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Are you not ALL ‘Children of the stars’? Did you not KNOW what you had decided and then came to Earth to put it into place?

The Federation o Light -- 16th August, 2014

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Saturday, June 30, 2012

PORTUGUÊS - Conversa com Um Homem que Foi a Marte por Morgan Kochel

Conversa com
Um Homem que Foi a Marte
por Morgan Kochel

Baseado Numa entrevista conduzida ao longo de vários dias em Fevereiro de 2012


[NOTA da Autora: O meu objectivo (de Morgan Kochel) é apenas ajudá-lo a que ouçam a sua história, porque se FOR verdadeira, as pessoas deste planeta estão a ser enganadas em grande escala, e talvez esta história vá, finalmente, ajudar o Movimento de Divulgação dos OVNI’s. Chegou a ocasião das mentiras serem desmascaradas, e da verdade – seja ela qual for - ser conhecida de uma vez por todas.

Nota da Tradutora: Perfeitamente em sintonia com o objectivo de Morgan Kochel, traduzi em Português e divulguei o melhor que soube este relato.

Não estava à procura de mais uma entrevista, trata-se apenas de um astronauta que foi a Marte, e foi com o que deparei.

Em Fevereiro de 2012, estava em casa a descontrair e a ler cuidadosamente as mensagens do Twitter, procurando pessoas interessantes para seguir. Para lá da habitual acumulação de pesquisadores de OVNIS, fontes alternativas de notícias e dos denominados teóricos da “conspiração” que gosto de ler, a biografia de uma conta em particular, chamou-me a atenção.

“Eu fazia parte de uma equipa de 3 astronautas que foram a Marte numa missão secreta financiada privadamente, 2 deles morreram agora, estão a matar-nos para manter o segredo.”

Não é necessário dizer até que ponto fiquei intrigada.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Don’t Look for Answers – Find the Questions by Zen Gardner


Don’t Look for Answers – Find the Questions 

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012. 

by Zen Gardner

Researching the internet for information has taught me so many things. First of all, explore. Remain open and take the time to follow your heart and the leads and little nudges you’re given.

I know I’m preaching to much of the choir here, but these basic principles have such a wealth of wisdom to be gleaned.

CROP CIRCLE - Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia). Reported 25th June.

Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia). Reported 25th June.

A couple of days ago I've been informed by Leonardo Dragoni ( about the rumours from Italy regarding a new formation in  Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia). I asked some friends that live in that area to see what was going on, but nobody was able to help my requests...So I tried with e-mails to flight-schools and aero-clubs, and this evening i received the first positive answer...along with a photo from the sky! Of course you can use this picture for the Crop Circle Connector database. The only thing I'm asking you is to specify, as a source, " - Carpi (MO)"


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Please Read and Spread --Conversation with A Man Who Went to Mars by Morgan Kochel

Conversation with
A Man Who Went to Mars
by Morgan Kochel
Based on an interview conducted over several days in February 2012.My goal is only to help him get his story heard, because if this story IS true, the people of this planet are being lied to on a grand scale, and perhaps this will eventually help the UFO Disclosure Movement. It's time for the lies to be uncovered, and time for the truth -- whatever that may be -- to be known once and for all.

Please read and spread. Thanks.

I wasn't looking for an interview to do, let alone one of an astronaut who had been to Mars, yet this is what I stumbled upon. 

In February of 2012, I was relaxing at home and perusing people on Twitter, looking for interesting people to follow. Out of the usual batch of UFO researchers, alternative news feeds, and so-called "conspiracy" theorists that I enjoy reading Tweets from on occasion, the bio on one account in particular caught my eye.

"I was part of a team of 3 astronauts that went to Mars
on a privately funded secret mission,
2 are now dead,
they're killing us to preserve the secret."
Needless to say, I was quite intrigued.

What followed was a very interesting conversation between this man, Chad Johnson (not his real name), and me about his amazing experience, and how he has been on the run ever since his daring escape from a remote base in the middle of a desert somewhere near Mongolia once he discovered he was in danger from the very people who employed him. While I can in no way verify his story, I can also offer no evidence that he is lying. More importantly, to myself at least, he has asked for help in making his story known to those who might be interested, and to hopefully get word to his family that he's alive and well. It is also hoped that by telling his story, he will be able to attract some sort of protection from the right people.

Hollow Earth Revealed- Series

Stephen Sindoni shares his research on a thought provoking topic in a compilation of nine (9) videos regarding the possibility on an underground civilization in "Hollow Earth Revealed." Additional Translations to follow:

Spanish Translation: Stephen acciones Sindoni su investigación sobre un tema que provoca pensar en una recopilación de nueve (9) videos acerca de la posibilidad de una civilización subterránea en "Tierra Hueca revelado."

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

From David LeightEye - Crop circle

Dear Friends,

Also articles:

Be Well.


