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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Interview with ALKESH at FINDING VOICES Radio (February, 2014)


Interview with ALKESH at FINDING VOICES Radio (February, 2014)

(February 2, 2014)

MAARTEN HORST: Yes, my dear friends! My dear friends, my dear fellow starseeds and fellow human beings! Welcome to ET FIRST CONTACT Radio! Tonight we have a very, very, very important show, a very important show with my guest Alkesh who was last Thursday on BBS Radio and if you watched the interview or listened to it on YouTube [] then you are up-to-date.

It started all with the video that Esoteric Golden Spirit made a couple of weeks ago and has gone viral [Comet Ison. The Event. The Truth About It -]. So tonight we are going to share very crucial information and as far as I know and as far as I resonate with this information, it is the closest to the truth from all information available on the internet until now. So I want to welcome my dear friend Alkesh which is his star name for ET FIRST CONTACT Radio. Welcome, Alkesh!

ALKESH: Hello, Maarten. Glad to hear you again.

MAARTEN HORST: It’s a great pleasure to have you again on the show, my friend.

ALKESH: Yes. From my part too.

MAARTEN HORST: We have worked day and night, you and me to prepare this show and to prepare the YouTube video from the last Thursday interview and I want to tell the dear listeners that from this interview there will also be a YouTube version available. But if you can listen now, stay tuned because now is the energy and the information that is coming through the airways, from the internet, so now’s the moment to tune in and to listen. So I want to welcome everybody again with love and light and harmony and if you are ready, Alkesh, I will start with the first question.

ALKESH: Yes, I am ready Maarten. I am listening to you.

MAARTEN HORST: Ok. Well, of course we have spoken about comet Ison that it is a spaceship and the details about it you have explained it…


MAARTEN HORST: Ok. What about the extraterrestrial spaceship which surrounds comet Ison? Can you elaborate on this?

ALKESH: Yes I can. Well, regarding this spaceship and as far as we were told and shown it is a huge spaceship. However, not nearly as large as the Sirian mothership Anais which is truly huge. The ship that surrounds the core of comet Ison it is also in the etheric plane and is spherical consisting of radial segments. Many beneficial extraterrestrial civiliZations which are involved in this grand plan linked to the comet Ison contributed to its design and construction. Therefore, the ship exists in the etheric plane, and I mean in the subtle 4D, I mean the 4th dimension, and cannot be seen in the usual way. Its role it’s fundamental from an energetic viewpoint and it is the basis of support for the very complex plan that has been designed to achieve the vibrational jump of Earth and of humanity as well in a higher dimension of existence. Some aspects of this I have spoken about in the previous interview, you know.

However, they – the extraterrestrial beneficial beings – wanted the best preparation of our planet and human beings in order to be able to deal with the illuminating energetic impulse of the event when it will take place. So they opted for a comet. A comet which astronomers after they saw it in the sky, called it Ison. This choice of the beneficial extraterrestrial was based on the fact that the comet was already “dying”. Its nucleus was very small and the quantity of ice was also small. The comet was heading directly into the sun and following for the last time its path to it.

The extraterrestrial beings who are very evolved spiritually and technologically… they do not wish to break universal laws, and that is why they used it in their plans which are actually integrated in a divine way in the universal harmony. They do not want to disrupt this harmony so that the comet can fullfil the plan. That’s exactly what they used in this case… using the opportunity of the comet whose existence was near to its end actually. Not only that, but in a certain way the extraterrestrials have “revived” it. In other words they have extended its life but they also have respected perfectly its trajectory towards the sun by integrating all related phenomena in a natural way.

After the revival of the comet of rock and ice into the “intelligent” alloy which I have spoken about – in fact, it was more a kind of intermingling so to speak with the rocks and ice of the dead comet; it’s just like water flows through or into the pores of a dry sponge. So after this genuine revival the metal core constituted the center around which the extraterrestrial ship was built in the etheric plane. However, the observers and astronomers on Earth, they had to see an ordinary comet with a tail which also had to be bright. Brightness was not a problem because the metal alloy had a slightly dark silver grey color but with regard to the tail which as you know represents the distinctive mark for each comet, this had to be manufactured because there was not enough raw material from the old comet to be generated naturally. In addition the rock and ice were mixed with an “intelligent” metallic alloy.

To create a tail on the comet of a few million kilometers… usually, you know, a comet has a tail of about 3-4 even 5 million kilometers long… to create such a tail, obviously is not at all easy. To do this, in addition to the etheric spherical ship surrounding the core of the comet they also designed and created two other huge, cylindrical ships with a length of approximately 20 kilometers each, as they were shown to us. They were placed behind the main spherical ship around the comet and their role was that of like the vacuum cleaners and also to forcefully push material out behind them and thus create the tail of the comet.

So, in a way it was an artificial procedure to create such a tail. The metallic core, as I have said, is characterized by an extraordinarily strong magnetic force; due to the increase in the mass of the comet and due to the accentuated magnetism of its new core the raw material around it was ionized so to speak and tended to be captured and rotate in this magnetic field around the comet while moving through space.

But think about: if this have been observed on earth it had given birth to suspicion and many unanswered questions. Astronomers would have asked: what kind of a comet is this around which material orbits? For this reason another role of the two huge cylindrical vessels placed on either side of the spherical vessel – I mean, around the comet – was to demagnetize the raw material and push it backwards thus forming a long tail of more than 1 million km. And this is what happened. The comet was photographed as you know from Earth, by astronomers from multiple angles and although it looked like a comet these anomalies were also observed such as the two huge cylindrical ships like some turbines which adorned it so to speak. And until reaching the sun, comet Ison maintained its regular trajectory giving the impression that is nothing abnormal with it. But, however, there were enough photos that captured somehow the anomalies, in particular the presence of the two cylindrical ships next to the core of the comet. They were captured in many photos. However, the really interesting aspects start here, near the sun. So, Maarten, that will be all the information I can tell you about what you asked me regarding the extraterrestrial ship that accompanied comet Ison.

