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Are you not ALL ‘Children of the stars’? Did you not KNOW what you had decided and then came to Earth to put it into place?

The Federation o Light -- 16th August, 2014

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sharing experiences of today's Worldwide Telepathic Contact

Sharing experiences of today's Worldwide Telepathic Contact


4 de Março de 2014 22:46
I feel that the time has come to share my story that happened back in 2011.

On August 8, 2011 I was traveling with my husband and daughters down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on a family vacation.

 As I was on the airplane I was looking out the window. All of a sudden I see this ET-being who appeared in the atmosphere and looked directly at me. He/she had grey colored skin and big black eyes. The best way to describe this moment, it almost felt like everything around me stopped for a moment, all my five senses where shot down and I was in the bubble, completely isolated from my surroundings. 

Finally, I had the courage to ask telepathically (btw this was my first telepathy) "What is it that you want?" The reply came as "Not now, but later on we are going to need you". For a moment I thought I was losing it. Got confused and quickly snapped out of it and everything flipped back where I found myself back into physical reality. 

I looked around to see if anybody saw what I saw. I didn't share this experience with anyone because I didn't want anybody to think that I was going crazy. At the time I didn't know much about ETs. The experience stayed with me as a secret for a while. 

Later on, I started reading and educating myself about them and in about less than a year, I somehow got connected with InLight radio. At the time they were making a YouTube video called "I Know My Galactic Family is Here, Do You?" I became part of that project that later on went viral on the internet. That video connected me with where I became a volunteer translator and did number of translations; both spirit messages of Salusa and Matthew, as well as some YouTube videos about extraterrestrial life. 

However, the biggest project came last April, when I went to the opening night of the documentary movie "Sirius" by Dr. Steven Greer. Two days later after the opening of the movie I started the translation/subtitling of "Sirius" in my own native language. 

Now I know that the day of August 8, 2011, I wasn't hallucinating and indeed my galactic family/friends gave me a hint of what was expected from me in the future.

Thank you Alfred for making this great forum/page where we can all share our thoughts and experiences without being judged or anything. Glad to be connected and in service doing work of LOVE and LITE!

From Z:

At the first telepathic Event I saw a Being, I spoke to him/her, and I nearly drowned in it's dark, spacy eyes. It was very moving for my heart... I thought about sharing it but felt too ... intimate.

Then it came:

Dear One,
the contact I mentioned developed like this:
As Alfred told uns to imagine a meadow with an UFO on it, I suddenly saw a space-ship of maybe 5 meter/diameter and maybe man-high. It was like made of gently floating glass.

As then there was the sound that Alfred made, I had the feeling it was the sound of somebody moving through high gras and immediatly a Being emerged out of the grass, quite small, just like a 7 year old child and seemingly also of gently floating glass. It came to me and just looked at me. It's eyes were dark and like a window into the space. But it was not just the dark space with the sparkeling stars in it what I saw in these eyes, but - and that is the "intimate" feeling I hesitated to share: I nearly drowned in Love... in this space... these dark glossy eyes were opend to me with so much unconditional overwhelming, overpowering Love that now I get now wet eyes again and again try not to feel all at once...

My first question: How can you teach me to love?

The answer: Effortlessly. (and I felt that at the moment that I let a wall fall down, Love already will be there, lightly playing with the light and my feelings)

My second question: When will manhood heal?

The answer: It already happens (and a broad white stream was shown to me on which one human after the other jumps on and instantly is part of it and there is joy and happiness through and through within him and everything else is not interesting anymore because the only gripping thing ist where the stream is going to, as by now every centimeter is pure happiness)
It is still here, whenever I look for it and I still do not know whether it is male oder female... it is both or nothing of that. But it is easier to call it female. She.... is deeply touching. And I have the feeling, that we are related to each other and that shw knows my entire family in the spiritual realms and I start longing for them. And all the time she is smiling quietly and plays with her eyes and my heart. All the time.