Images Michael Turners Copyright 2012

The concentric rings are quite meaningful.

The two small circles to the outside denote choices. They are purposely directing the eye towards the white horse. The white horse is the horse of truth, purity of heart and childlike innocence. It is the 19th Hexagram in the  It is the 19th card in the major arcane of the rider-waite tarot.  The 19th day of the 20 days. It is the day of Toj.

Toj is the day of Ceremony itself. When we go inward to ask of the Creator, we must be pure of heart and intention.

The child on the horse is each person when they come from the heart place of honesty and inner truth. The red wavy fabric is the fire of Toj. Toj is related to Kat, which is the heat of the sun.


A tribute to Tauno, Livi, Toni and Per
for their dedication to Saint Germain



The Sahara Desert

"INSTEAD of going forth from the body as in your recent experience, today we will use—the Projected Consciousness," he remarked, as he placed the thumb of his right hand between my eyes and the rest of his fingers over the top of my head. A feeling like a powerful electric current passed over my entire body. Removing his hand, he continued:

"I wish you to fix firmly in mind, and recall frequently for contemplation—the fact—that the Laws I explain, and teach you to use, are to bring you into a condition—of Conscious Mastery—over all forces—and things on earth. This means that—no matter what is being experienced—you are always at every instant in complete, conscious control of your own mind and body, and able to use your own free will—at all times.

Crop Circle -

Two White Horses: Double Entendre from Milk Hill and Cherhill 
The fact that both crop formations reported on June 25th, one at Milk Hill nr Alton Barnes, and the other at Cherhill, nr Calne are displayed in plain and full visual relationship to the white horses nearby gives us a hint that both could be related in terms of the message they bring. In Hindu scriptures, the White Horse is the steed that carries the 10th  avatar of Vishnu, Kalki. Kalki is said to wreak havoc on ill-intentioned projects, communities and persons at the end of the period called Kali-Yuga (the period we now live in). The effect of his acts of ‘destruction’ in fact is cleansing, renewal, and regeneration of life on Earth, including human activity.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

UNVEILED MYSTERIES - Meeting the Master by Guy Ballard

A tribute to Tauno, Livi, Toni and Per
for their dedication to Saint Germain



Meeting the Master

MOUNT SHASTA stood out boldly against the western sky, surrounded at its base by a growth of pine and fir trees that made it look like a jewel of diamond shining whiteness held in a filigree setting of green. Its snow covered peaks glistened and changed color from moment to moment, as the shadows lengthened in the sun's descent toward the horizon.

Rumor said there was a group of men, Divine men in Fact, called the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta, who formed a branch of the Great White Lodge, and that this Focus from very ancient times had continued unbroken down to the present day.

I had been sent on government business to a little town situated at the foot of the mountain, and while thus engaged occupied my leisure time trying to unravel this rumor concerning The Brotherhood. I knew, through travels in the Far East, that most rumors, myths, and legends have, somewhere as their origin, a deep underlying Truth that usually remains unrecognized by all but those who are Real students of life.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


 By Courtesy of Lou Bougnon
beloved friends, here is the real treasure to keep share and spread
Print and study!!!!!  – love ya

‘Unveiled Mysteries’ – page 101 – 109
By our Beloved Saint Germain

“True visualization, is God’s attribute and Power of Sight acting in the mind of man. When one consciously pictures in his mind a desire he wishes fulfilled, he is using one of the most powerful means of bringing into his visible, tangible experience.  There is much confusion and uncertainty in the minds of many concerning what actually happens when one visualizes or makes a mental picture of something he desires.  No form ever came into existence anywhere in the universe unless someone had consciously held a picture of that form in his thought; for every thought contains a picture of the idea within it. Even an abstract thought has a picture of some kind, or at least a picture that is one’s mental concept of it.

            “I will give you an exercise by which one may develop, consciously control, and direct his visualizing activities for definite accomplishment.There are several steps to the process which every student can use at any and all times.

The practice does bring visible, tangible results when really applied.

Exclusive discussion with “Cobra” on Gold and it’s place in human history

 Source: The Golden Rule

Exclusive discussion with “Cobra” on Gold and it’s place in human history



Cobra Transcript

On the morning of June 15, 2012 I sat down and spoke with COBRA, the author of Portal2012 which alleges to be the official outlet for the resistance movement, a group of freedom fighters working to bring down the international cabal we call “The New World Order.”  In his own words, Cobra explains who the Resistance movement is, and what they have been doing:
Resistance Movement. This is a group of freedom fighters who live in subterranean dwellings in the upper part of Earth’s crust. They have a constant physical contact with underground Pleiadian bases in Himalaya and under Bora-Bora island.  Their official public contact is Cobra.