MAARTEN HORST: I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful answer. It’s very interesting and of course I would like the listeners to pay attention to what Alkesh is saying here because it is complex information and may be difficult to grasp so please focus on the next question which is very important. Alkesh, what happened when comet Ison came near the sun? You have said previously that this is very important information. Can you explain?

ALKESH: Yes, it’s important and also complicated to be understood and that’s why I didn’t want to talk it over last time on the talk show on Thursday. But now I think we have enough time to explain it.

The passage of the comet alongside the sun, I mean going behind it was used to perform a very delicate and important operation in the context of producing The Event. Comet Ison reaching alongside our sun obviously has been calculated so that it coincides with the short period of change in the magnetic field of the sun which it is well known. This critical phase took place toward the end of November. I think you heard about it.

MAARTEN HORST: Yes, I heard about it and I think the listeners did too.

ALKESH: Yes, because it was a very important phase – energetically speaking – concerning our sun. In that moment the magnetic field of our sun was greatly diminished, that is greatly weakened in intensity and for a few moments its magnetic poles virtually disappeared before the magnetic reset of the star. It’s a common so called “procedure” of stars but in this case it was something very special.

When the comet with its metallic core and extraterrestrial ship from the etheric plane that surrounded it arrived behind the sun, as I have said, they entered into it and went quickly towards its center. It seems maybe astounding and even fantastic for some but however it is the pure truth. And things happened exactly as we were shown as a holographic projection. However, as far as we can tell the technique of “penetrating” into a star is often applied in the universe by civilizations that are very advanced from the technological and spiritual viewpoint. It is not so rare but it is very significant for our solar system. From the point of view of current 3D technology – and I mean it for the physical plane in which we exist now but also due to the inherent limitations in this physical plane – so from this point of view, to enter into a star might seem something Sci-fi. However, to the surprise of many this is an operation perfectly possible. Though at the same time I should say it requires a high level of precision.

Obviously [for such a task to be accomplished] there are two aspects which need to be resolved. On the one hand, the extraordinary pressure and heat inside the sun due to the thermonuclear fusion and the extreme intensity of the light emanating from the sun. Both issues are resolved by highly advanced civilizations such as those we are talking about here by designing and maintaining a very intense energy field with a special frequency of vibration which after all safeguards so to speak the interior of the ship like in a cocoon. I hope this comparison was well understood.

This is what happened in the case of the extraterrestrial ship in the etheric plane and the comet Ison. The intelligent core of the comet has the property to generate an amazingly intense magnetic field which protected the entire ship-comet ensemble from the extreme conditions inside our sun.

However, we have been told that even under these circumstances, in order to be sure that the temperature will not weaken the enormous energy shield the entry in the sun or any other star, is not made in a chaotic manner that is not at random or on anywhere but always on a line of magnetic field. Comet Ison and the spaceship with the protection provided by the energy field developed around the ship, it entered exactly on a line of a magnetic field which was enough to ensure a successful operation.

Everything has been calculated so that the arrival of the ship and comet behind the sun will coincide with the resetting of the magnetic pulse of the sun. I mean that small moment of hiatus, it’s a discontinuity so it’s a small moment of discontinuity in space time continuum.


ALKESH: So, in such a short moment in which the magnetic field of the sun decreases almost to zero and the magnetic poles reverse… the comet – I mean actually the metallic core and the ship – entered one of these last lines of the increasingly weak magnetic field and headed quickly to the centre of the star. In such cases the problem of the extreme luminosity is resolved also through the protection provided by the specific energy field and also due to the fact that the extraterrestrial beings from the ship exist in the subtle 4D and 5D planes of manifestation and they can tolerate without any problems such extraordinary intensities of light.

Moments of change in the magnetic polarity of stars are very important in their existence since it provides extraordinary opportunities for spectacular transformations of the star concerned. And this was true also for our sun. Now, the energetic transformation of the sun has been designed for a long time by a group of beneficial extraterrestrial civilizations which accepted the assignment to create more favorable conditions for the harmonious, spiritual ascension of human beings. And that is more in the context of the events that will follow on earth, you know. But before the arrival of the comet and the extraterrestrial ship behind the sun, other huge ships carried out certain special energy infusions in the sun at its plasma level. They played the role of so called “energy converters” and this is why for example the SOHO satellite repeatedly showed in the photos that it took certain dark spheres of amazing dimensions which were connected to the sun by a sort of “umbilical cord”. I am sure you have seen such photos, one or two years ago. Or, there they were acting simply close to it by resonance and energy induction. Both way of action have been made by such dark spheres, very huge spheres that were observed and photographed near the sun.

The purpose however, of this operations was to prepare the sun for the moment of the change of its magnetic poles. At that time the comet Ison and the etheric extraterrestrial ship reached in the middle of the star and initiated the activation of the south pole of the sun. For a short period of time our sun was practically a magnetic monopole, that is, it had only a single pole, the south pole. Our scientists also recognize the truth of this physical fact because they have even managed themselves to create under laboratory conditions a monopole magnet and what’s more. The moment when the magnetic pole actually, the magnetic monopole of the sun was also noticed by scientists. As a result, using the extraordinary magnetic energy accumulated by the special metallic core of the comet Ison, the etheric extraterrestrial ship surrounding the comet initiated a specific pulse that activated the south pole of the sun. This was a truly grandiose cosmic element. Everything had been calculated so that exactly in that moment, but far away from our own solar system – namely, right to the center of our galaxy – so exactly in that moment, another star which is located near the horizon of events of the central black hole of our own galaxy had undergone the same process change to its magnetic poles. I don’t know if I was very clear here. I hope you understood the process.

MAARTEN HORST: I understood it completely. You have given a very detailed and elaborated answer.

