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Friday, May 23, 2014

Educating Humanity

EduEcating Humanity

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Posted: 23 May 2014 05:51 AM PDT
You can see the Unidentified Flying Object better as the video progresses. The poster says that the object is flashing Morse Code. Whatever was filmed in the sky above Belfast was clearly hovering in one spot for more than an hour. 

Posters Comments
A video showing an extremely bright light flashing in clear skies over Belfast Northern Ireland. This bright object which could not be identified was flashing in Morse code, it stayed in the sky for over an hour, this video is separated by 50 minutes, This footage was recorded August 2012.

Posted: 23 May 2014 04:43 AM PDT
Dan Wirthimer and Lamar Smith. 
The House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology held hearings on May 21, 2014 to discuss life on Exoplanets, intelligent life in the universe and to a lesser extent UFOs. 

Dr. Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute

A congressional committee convened on May 21, 2014 and discussed extraterrestrial life on other worlds and in a back door way, UFOs, and such fringe topics as the ancient alien theory. Two key members of Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) were on Capitol Hill to discuss the SETI mission and the current state of the scientific search for life elsewhere in the universe before the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. 

Senior Astronomer for SETI, Dr. Seth Shostak was joined by Dan Wertimer, the director of SETI Research at the University of California, Berkeley, to discuss technical details on SETI’s research, funding problems, scenarios in which extraterrestrial life might be discovered, and a good dose of flying saucer popular culture which Shostak has come to describe as, “the giggle factor.”
Posted: 23 May 2014 04:00 AM PDT
Ghosts & the Supernatural - From the beginning of time, there have been reports of flying humanoids. Recently, Mexico had a string of sightings of large bloated floating humanoids. Some people believe that these so-called humanoids are no more than a group of balloons floating in the air, but if that is true, what is the account of a flying humanoid that landed near a police vehicle and the Mexican policeman that saw a close-up of this humanoid claimed it looked like an evil haggard witch that had a sinister glare. He was so scared he sped out of the area and never looked back. Below are various reports of flying humanoids. The humanoids below do not come from the minds of DC or Marvel Comics writers and artists; they come from real people like you and me. 

Van Meter Creature. The town of Van Meter, Iowa became under siege on October 1903. We get reports of an entity that has massive membranous wings. It also has a beak and a glowing horn on its head that emits light. Witnesses say that this entity came from an opening of a Van Meter mine shaft. If you believe in the Hollow Earth theory, then you will understand that there is a possible world inside of our Earth. A world described to have crystal cities, flying discs and many strange humanoids. Admiral Byrd was the first one that made claim that he went into an opening in the Earth while in Antarctica and came upon a very strange reality. A reality in which a UFO captured his plane for a while and dragged his plane deeper into the abyss. It’s hard to understand how this great adventurer and explorer would fabricate such a story, unless it really did happen. It is also said that in the subterranean depths of Earth is where Bigfoot takes residence. Many local Indian legends and even the Sumerian Clay Tablets make reference of wild men or Bigfoot living in the deep caverns of our planet.

Valkyrie of Voltana. Voltana is a tiny village nestled in Spain’s remote and scenic Pyrenees Mountains. June 1905, there were several sightings that took place. The location was an epicenter for miraculous series of events. A woman robed in white, with long clinging draperies, has flown over the town of Voltana. When you have multiple witnesses, the story must have some kind of foundation of truth.

Arsenyev’s Flying Man: Military man Vladimir Klavdiyevich Arsenyev. In 1906 did some scientific expeditions into the mountainous Sikhote Alin region. His job was to map and document the unexplored, temperate wilderness to the best of his ability. You can say he was the forerunner for the likes of Google mapping. While on one of his expeditions, he came across a strange flying humanoid that had a distinct human shape and with that human shape came large bat wings. Another incident, the Ivanitzsky family found a small winged creature under their child’s bed. The Ivanitzsky family panicked, but they knew they had to get rid of the creature, so they finally managed to kill this abomination with household chemicals. The creature they saw had five foot leathery wings, three fingered claws, blue fur, and a flat primate like face with large eyes and lipless mouth. This all took place near and around Petersburg, Russia.