From A:

Contact March, 2nd 2014

The number I got: 7

I see a flying saucer, size about 5 meter / diameter height about 3 m. It looked like a kind of metal, no windows, all plan. I was wondering, what it is and how it is manned, the size is quite small.

I was asking who is in there? Why do you not come out?

I got the answer: What do you think?

I was wondering, maybe they do not want to be seen, they are not human looking, I got many pictures of different kinds of strange looking beings, even pictures of „scaring TV creatures“...

then I said to myself, no, whatever they are, they are not benevolent, they are here to meet us and assist us.

After I had decided, that however they might look, I will welcome them and do not fear them.
Then a huge ship appeared from the sky, coming down exactly above the little saucer. Some kind of legs came out and the ship landed. This ship was about 30 m, shine material, like a blue-silver light.

A big door opened. But there was nobody to see.

I looked and asked: Who are you? Where do you come from? Will you come out?

I got the answer: We are coming from the Centaurus System, a planet named Kurdi. Our appearance is like animals.

Me: Okay. I have no problem with that.

My fantasy started to imagine what they would look like.

A female looking being came to the door. She looked like frog, smooth green round face with slit gold colored eyes, a small lined but expanding mouth, a nose like to spots. Her dress was golden and shiny. She smiled at me. “Welcome on board. Please follow me.”

We went in through a kind of corridor. The material of the ship inside was not like metal more like a kind of plastic.

She said: Don´t be afraid of us, we are all animals. Different type of animals, some are similar to those you know from your planet, some you don´t know. We are wearing a dress, that is only for protection purposes, otherwise the beaming energy of our body could harm you.

A door opened and we enter into a big room, the commando center. I see about 10 to 12 beings, different types of animals, all in a shiny light dress. One is looking like a dog, one like a horse, one like a tiger, one like a reptile, all are standing upright on two feet, tow are lying on the ground, one is a Tiger looking friendly at me. The horse looking beings comes to me, greeting me with a smile and holding a “hand” up and saying: Welcome and thank you for coming. You are a bit confused to see us but this is how we are.

Me: Hello, thank you for inviting me. I wonder, how you can manage flying a ship, without “hands”?

He answers: Yes, we need no hands in the way how you do. We do all we want, just with our mind. So we can do everything like you.

It is not of importance what you imagine, the only importance lies in what is true. You are multidimensional Beings and you as well have several appearances respectively to the “Being” in which you are existing and on which you are dwelling with your consciousness. We are all ONE, but always in another appearance and this appearances are appearances* of Father/Mother God who reflects and transmit light and this way you always and only see the true core.

*( Visual appearance, the way in which objects reflect and transmit light (

The essence of what you “apprehend”.

When we show up to you “human-being-appearances” in a closer way we will have many different appearances. You never have to fear anything, - not from us!

Everything that you have experienced up to now was “horrible”, “dangerous”, “threatening”.

Everything that you will experience with us will be in dimensions of sensations and percipience, what you have forgotten about since you are immerged into the experiment “Earth/Human”.


Be in joy and open your heart. (1)

Be in Love and Love will come to you. (2)

Be in Harmonie with ALL THAT IS. (3)

Be ready and receive. Receive the Kingdom of God, the ALL THAT IS. (4)

Be ONE, for ONE WE ARE. (5)

Be in the awareness, that you will experience the true Being (6)

Be with us and be with you – in love, wisdom and power. (7)

We love you, you earthlings, what ever you do, however you may look like. And believe me – many of you are dressed in a human costume, but their true vibration that is mirroring their evil, cruel action is that “creepy and threatening”. If you would notice this in the same way as we do then you would be scared stiff.

But the human race has it in their hands. And you will successfully finish this experiment to the benefit of all.


Thank you for your courage.

Thank you for your visit, thank you for your being.

Me: I thank you for this wonderful experience. And I am looking forward to more.
Thank you. Namasté

From O:

I followed completely today's Telepathic Contact, and once again I could not feel nothing ... but I am reading The Star People and I reached a point very moving exactly about the first Telepathic Contacts exercises done by Alfred.