ALKESH: Yes, it’s necessary but there is more. Because the synchronizing had to be perfect, in the moment when the magnetic field of our sun was cancelled first for some moments, followed by the activation of the magnetic south pole, the extraterrestrial ship which had reached the center of the sun initiated the opening of a subspace portal, that is an energetic portal of a subtle nature between our sun and the sun near the center of our galaxy. Due to the universal law of duality, when a place in the universe manifests a pole, it is accepted that another place in the universe manifests the opposite pole. Although this is not what we were shown, however we guess that the activation of the magnetic north pole in the sun near the centre of our galaxy took place by the specific action of an extraterrestrial ship just like in the case of our sun. Such a subtle energy portal appeared between our sun and the distant sun near the center of the galaxy.

All these things were presented shortly in the film but here I have elaborated that.

The role of this energetic portal as i have already shown you in the film, is to mediate the gigantic energetic impulse that will come from the black hole located in the centre of the galaxy and this impulse will be transmitted by the sun near the center of the galaxy. Then, together with all the accumulated, illuminating energy from more than 200 stars in our own galaxy as it was shown to us, it will be transmitted via the great created portal toward our sun. All that energy will be transmitted through that created portal toward our sun. From here it will be transmitted to Earth and to all the other planets of our solar system.

So, imagine what calculation had to be made in order to synchronize all these aspects at a galactic level. All so that it is possible to carry out effectively the spiritual ascension of humanity by triggering The Event which is, by the way, imminent. Well, I hope I have been clear enough in my presentation concerning this point, Maarten…

MAARTEN HORST: I have enjoyed your answer so much my friend. And I can feel also that The Event is imminent and many people can feel that, but…

ALKESH: Yes, for sure…

MAARTEN HORST: If you go to there is a link in the last article to the film if you haven’t watched it and I recommend to do so after this interview.

We have still one hour and 50 minutes to go so we have still many questions that need to be answered. I am at the tip of my chair and I am very interested in what is being shared here on ET FIRST CONTACT Radio. My friends, I am very happy to do this interview with Alkesh, the second interview and maybe more will follow.

ALKESH: Yes, why not.

MAARTEN HORST: Yes. Well, there we go. How will the transformation take place on Earth?

ALKESH: Concerning what? You mean the transformation…

MAARTEN HORST: Related to The Event.

ALKESH: Ah, ok. Well, as I said, the energetic portal created between our sun and the sun near the center of the galaxy will be a subtle channel for the transmission of a huge flow of illuminating energy that will come from both the 200 stars in the galaxy and as well as from the center of the galaxy itself [from the black hole which is there]. So there will be an impulse directly from the black hole in the center of our galaxy and also there will be that huge energy transmitted from the 200 stars and both that energy and the impulse from the centre of the galaxy will be focused and are focused on the sun near the center of the galaxy so it is going to be a subtle transmission.

After arriving at our sun it will be transmitted toward our planet but however, it will not be only subtle energy but it will also be a photonic energy which is more accessible to the senses of the 3D physical plane. It will have a very high intensity and in addition it will be a very elevated energy and this explains for instance why we will notice unusual lighting of the sky either during the day or at night. When The Event will be triggered for a period of about 15 minutes, actually 14 minutes and 58 seconds – that is how long we have been told The Event will last – for this period, the intensity will be at its fullest and after that the intensity of the radiation solar energy will decrease, but our sun will continue to emit starting from the time The Event was triggered on an extraordinarily wide range of frequencies of vibration.

This is a situation which is not valid for the present time, because you know, we are still in preparation phase for The Event. Our spiritual transformation on the other hand will be a product of the graduated accumulation into our being of these new, very elevated and complex energies which our sun, in its turn and completely transformed, will emit from the moment The Event is triggered. Each of us will perceive and will also allow this energy to manifest in our being according to the possibilities we have and the choices we make. It is a matter of resonance. If we are driven by pure and beneficial intentions, by altruism and love then we will be on the same wavelength with the energy transmitted from the sun, which will be very elevated. But if we are full of doubt, suspicion, or cunning, greed, selfishness, then we will move away more and more from this energy and virtues. We will remain in the 3D plane, limited and subject to endless inner and outer disputes and battles and this will lead to a segregation of the population. Because it is clear that not everyone will resonate with the new energy vibration after the occurrence of The Event. There will be on one hand, those who will understand the transformation and the need for it and on the other hand there will be those who will fight to keep things how they were until now in the 3D. But they will be faced only with problems and gradually there will be a split between the two camps that will, so to speak, widen increasingly until the vibration of the New Earth will obviously separate from the old 3D Earth. Actually there will not be two planets but rather a single planet with multiple dimensions of existence in the same way as the human being simultaneously exists in several dimensions. They have a physical body of flesh and bone associated with the 3D but also superimposed over this there is the etheric body associated with the 4D or superior bodies, 5D and so on. I hope you’ve got the comparison.

In this way, a part of the Earth’s population will gradually pass into a higher dimension of vibration of matter ascending, while another part of population will remain at the level of the specific tribulations of the 3D physical plane, suffering, struggling for power, worrying among themselves or fighting and so on. The novelty here is the fact that the passage or ascension into the new plane of existence 4D or even 5D for some human beings will be done directly with the body of flesh and blood that we have. The vibration of the matter from which it is composed will be then much higher thanks to the specific action of the energy transmitted by The Event and then constantly by the sun.

So, I have thus explained a few aspects in the way they were presented to us. I know there are still many human beings among us who know about these things but who choose not to make them known for now and of course the subject could be expanded. However, I will stop here and hope I was correctly understood.

MAARTEN HORST: Well, you have been understood by me. It’s… I am still sitting at the tip of my chair. Alright Alkesh, shall we have a little musical intermission?


MAARTEN HORST: My friends, we will have another hour with a few key questions that Alkesh will answer after the music, so stay tuned. I have selected a very special type of music by an artist called Indra and what I have here should give us hope for “The Great Celebration (end of cosmic cycle)”, this is what I will play. It is from the album Echo in Time by Indra, a very special music. Don’t go away, stay tuned and we’ll be back with Alkesh.
[The Great Celebration (end of cosmic cycle) – INDRA]

MAARTEN HORST: Ok, my dear friends, welcome back to ET FIRST CONTACT Radio. Beautiful music called “The Great Celebration” from an artist called Indra. Now I want to go on to the next question, Alkesh. Are you ready for it?