Angels of Mons. WWI. Aug 23 1914 British Expeditionary Forces hard push to the German frontlines. Regiment of angels assisted the 

British according to legend. Arthur Machen wrote a story about phantom archers that were lead by St. George and perhaps this story was confused with the British Expeditionary Forces and angel regiment story. Many scholars that have studied this case believe that this is the case.

Kazakhstan Flying Humanoid: In the town of Pavlodar, Kazakhstan a girl was strolling to school, she makes claim that she saw a medium sized man with black overalls and donning a matching helmet that obscured his face. Wearing an oval rucksack on its back, this flying humanoid emitted a low rumbling noise.

Britain’s Bat Winged Monkey Bird: Witness Jacki Hartley. Seen several times by Jacki and had the attributes of 3 animals, bat, bird and monkey. Was Jacki hallucinating or did she really see this creature? From all reports, she seems to be the only one that saw this creature. Could this creature be demonic in nature and was it merely an attachment that Jacki had?

Madison Birdman: Lisa Letanosky. June 2012. Madisonville, Tennessee. Lisa claims that this creature looked like a Pterodactyl. There were other witnesses to this event, which makes Lisa story appear credible.

Lechuza of Mexico. A bruja (witch) uses dark magic to transform into a birdlike monster. This legend has been around for a long time and when talking with the locals, they absolutely believe in this legend as the solid truth. Some locals believe that if you leave your child unattended that the Lechuza of Mexico will snatch your child and take it away to an unknown destination.

Gwrach-y-Rhibyn. Welsh folklore. Night Hag or Slobber Witch. Flies low over the water. Wears black flowing robes. When I traveled to Cardiff, Wales and sat and had a beer with some of the Welsh locals, they tell of this story with vigor, it’s a story that they actually believe to have some truth to it.

Human Torch of the Black Forest: During the medieval days, a man that appeared to be on fire was flying around a village in the Black Forest and it finally came to rest on a Church steeple. The townsfolk went to the Church and started throwing stones at this flying man on fire. The Human Torch of the Black Forest finally departed, never to be seen again.

Owlman: Seen near the forest by the Mawnan Church. Nearby is ancient earthwork above the Helford River in Cornwall, adjacent to Falmouth Bay. Also seen is sea serpent known as Morgawr. The Owlman with the head of an owl, the body of a man and the wings of an owl has been seen by multiple witnesses. Some people make claim that if you witness the Owlman, that there will soon be a death in your family.

The Hovering 12 Foot Angels: During a long flight, the pilot, co-pilot and navigator of a cargo plane witness angels in the sky. They claim that the angels had wings, 12 feet tall and were simply hovering in the air. The angels were in a circle facing each other, as if they were having some sort of meeting in the air.

Mothman of The Tower Bridge: We all know of the Mothman of Point Pleasant and there are stories that this harbinger of doom was seen before 9/11. Mark Greer (Sacramento resident) and 2 other witnesses in Sacramento that want to remain anonymous claim that they saw a Mothman type of creature along the banks of the Sacramento River. Mark claims that he saw the Mothman on top of the Tower Bridge. This was all reported on News 10. The other two witnesses did not want to be identified, due to the fact that they did not want to be ridiculed in regard to their sighting claim. If the Mothman is a harbinger of doom, it must be noted that nothing disastrous occurred in Sacramento after the sightings. The only disastrous occurrence in Sacramento and the State of California was our State budget fiasco.

Flying Light Being of Greenwood, Indiana. 1996, Pricilla Jiron and Sharon Jansen witnessed a strange light in the night sky zipping around. At first they thought it was a UFO due to the erratic flying behavior of the light. The flying light approached them and then it hovered. Both women could distinctly see that the light was in the form of a man, it had a head, arms, hands, legs and feet. This creature was made of pure light. As they watched, the flying light being placed it palms downward and from the palms of this entity’s hands a radiating light beam shot downwards as if it was the force that propelled the entity to fly straight up into the night sky. This is exactly what happened, after the light beam shot downwards, the entity shot up into the sky and in a blink of the eye, it was gone.

The UFO Alien: The website called ‘High Strangeness’ reports about a UFO that was an actual alien and you can read about it here:

There you have it, a listing of some of the top flying humanoid cases from the Esoteric Library of the Strange.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective, Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)

Posted: 23 May 2014 03:30 AM PDT
An intergalactic space exhibition has landed again for another summer at Broadway at the Beach. “Encounters: UFO Experience,” off 29th Avenue in Myrtle Beach, near the Margararitaville restaurant, is open every day through Sept. 2.

