they were trying whatever technology that they employ to save the boy by “storing” him. Ah.... that Chi’el’ah was with the P-45s at the time. These were P-45,000 J-Rods. And they looked at us... They look at us as no more than, ah... containers or... cylinders, almost. Almost like beakers full of material, electromagnetic material. And so they were trying to save, store, his energy if you will... [voice off camera]... Right. Marci has suggested the word vessels. Right. Ah, they were trying to store him for a while, I guess, in me.

Now, my memory of myself at the time was a rather dull boy that liked to play baseball,, and with GI-Joes and things like that. The record of me at the time was that I had an OK acuity in science. That’s what the elementary school teachers were saying. I don’t remember having acuity like that in science. And there is a disjoint in my own story of myself because of this. Because after I was put down... back in the park, over the course of the next couple of years there were changes in me. But, then again, there should have been because I was growing up. But there was a substantive intellectual change in me where I was no longer interested in those same things of my youth. Was that maturation? Probably some of it. Was it a change as a result of what was done with me on board the craft? The Majestic thinks so, thinks that it had something to do with that other boy. Because that other boy was known as very bright in the sciences. And all of a sudden, true enough, I got a hankering for Erlenmeyer flasks and boiling flasks and microscopes that I’d never had before.

K: OK, but...

D: And that I’ve possessed ever since.

K: On some level, the MJ-1’s son that was on the craft, next to you, that... that possibly you received, ah... a soul transfer from... Is the MJ group had to be cognizant of what was going on. In other words...

D: They knew that that had happened...

K: And they knew during the time...

D: He’s admitted to me that they knew that that had happened at the time...

K: But, in other words, was this... ah... So you were chosen, in a sense.

D: I believe that I was ... The only evidence... I don’t know.

K: Sure...

D: I don’t know. The evidence that I have was that I was... from hearing about the sampling program... was that I was picked up as a random population sample... ah... the son of blue collar worker... and just the son of a blue collar worker. My family was total blue collar. But there are a lot of coincidences that suggest that people were moved into a place to later teach me. It happened before 1973. Can I put my finger on that and say, “Oh yeah, they knew what was going to happen to me and that I was going to be picked up?” I can’t say that because I wouldn't be honest, but I get the feeling as though... [looks off camera] Marcia has held up two letters to me: LG - for Looking Glass.

K: Oh, I see.

D: She knows more...

K: I see, I see.

D: I’m sitting here in the presence of an individual that actually knows more of the truth, and cannot tell me, for whatever reason... more of the truth about what’s happened to me, than I know.

K: OK.

D: She’s just held up the word, the letters LG for Looking Glass. She’s indicating to me that they knew.

K: In other words... and Looking Glass is the ability to look into the future, so what you’re suggesting...

D: It’s a machine for that use. Yeah.

K: ...MJ-12 was using Looking Glass, perhaps saw that the first son of MJ-1 was going to die and planned to groom you to carry on...

D: It’s possible.

K: his place.

D: It’s possible.

K: Uh huh.

D: But I’ve never been told by them. That.

K:  Did J-Rod...

D: Excuse me... but the humans have been forthcoming, that that is the reality involved, because, I mean, even... and I don’t know for certain that he was ever read into the program, God bless him... Jim, my mentor... Dr. Jim Reynolds. He was moved into places that almost set him up perfectly for Doty’s call, my mom’s call that day, to talk with him at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. And she has since admitted to Marci that she received a sum of money. There are some not-good things here, and I still love them both for everything that they’ve done for me, but yet there’s an incompatibility now because I’m still the eight or nine year old boy in their eyes, that they are willing to try to take sovereignty away from.
It produces an incompatibility in the relationship.
Meeting MJ-1

K:  What we’re trying to find out, though, is how did you hook up with MJ-1 after that? I mean...

D: Well, the first time that I saw him was at the back of the meeting room at the George C. Page Museum, when I was a member of the Los Angeles Microscopical Society.

K:  How old were you?

D: 13, 14, somewhere in there.

K: So it was a few years after...

D: It was a few years after I started becoming really interested in all the beakers and the microscopes and things like that, when I  was introduced to Jim Reynolds at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. Jim Reynolds then introduced my mom and myself to John deHaas, who was then Associate Professor of Protozoology, as I understand, at University of Southern California. He was also the head of deHaas Optical, a microscope salesman, who then put me in contact with the Los Angeles Microscopical Society at the George C. Page Museum, with whom he was associated as a member, as a senior member, in fact, at the time. During the course of my association with the LA Micro Society, I saw the former MJ-1 walk in the back doorway. I sat at the back right of the room, where my “spot” kind of was. And I noticed him just standing back there, and he kind of just blended in with the crowd that was kind of coming and going. And he looked at me. And I looked at him ‘cause I noticed he was laying a little too long of a gaze on me. And I was paranoid as it was. I was scared to death just being around these bright people. Ah... These were accomplished scientists. Zane Price was one of them, who was the head of the Electron Microlab at UCLA. And these were accomplished people. And I noticed he laid this gaze on me from the back of the room. And he took his lighter and he lit... he opened it.  It was a Zippo lighter and it had a United States Navy seal on it. And he just popped it and lit it, and closed it up and walked out the back door. I had no idea who this dude was... scared to ask anybody because I didn’t want to look stupid. You know, I was a geeky teen. Later on I find out that he just wanted to introduce himself to me early on. He just wanted to see where I was in my life at the time. Now, of course, the association was already established because of his son Michael and all of that business, from ‘73, and this was like 1975... ‘76 ...

K: Uh huh.

D: ...right in that general time frame.

K: So... OK...

D: That was my first meeting with him. And I didn’t really meet with him at the time; he showed himself to me.

K: I understand. And you have since developed a relationship with him such that there is affection there and he does consider you his son...

D: He treats me very son-like. Yes.

K: OK. But would you also say that it’s his... you know... he regards you as his son literally. Or does... I mean, he must be conscious of the shift, or the transfer....

D: He’s...

K: ...that took place.

D: He knows what happened on board...

K: OK.

D: We’ve had long discussions about this.

K: OK.

D: In fact, during a short... Well, we had an entire night discussion about it one night. You know, I’m trying to do the right things by everybody and that‘s the only reason why..... to be honest, I mean, you know... my debriefing must come out to the public to the extent that the authentic message, the truthful message, of what I saw... what I’ve seen... comes out... ah.... and that concerns the extra-terrestrial issue. But the rest of it... my losing my knees out at Mae Boyar Park and falling at the base of the tree where my grandpa was, that’s not required. But for people to know that it’s not bullshit...

(continued in Part 2 - please 
click here)

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