ALKESH: Yes, I am here. I am listening to you…

MAARTEN HORST: Ok. Until now this show has been extraordinary. This will be a key stone for my interviews until now. So thank you, Alkesh for being here.

ALKESH: You’re welcome, Maarten.

MAARTEN HORST: Ok, the next question is… what happened after the comet passed the sun?

ALKESH: Oh, this is also complicated. It involved a lot of things in the mission for this transformation of the Earth. The entire procedure which I have previously described was very complicated. The entry of the etheric extraterrestrial ship together with the core of the comet Ison into the centre of the sun lead to a small desynchronization just as we were told by Sirian mothership Anais. The penetration into the center of the sun, the activation of its magnetic south pole, then the activation of the portal between our sun and the sun near the center of the galaxy and finally the exit to the surface of the sun created a difference of 6 seconds delay in relation to the moment calculated for the comet Ison to appear from behind the sun. The moment was awaited by scientists and astronomers on earth and having been exactly calculated by them, in the case in which the comet Ison they said would survive its passage around the sun. Indeed, the comet and etheric ship exited from behind the sun but with this unexpected and unexplainable for our scientists delay of 6 seconds. It was therefore a delay no-one in the scientific community on earth could explain where it came from.

Now, we know very well what it was because I have given necessary explanations and additionally from the moment it came out from behind the sun, the behavior of the comet had changed so that comet Ison entered the final part of its mission which implied coming closer to our planet.

Taking into consideration the actions which it had already started to make over the Earth, it was absolutely necessary to pass as unnoticed as possible. Even though a part of its tail could be seen clearly after it started on its trajectory toward the Earth, scientists however preferred, as you know, to consider that comet Ison had fallen into the sun. So they consider it being dead. In a way this announcement helped the mission of comet Ison and the extraterrestrial ship that surrounded it because as I am going to explain it was practically impossible for the comet to remain unknown and not to be followed in detail if it had kept the same characteristics as before, that is an immense tail, intense brightness and the two silent circular ships working as the hoover turbines. In such circumstances it would not be able to act in the manner in which it does now, without having caused stupor throughout the world.

As a result, the ignorance of scientists and astronomers toward comet Ison proved to be a help because it helped it to be lost from view so to speak. They simply believed that the comet had not resisted its passage round or alongside the sun. As a matter of fact, the comet Ison – I mean its core and extraterrestrial ship – not only emerged victorious from the action it had carried out in the sun, but even more than that, at present, it is in decisive phase of the plan which was designed to achieve the best possible conditions for the spiritual ascension of humanity.

I will give you some details in connection with this. But first, I will specify that if up until the sun comet Ison behaved perfectly natural like a usual comet on its usual trajectory toward the sun, when it came out from behind the sun and continued on its way through space it appears to be as the behavior of a spaceship. The reason for this was that the ship/comet headed toward our planet with a very important mission. It had to implement in the energetic structure of earth, in its magnetic field, a so called “energetic decryption code” which helps to assimilate the energy which will be emitted by the sun at the moment the event is triggered. From this point of view, comet Ison may indeed be regarded as a harbinger. It actually heralds so to speak, the glorious moment of the event that will permanently and irreversibly change the life on this planet and will orient it toward spirituality, love and freedom.

In fact it is not an accident that it will receive that colossal energetic influx of energy generated by more than 200 stars from our own galaxy. This energy summarizes in a way of speaking all the frequencies of the experience of spiritual illumination which were lived by beings of planetary systems of those stars for a very long time. In other words I’d say it will be an energetic infusion at the highest level and of a complexity and unimaginable greatness. Any other questions, Maarten?

MAARTEN HORST: Yes, I have [other questions too], my friend. This is so interesting…

ALKESH: I hope we will integrate in space of emission we have at our disposal…

MAARTEN HORST: Yes, we have some extra air time so we can continue as long as we want actually, so there’s no pressure for time.

ALKESH: Ah, this is good as I have to focus on the ideas I explain and…

MAARTEN HORST: I want to tell the listeners right now that are listening to us: please spread the word on Facebook and Twitter that we are doing this show right now. We need to get this to the public so help me to get more listeners because this is amazing information, very important information that Alkesh is sharing with us. This is the most integrated information I have encountered until now and I have done over 400 interviews over the last 4 years with several key witnesses and people that have knowledge but this is the best up to now, so… ok, let’s go to the next question.

ALKESH: Ok, Maarten.

MAARTEN HORST: Ok, Alkesh, can you explain in more depth the star network and the energetic flux which will be transmitted through that sun near the center of our galaxy, to our sun?

ALKESH: Yes, I can. I can offer here some elements which have not been presented in the film.

MAARTEN HORST: I would be delighted.

ALKESH: Ok. I consider this opportunity the best for spreading this information. So, I did this in the case of the other questions, as you know, I mean I have elaborated them. In the films I present a summary of the information but here I feel it can be explained in more detail for those who are interested, especially for the fact that you are a very good listener Maarten and you do not interrupt me. So…

MAARTEN HORST: Oh, yes. It’s learning from experience, my friend. But we have a prime time event. We have a prime time radio show and please spread the word that we are transmitting live ET FIRST CONTACT Radio on FINDING VOICES Radio, share it with your friends on Facebook right now because this needs to go viral. This information is vital for all of us, for humanity, so please go ahead, my friend.

ALKESH: Thank you. It’s convenient to know that we have plenty of time for explaining all these.

MAARTEN HORST: All the time you need.