Brian Bouquet, president and chief executive of The Event Agency in San Clemente, Calif., which oversaw the primary development and design of “Encounters,” said last week after his recent visit, that addition of seven more exhibits within the galleries were about complete, just in time for the summer tourist season.

Visitor feedback from last summer prompted bringing in extra interactive activities to engage children, Bouquet said, so parents would have more time to review and read about artifacts, replicas and summaries of people’s reports from their outer-worldly experiences.

Last Friday afternoon, the “Alien Hunter” laser tag-style shooting gallery and “Electromagnetic Propelled UFOs,” a propulsion exhibit where UFOs under glass are controlled by magnets with two hands at the helm to steer, were ready for visitors’ aim and balance.

“Kids have a much better time when they have something to do,” Bouquet said, noting the video game, with pop-up aliens awaiting target practice in one gallery, are “not loud enough to disturb parents reading” various UFO details on the walls and in the cases there.

A “Speak to Aliens” section will let youth who would want to send a message into the galaxies put together words in “alien speak,” Bouquet said.

Surveys from last summer also showed that 85 percent of people who came through “Encounters” had “no idea of what they’re going to get into,” Bouquet said.

“They might have been entering the abyss when coming into a UFO museum,” he said, welcoming everyone back for a new summer, with “Encounters” branded even “more as a museum exhibit.”

With more interactivity, “so it’s fun for the whole family,” Bouquet said, and the same local management team and crew returning for this summer, The Event Agency wants to continue building this exhibition site with the “good friends” who operate Broadway at the Beach.

Like ‘Bodies,’ a second year

He said this marks the company’s fourth year at Broadway, a relationship begun with “Bodies Revealed” – a “blockbuster exhibit” that has reached 60 U.S. markets since 2005 – in the same building in 2011-12, and that maybe, continuing this two-year pattern in Myrtle Beach, another special exhibit will be primed to move in for next summer.

UFOs, though, remain a “topic that never gets old,” Bouquet said, “and the search for extraterrestrial life and planets is ongoing,” so with space exploration in general revealing discoveries every few days of stars and places for possibilities for “habitable life,” people remain interested in outer space.

Leading a tour last week, Liberty Garcia, manager of “Encounters,” stopped by a big screen plugged into the Mutual UFO Network’s website, Maneuvering the mouse to localize Myrtle Beach on this global watch for insight into some details of the 68 sightings people have reported locally, Garcia said visitors “from all over the place,” such as vacationers, love to punch in their hometowns to see what observations have been tallied.

An hour might pass easily for guests who want to absorb the information loaded across these galleries. Garcia said reports come generally in three types, as spelled out on one wall panel: saucers or something spherical, a black triangle and entity encounters.

Garcia also pointed out a wall about “Area 51,” a base in Nevada – a state where she said she lived for 10 years, in Las Vegas – that has made news for decades from people wondering about UFO activity on site. The panel also brings up the JANET – “just another non-existent terminal” – planes.

Guests to the galleries also can peer into cases and get almost nose to nose with models of what are described as gray (also known as “Roswell grays”) and green (“little green men”) aliens.

Grays have large heads and eyes, but small nostrils and crevices for ears, and neither hair on the body nor eyes with a dilated pupil or iris. Conversely, the green aliens are portrayed with more human-like features as seen in hands, feet, mouth and nose.

Fans of the movie “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” a blockbuster movie from 1982, probably wouldn’t think twice about aligning the main character with the gray group.

One more feature just added to “Encounters” takes getting hands-on to a new level. Fans of the CBS drama “NCIS,” with its medical examiner, Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, played by David McCallum, also might get a small feel of what he does on TV in his lab.

In the “Alien Autopsy” case, feel free to insert your hands into an alien doll’s abdomen area, and feel something squishy and slimy. This writer’s reach inside to feel the innards generated a laugh aloud, and an understanding of why youngsters might line up to get caught up in this interesting involvement of their hands, simply to experiment and try something odd, but harmless.

“It’s kind of a tribute to ‘grossology,’ ” Bouquet said.

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