 Herewith   I am reporting a glimpse of it, as I KOW it will inspire many as it did with me:

Alfred: „On 19 May there is a star seed meeting in Ella 12. We are planning telepathic exercises with you for those who are interested. Would you, as members of the star families help us?“

Sigilda: „We have been waiting for this for a long time. We love being in direct contact with you“

Alfred: „I am pleasantly surprised. Did I get that right? You love being in direct telepathic contact with us?“

Sigilda: „We long for this. You are a part of us“

Alfred: „This is touching. Do you really long for us because we are a part of you?“

Sigilda: „It is what we have been yearning for for a long time. You don’t fully understand yet…“

Alfred: „This is beautiful, Sigilda

Sigilda: „It is the day we have been waiting for to take you into our arms“

Alfred: [moved] „You are looking forward to the day when you can take us into your arms?“

Sigilda: „Yes. This day is drawing near…“

Alfred: „I want to enjoy this…[a wonderful feeling – a short moment of quiet]“

Alfred: „So, this day is approaching, is it?“

Sigilda: „Be patient. The day is not far anymore. We love you“

Alfred: „Many thanks, Sigilda“

And it explains much more and also why certain people are slower to reach this state of telepathic contact.

We should persevere ...

On 05:03:2014

Dear Ones,

It is yet only a subjective experience but it has been one of the most rewarding of my life.

I think it has a lot to do with my work of yesterday. I have finished the translation of the Star People – The Event is imminent! and I started Immediately to translate Cometa Ison, the first 100 sentences, as it was already late.

Then I went to bed and as usual, I have slept profoundly like a child as I always do, since  a hard fight of taking pills to stop my anxiety (that take was from 33 to 51 years old -  due to the mastery gained with the practice of martial arts, that I started when I was  50 old). During  the last part of my sleep I have had an astoundingly beautiful vivid dream, and it is very rare for me to recall dreams and this is the fifth vivid dream I can recall.

Well It has been long but I only recall the last part. I was driving a car together with my eldest son José, and we had gone to a urban place where was a big building of four or five storeys. We were attending a meeting there perhaps. Then we noted a lot of people staring at the sky, we had gone near a window and a huge mothership was shown, with a shape and a dark color but it does not created any confusion in me.

I was quite thrilled and told my son that seeing it from below the patterns were quite similar to the patterns I used to see when closing my eyes in the state of nearly fall asleep that is a very relaxed one. Then the mothership provided a platform were some small children (between the ages of 6 to 8 years old) were standing with a very friendly look.

I started to speak with them and I asked them if I could go together with them in the mothership. They agreed very amused and I was absolutely excited. I asked my son to take care of our car and drive it home and i still recall handling him the car keys as I had the feeling it would be a very long absence in the spaceship. I was out of the building to go to the mothership when I was suddenly awakened up by the noise of the steps of my eldest daughter, preparing for going to Oporto. It was early in the morning 05:00.

When starting the computer, when opening my email account  I have opened by chance a google page showing pretty child faces. The first one is the pure gazing of a nice little girl about 4 to six years old.The other one has a sentence in Spanish that called my attention because this teaching  has been the guidance of my life:

La felicidad se alcanza quando lo que uno piensa, lo que uno dice, y lo que uno hace  estàn en àrmonia (Ghandi)

that means

Happiness is reached when what you think, what you say, and what you do
are in harmony (Gandhi)

In fact I did not know it belongs to Gandhi that I love and respect as one of my Mentors and Guides.

Being so, I consider it a big step of my spiritual experience because it was also through one of my vivid dreams that I have been guided to build this Group of volunteer translators. 

The time is perfect as it was when I started it in March 2009, the first ones to join me were Jimena (from Colombia living now in Colorado, US) and Charlotte (from Holland). Then it came Keesito and Adrianito, and you know the rest … a big joint-venture started.

I am still in heavens, in amazement ...

Hugging all of you with very much Love and Gratitude,
lets continue our journey in search of our Family of the Stars

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