ALKESH: Yes. So the plan connected to the moment of The Event of humanity’s ascension to higher levels of vibration of consciousness is older than 100 years as it was revealed to us by the mothership Anais. Actually, more exactly, the system of energetic impregnation was started to be put in application from the year 1898, so it’s more than 100 years. I am talking here about the more than 200 stars which were selected to provide the subtle illuminating energy, which are located on the other side of the centrer of our galaxy. They are somewhat diametrically opposed to our sun. We have not been told however, the criterion according to which the stars were selected but in any case they are somewhat grouped together on the other side of the galaxy, somehow in an arc behind the sun, near the center of the galaxy.

The system has been thought about in the following way. The beneficial extraterrestrials, who came upon this huge plan of transformation of our planet… they made groups, so called groups of four stars and in the middle of such groups of four stars they placed a huge cosmic ship. They are not motherships but they are still very large and they have therefore distributed approximately 50 ships in the galactic sector in which the 200 stars are. If we unite them with an imaginary line between pairs of stars from a group of four… how should I put it other way… if you outline the diagonals in a group of four stars, a ship would be placed in the space exactly at their intersection, in the middle.

The role of each ship was to capture the astral energy of various high frequencies of vibration from every star in the group of four stars and then to modulate it and transmit it to the star which is located very close to the center of the galaxy which also is the star connected to our own sun through that energetic portal in subtle dimension. Therefore, the few dozen and huge extraterrestrial ships fullfil the role of modulators of energy coming from the 200 stars which they then direct and focus to the star close to the center of the galaxy. This action was conducted continuously for more than 100 years and it is very close to the end. Practically speaking from what we have been told, currently the star near the center of the galaxy is already prepared from an energetic viewpoint to transmit through the created portal the energetic pulse which will define The Event.

Now, you must know that the current radiation of this star is amazing and it is of a beauty difficult to describe. What is awaited however is only the essential energetic impulse extraordinarily powerful which will come from the black hole in the center of the galaxy. The moment of the manifestation of this impulse is however undetermined. It will follow exclusively according to the divine will of the Creator because as we have been told, only He knows exactly when it is best to trigger this extraordinarily intense impulse from the black hole from the centre of our galaxy. The impulse will be directed from the centre of our galaxy in the nearby or vicinity which already pulses with a huge energy. I mean this very powerful impulse which will be run out from the black hole in the center of the galaxy will be directed to the sun which is in its vicinity and that star is already pulsing with that huge energy provided by the 200 stars of the galaxy up to now. So that huge energy coming from 200 stars together with the impulse energy itself coming from the center of the galaxy – I mean from the black hole – they will be gathered together in that star which is near the center of the galaxy and then transmitted through the portal toward our sun. Once it arrives in our sun, the energy will be projected over the Earth and in fact all over the solar system.

Now, i hope that the image is clear and complete and this part of the mission for the spiritual ascension of humanity has been almost entirely carried out according to what was presented to us. The impulse from the center of the galaxy is all that is awaited. What it is necessary for this is the implementation of an energetic code in the magnetic field of the earth and this part of the plan is reversed for the comet Ison and thus represents the second part of its very complex mission. With respect to your question, these were important things to know.

MAARTEN HORST: Yes. Maybe in the second part of our journey we can continue on that, what you can explain concerning – if we split the question in two parts – about the star network and the energetic flux. We can now play some music, Alkesh and then continue to the second part of the question.

ALKESH: Alright.

MAARTEN HORST: I have selected something beautiful. It is called “Pole Shift” because this is very accurate to the subject of the sun and to the information that you have provided. It is by Indra, from the album The call of Shiva, 2005. This is amazing music, very beautiful to listen to so I want to surprise you with this amazing music. Don’t go away, stay tuned because we have many more questions and information to share with you, my friends. Brace for impact. Here’s “Pole Shift”.

[Pole shift – INDRA]

MAARTEN HORST: Oh, yes, my dear friends. This is amazing music. It brings us into a higher state of consciousness. We have spent hours and hours preparing this radio show and we hope you like it. It is amazing information and we want to share this with humanity so that humanity can learn it and prepare and understand what will happen at the time of The Event. So, Alkesh, the next question is: can you tell something more regarding this implementation of the energetic code in the magnetic field of Earth?

ALKESH: Yes, this is really complicated. But it is also necessary to clarify this aspect, otherwise people would understand in a wrong way the whole problem. I have told you that after coming out from behind the sun the comet Ison – which is in fact a huge, extraterrestrial ship that exists in the etheric plane and contains the metallic core; and I’m giving to you again and again this information just to be sure that the things are clearly understood concerning the core of comet Ison and the extraterrestrial ship which surrounds it. So, after coming out from behind the sun the comet began to behave as an extraterrestrial ship and no longer presented itself the characteristics of a comet. It means it moves freely so to speak in accordance with the mission it has and can no longer be found on the computed trajectory normally associated with comet Ison. If you try and search for it in the sky, you’ll not find it.

Here we are faced with a very interesting element that was revealed to us. The current trajectory of the comet Ison is calculated in such a way as to respect the gravitational balance of celestial bodies in the area of the universe in which we find ourselves. That is to not disrupt the Earth, Moon, Venus, Mars or other larger asteroids around our planet. I told you before that they [the beneficial extraterrestrials] choose always for the natural way for things being happened. This represents the protective of the movement of the comet in this area of the cosmos in which it carries out its mission. Indeed, it is a protective, it’s likely a protective movement in this area of the universe, of our galaxy. The other significance of its motion around the earth is amazing however, and this significance is somewhat similar to the assignment of the huge energy “modulator ships” I have spoken about. The modulator ships which were placed at the intersection of the metaphorical diagonals in every group of four stars. Namely, the comet Ison or rather the etheric spaceship has the task of entering into resonance with the different constellations whose energies are concentrated as if through a lens so comet Ison – or the etheric ship which is actually associated with it – plays the role of a lens which concentrates all this astral energies coming from different constellations.

This is a very important aspect because the focusing of these energies by the comet Ison or etheric ship is done in three well established moments. The first moment of… or rather the first period was that between December 27-28 and January 14-15. At that time, the comet Ison or the etheric ship had reached the vicinity of Earth but had not entered into an elliptical circular orbit around the equator as we might have been expected to. Rather it covered our planet over the poles, therefore perpendicular to the Equator. When the comet arrived at that point it formed a 90 degree angle with the Earth and Sun and it started the first implementation of the energetic code in the structure of the magnetic field of the Earth. What is very important is that when the comet Ison is in this period of magnetic induction, such as this first period which i have mentioned, it is also in connection with some constellations that transmit certain astral information over the Earth which then the etheric ship focuses it like a lens and directs it over the magnetic field of the Earth where it settles.

This kind of subtle influence which our planet receives through this very precise action of the comet Ison is in a way similar to the one at the moment of our birth when we receive an influence from a specific constellation – for example from the constellation Aries. In this way, each induction represents actually a new birth of our planet. It is like a second birth which resuscitates the heartbeat of our planet but on a different frequency awakening it to another life. For this reason we notice that the sun will transmit an additional energy for some time and on other frequencies than before just in order to correlate with the new identity of the planet and its destiny. The sun actually began to transmit on such other frequencies more elevated than before. Practically speaking, this second birth of our planet through the medium of these three massive energetic deployments in its magnetic field… this second birth actually refers to the purification and sorting which humanity will follow in turn and for this reason, the trajectory of the comet Ison affects both the implementation of magnetic frequencies as well as a kind of re-order of Earth in the galactic system. By this I mean that our planet harmonizes the frequencies of vibration and will elevate them so that Earth pulsates in unison and harmony with the entire galaxy. That’s the reason of this important phase of comet Ison mission.

The second energy deployment will take place in the month of March – the first one was between December and January, the second will be in March so in a little while. Comet Ison trajectory will be in such a way so that it will be far enough away from the Moon and would no longer be at a 90 degree angle with the Earth and Sun but actually will be in a straight line with them. This means that there will be a continuous line between the Sun, Earth and Ison. On this line which meets with the Moon round the middle of March, there is nothing else, I mean there will be only comet Ison, Earth, Moon and Sun. In other words earth will receive in March almost exclusively the powerful astral influences from the various constellations. It is therefore about a perfect adjustment and I should say even enrichment of the frequency of vibration of our planet.

And finally the third and last energy deployment will take place in July, in the first 10 days or so and it will mark the harmonization with the rest of galactic frequencies. During that period of time, the magnetic field of the Earth will especially resonate with the Moon. If for the first deployment as I said, it resonated with the Sun and for the second resonated with the Earth itself, the third deployment will resonate with the Moon. Also, comet Ison will again make an angle of 90 degrees as for the first deployment in December last year. This time, however, with Earth and the Sun and the Moon. So moon is added here. For this reason, starting from that moment in July, all energetic modifications produced by the Moon on the Earth will create a more detailed scale of frequencies which will allow a more complex resonance of beings with these phenomena. That means that we will gradually feel other frequencies of vibration as we will align again with the universe.

We might ask how it is possible that a spaceship – even a huge, like the etheric ship that contains the metallic core of the comet Ison – can have a magnetic field so large that it modifies Earth’s magnetism. In fact, the magnetic field of the comet Ison actually propagates it, it is not transmitted or covered directly. We are not covered directly by its magnetism, we are not so to speak “hit” directly by its magnetism but by a propagation of the magnetic field that enters into hyperspace and then manifests itself here again, on our planet. It is in a way similar to the way in which the huge energetic influx of The Event will be propagated through the portal.

What arises through this action of the comet Ison is a sort of electromagnetism but we have been told that they fluctuate between magnetism and a sort of subtle electricity. This electricity from the etheric plane is produced by the huge etheric ship which surrounds the metallic core of comet Ison while the magnetism, being in the 3D physical plane, is produced by the metallic core of the comet itself which is, as i said, “intelligent”.

This nucleus made up of a smart metal alloy has the shape of a boomerang after the comet exited from behind the sun and it manifests three distinct frequencies of vibration. One is very low, one is medium and one is high. The ultra-low frequency has acted in the first energetic deployment in December- January and correlates better the frequency of energetic resonance between the Earth and the Sun. The metallic core of the comet Ison has been able to do this only because it was above the planet, otherwise said perpendicular to the Equator and it emphasized through induction the amplitude of the magnetic field of earth which can be considered to be a rotating magnetic field. If comet Ison would have been in another position in relation to our planet then it would have not been able to achieve this correlation and deployment. After that, in the second deployment which will take place in March, the comet Ison will move somehow in a helical way, coming in a straight line with the Earth and the Sun. then, by the end of July, the third deployment will take place when the comet Ison will be over the equatorial line of the Earth.

What will actually happen during these deployments is readjustment of the Earth’s frequencies so that they are perfectly synchronized with that of the sun and the moon. This has not been possible up until the present time because there were a whole series of favourable time lines which were actually blocked due to the fact that the precise resonance could not be created because the frequencies were not synchronized. The Earth frequency was not synchronized with the suns’ and the moon’s but the comet Ison comes and smoothers this “unevenness”, offering the Earth a perfect entry in the new dimension of a higher vibration. Evil actions of some civilizations and entities in the distant past of the Earth have ruined actually this harmony and attracted negative synchronicities and such events have taken place, have deviated, have unsynchronized the magnetic field of the Earth from perfect resonance with the Sun and the Moon. Thus, comet Ison now actually rearranges the frequencies of the planet in the way in which they should have been if they had not been subjected in the past to evil interventions.

These small adjustments to the frequencies of vibration as well as enrichment of the frequencies with which the Earth is endowed still have some traces and we can even follow some direct effects. We can feel directly such effects from the already happening energetic deployments made by comet Ison. For example, unnatural climatic modifications, this winter. They are obvious both in our country [Romania] and abroad. Then global weather: extreme temperatures and storms in area that we would have not expected them to happen. We have been also shown that all of these will be intensified in the months to come. So, there will be paradoxical climatic events with heavy rain in the desert, heavy snowfall, maybe in hot countries, extreme temperatures where there should not be and many more. Any intelligent man can understand and make certain correlations knowing that such climatic events only appear when something acts on the planet’s magnetic field, because usually such climatic events are drawn up by some modifications of the magnetic field of the Earth. Although the first deployment of the comet Ison was a very low frequency and with not too high of intensity, however, it has given rise to remarkable phenomena. We can therefore expect these phenomena to continue and to intensify in unsuspected forms. And we can see such phenomena, we have seen them actually in USA and even in Europe. But I will stop here with the explanations. I hope I have made all these aspects clear.

MAARTEN HORST: It is really amazing. Oh, can you put your speakers a bit softer, because there’s an echo.

ALKESH: Yes, there is an echo, a strange echo.

MAARTEN HORST: This is amazing, this is really amazing! I am still thrilled with the information! This has never happened before on any radio station until now. So, this is prime time broadcast, my friends.

Ok, Alkesh, I just made up a new question: concerning the three phases that you explained from December to January with comet Ison and the next one that will happen in March and the outline, the configuration that will happen in July… my friend…


MAARTEN HORST: Does NASA know about this, do the scientists know this? Are they aware of this?

ALKESH: My inner opinion is that they know about it very well.


ALKESH: There are some hints about it but they will not say anything, not because they are not willing to, but because they are forced or obliged not to speak anything about the subject.


ALKESH: Unfortunately this is the situation at the present but it will change soon.

MAARTEN HORST: Yes, oh that’s good!

ALKESH: Every skeptic people, human being or arrogant on this subject will be amazed to see how the things will develop in the next future.

MAARTEN HORST: That’s interesting. Because I can tell you we have very international audience listening. I can see from what countries people are listening. There are so many countries, there are over 50 countries listening right now!

ALKESH: Oh, really?

MAARTEN HORST: Yes, it’s amazing! But I can also see that there are Secret Services listening. They don’t display the name of the country, their IP address is unknown so they are also interested in what we are saying.

ALKESH: Here we are, Maarten. Welcome to the summer camp!

MAARTEN HORST: Yes, we have some amazing fire. We have a fire to sit around and to meditate. You can join us and transform to the light.

ALKESH: Yes, let the fireworks lighting the sky.

MAARTEN HORST: Let the fireworks begin. Yes, and I have selected some music so that we/you can catch your breath, my friend. However, after we will continue with the next question. What I have selected is called “Instinctive Traveller”, part 1, part A by Peter Mergener, from the album with the same name, 1997 and it is to bring us in a state of high velocity energy, cosmic intelligence and imagine the future that is awaiting us. So stay tuned, don’t go away, we have amazing information to share with more questions coming up. So, Alkesh, I will hear from you after this piece of music.

[Instinctive Traveller - PETER MERGENER]

MAARTEN HORST: Ok. Well, that brings us in a higher state of consciousness, my friend Alkesh…

ALKESH: Yes, Maarten…

MAARTEN HORST: How did you like it?

ALKESH: I liked it very much.

MAARTEN HORST: Ok, stay tuned.

ALKESH: I used to listen to Peter Mergener in the 90’.

MAARTEN HORST: Yes, I love his music. Very inspirational, technological high spiritually advanced music to bring us in higher state of mind.

Ok. We continue with the questions. I understood that The Event is unique and that humans will perceive it especially as a luminous happening. Can you give some details on this?

ALKESH: Specifically about The Event you mean…

MAARTEN HORST: Yes, please…

ALKESH: Well, when it happens The Event is unique in itself because of its manifesting characteristics. [These characteristics] give to it its uniqueness. They are mainly subtle but they are also physical characteristics. The subtle energy that is emitted originates in the etheric plane whilst The Event is under way, it awakens deep levels of vibration at an atomic level. Each and every atom [of our being] will benefit at a quantum level from this subtle yet powerful energy that will generate an atomic excitation that in turn produces some surreal halo around objects and daily life phenomena. This is how it was shown to us.

When it happens where it is night, the sky will brighten up and look pretty much like the aurora borealis or australis depending on which hemisphere you are physically located on. But where it is day the sky will become brighter than usual at the moment of the event triggering and filled with wonderful scintillations. We can say that an extraordinary impulse of life energy will be felt and at a subtle level people will be filled with enchantment, with happiness and inner joy without object.

It will happen suddenly and without an apparent cause or detectable reason. It will be the direct action of a powerful flow of subtle energy through our being much like a flash flood in the real world. And still it has to be stated that The Event happens to those that accept it. But it is clear also that there are plenty that do not, or will not. For those who will accept it, The Event is happening according to the level their own consciousness is at during the happening as well as with the degree of physical and subtle purification. The ideas, the general take on life and the aspirations, are also a deciding factor. During The Event it is likely that many are lost in an ecstatic trance I would say, whilst many are desperately seeking to take shelter or overwhelmed by uncontrollable fear or anxiety when facing the splendour of the beauty and the extraordinary purity that is manifested in full on Earth.

So already we can see two large groups of people. The ones who will go with the events and the others who will reject it. The time of The Event will be like an initiation in the true mystery of life. And this is not metaphorically speaking. This is for true. All that will become clear during The Event.

The Event will uncover all that is blocked for the time being. The unveiling of our real vision or essence might frighten some but deliver many. And the way we manage The Event will be entirely up to us as it represents a new beginning for the humankind. After that nothing, I’d say, remains as before. However, there will be consequences. But don’t get me wrong because what we fight today for will escalate to the next level. And those who seek to induce war and terror will fight furiously to maintain a system that hurt so many for so long. Their purpose is to maintain us at a lower vibrational level that gives them the upper hand so to speak in controlling and manipulating the population as they so desire.

Fighting against them are those who seek the spiritual light and evolution in a superior dimension. We do not need for sceptics, for those who are skeptical, for those who are fanatic, for those who cannot understand all these truths. The New Earth will host those who are open hearted, full of love, well intended, having the light in their mind and hearts.

The Event does not bring absolution to everyone and this would be an important point to be made up. It does come as a divine gift, it’s true. It’s the divine grace that gives us the opportunity to evolve in a wonderful way without renouncing to the physical body. But I say at the same time The Event puts us face to face with ourselves. And when that happens we have to choose which way we go. I want this to be clear.

The Event does not take us into doing anything be it willingly or unwillingly. It is rather a ramp if you like that gives us a colossal support for our future spiritual evolution should we choose to go this way. And as it was shown to us there will be plenty that will choose to remain as they were most of their lives. Such people will continue feeding the desire to keep to the comfort and privileges that were obtained with great effort in the 3D plane of manifestation. Somehow there are so talked twisted. They will do everything in their power to convince many of their wrong choices, to convince those who feel and open in front of The Event and of its wonderful effects, spiritual effects and evolution; they will try to convince those people that they choose [wrong] and will fight stronger in order to manipulate and enslave others, to gain power and knowledge and to keep it only for themselves. In short, they will do everything that is possible for them to remain in 3D or physical plane. It is unfortunate that in doing so they will only fall lower than they once were.

Nevertheless many of the people on Earth will take this way. But in a different so called league are those who reluctantly detach themselves from the limitations of the 3D world only to begin a new life in a different location or in the same areas as those that remained in 3D. It is also unfortunate for them to do so and they will be directly influenced by the actions of those who remained in the 3D world.

However, a complete separation is happening many years after The Event when many things on Earth will have changed anyway. It was also shown to us that it is requested that we seize to act and behave egotistically and to make efforts to become selfless instead, to show complete trust and optimism with regards to the upcoming changes on Earth, to seek according to possibilities to help others as much as possible and also to become aware about the inevitability of The Event.

As I said sceptics, those who are arrogant, those that mean ill and the ignorant like do not come into question because they have low vibrating mind and consciousness. Their vision about life and the spiritual [world] is weak and lacking actually any real significance. In our video materials and texts as well as on our website, we do not address this category of people. We address instead to those capable to feel and intuit the real value of The Event. There is a lot to say about future times. But I will stop here for now.


ALKESH: Maybe we will talk some more in the future should the opportunity arise for us.

MAARTEN HORST: Maybe you can answer one question quickly. The last one I have.


MAARTEN HORST: Alkesh, well, during The Event or after it disclosures will happen like you said in the film about ETs and UFOs… That’s a clear ‘yes’.


MAARTEN HORST: So it will happen?

ALKESH: There will be necessary certain preparations for it. There will be a great mess apparently, immediately after The Event. Apparently people will not know how to think or what to do. There will be need of some weeks or even months after The Event for the things to be cleared up in the minds and hearts of the human beings.


ALKESH: During this time the basis for future disclosures will be put and certainly there will be disclosure after disclosure and they will thus make the preparations for the so called ‘first contact’. The issue was nicely developed by some very special human beings and it will be one of the main events for the years ahead. There is much uncertainty concerning this point notwithstanding. Yet, people must know that the first contact will take place for sure in quite a short period of time, but first there will be some phases for preparing it. This is very important. People have to think very positively to it, they will have to be very optimistically to it and to avoid any fear or other strange thoughts concerning ideas about the existence of extraterrestrial life or a sort of xenophobia for the extraterrestrial beings, as they have been learned in the course of the past decades through manipulation. This is very important because the main reason which was shown to us for the beneficial extraterrestrial beings do not come yet on Earth is because of the fear that humanity entertains regarding their presence. As this extraterrestrial beings are very spiritual in their very nature, they do not want to push or harsh anything concerning human evolution. On the contrary, they strive for making it as smooth as possible, avoid in every way for being disrupted. So if we are optimistic, trustful and open hearted [then it is] for sure we will attract like a magnet their presence here. These seem to be simple things for many, but nevertheless somehow they are ignored and they are not put into action. On one hand they are well known, on the other hand they are dismissed. So changing the attitude, the inner attitude concerning this point will make the first contact possible. We know for sure that it will take place. Now, people want to know precisely the moment of their landing here. Well, there are some considerations for the prophecies and how they are made and what they mean which I wrote on the Forum of the website. Maybe they will mean and give some hints for the interested ones in the subject.

MAARTEN HORST: Yes, and your website is .

ALKESH: Yes. We cannot provide certain dates of time but we can say however that the things will happen exactly as they were predicted regardless what some sceptics and ignorant people say about it. The fact that an event or other is delayed or postponed means nothing compared with the great transformation, the spiritual transformation which will take place very soon on Earth. So, take these words for your own preparation because this is the most important thing in the present situation: preparing the way and the moment for the event triggering.

MAARTEN HORST: Beautifully said, my friend.

ALKESH: Sorry, what did you say?

MAARTEN HORST: I said these are very beautiful, very touching words.

ALKESH: Thank you very much, Maarten. You are very clever and a good interviewer.

MAARTEN HORST: And you are a very clever and good messenger, Alkesh. This information is new for many people so if you are watching the YouTube video that will be made after the interview, spread it on your Facebook or your Twitter anywhere, make it known to the world, my friends. So, Alkesh, we have been talking for more than three hours.

ALKESH: Really? Wow, Maarten! I would not have thought it, but there we are.

MAARTEN HORST: But I can tell you that we will do later interviews with more information that you can share.

ALKESH: I’ll be enchanted, yes.

MAARTEN HORST: I’m delighted to have you on the show. (…)

So thank you all for listening, thank you Alkesh for providing this stunning information which itself is a part of disclosure.

ALKESH: Thank you too, Maarten.

MAARTEN HORST: And I wish you all good things and I love all the listeners and I send you my love, Alkesh! And be there tomorrow! Love and light, Alkesh!

ALKESH: Good bye.


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