With assistance from the Confederation, they have cleared all remaining Reptilian forces from this solar system. Shortly after the year 2000 they have also cleared all subterranean Reptilian bases in severe battles. Then they shifted their focus towards clearing most black budget military programs and technologies, which they did successfully.

After that they have placed their agents inside the military and alphabet agencies to help the Positive Military group with their Plan that is coming to fruition now. Main motivation of the Resistance Movement is to help liberate the planet, so they can stop living in caves and move on to more prospective missions elsewhere in the Galaxy.

Watch Below to hear my conversation with COBRA about Gold and its role in bringing down the Cabal:

Corey talks to COBRA about Gold and the new financial system
Corey talks to COBRA about Gold and the new financial system
I became interested in COBRA after hearing the various interviews and information coming out of Drake, Fulford andDavid Wilcock which dealt with the financial tyrannyorchestrated by a vast network of fascist corporate interests. Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock appeared together in December 2011 and discussed with great detail the history of Western finance and how Gold reserves have shifted hands over the years to exert financial control.  To catch up to speed, listen below:
Cobra, who claims to be a Pleiadian incarnated as a human on earth to assist with this transition, is tasked with dispensing information from the Resistance Movement’s point of view as they take various actions to remove the most negative elements of planet earth’s power structure.
This mysterious group and its elusive spokesman require complete anonymity, and certainly this mystique has caused the information to garner some controversy around the web.  What piqued my interest most was Cobra’s statements on the future of our monetary system.  Many people will be surprised to hear that the financial conspiracy agenda goes even higher than our terrestrial international banking families.  As Cobra will explain in the interview, Gold is a very important metal in the context of human history for many different reasons.
My interest in geopolitics, and in fact the theme and genesis of The Golden Rule was born out of an interest in money.  Ever since I was a little boy I have been interested in the paper bills we used to buy and sell things – but it wasn’t until 2007 when Ron Paul introduced me to Austrian free market economics and commodity money that I began to take an interest in Gold.  As I learned more about the way economies and commerce worked, I used the old journalist’s edict “Follow the Money” to learn more about who is really in control.  This precipitated my full awakening, which lead to ever more information about the reality we find ourselves in.
I think it’s important for more mainstream listeners who may not be into UFOs, or other so-called fringe topics to hear what Cobra has to say.  It is not impossible to imagine that if Gold has been used to consolidate financial control by the cabal, then Gold could also be used to usurp financial control from the cabal.
Afterall – those who have the gold make the rules!
In fact, many investors believe they are doing just that in an organic way, a prime example being the Max Keiser led campaign to bankrupt JP Morgan by purchasing physical silver and removing it from the banking system.
According to COBRA, there is not only a physical need to seize gold from the cabal, but also energetic properties associated with gold that change the etheric nature of humanity’s commerce.  While this wasn’t discussed in extreme detail, the dark rituals COBRA alludes to might explain why society has diverged into a culture of self-satisfaction and materialism.  COBRA and I agree that the ultimate goal of science and technology is the betterment of humanity, and it is through the process of releasing this gold from its dark controllers that will allow our economic progress to reach a level of spiritual freedom whereby money is not necessary to survive.

In COBRA’s own words, he outlines what plans exist and the rough outline of what how the Resistance Movement is working to break the chains so humanity’s creative power can be unleashed:

New Financial System

Most of this intel comes from sources deep within occult economy and it pertains to the restructuring of the financial system worldwide.

This will happen at the time of the Event and is actually part of the operation.

Day 1
When the critical mass of pressure is exerted upon the Federal Reserve it will be forced to repay debt that it owes to people due to its fraudulent operations. Since Fed does not have money to repay that debt, it will go bankrupt. This will trigger a chain reaction of BIS, IMF, World Bank and all central banks worldwide going bankrupt also.

Extreme volatility in markets will result in a worldwide stock market crash. Stock exchanges will close, including NYSE. All financial instruments such as options and credit default swaps will be zeroed out.
All shadow accounts will be closed and zeroed out. All public bank accounts of the Cabal will be seized. All foreclosures will be frozen, as well as all public and private debt (mortgages, loans, credit card debt).

Day 2-7
Banks will be closed and there will be a lot of uncertainty and confusion. Some businesses will be temporarily closed. Some of those that remain open may accept cash, other will only accept gold or silver coins. Credit cards will not be accepted as the system will go down. There might be moderate problems with distribution chain, it is wise to stock up some food and gasoline.

Revaluation (RV)

After about 1 week from the Event

There might still be light problems in the distribution chain.

New financial system will be introduced. It will be backed up with Yamashita gold. That gold will be stored in locations that are not to be disclosed yet. Yamashita gold will not be traded in open markets. Basket of currencies such as US dollar, Euro, British pound, Swiss franc, Japanese yen and Chinese yuan will form the basis of this new system.

Those banks that did not have strong connections with Federal Reserve and did not go bankrupt will reopen. They will not be allowed to charge interest. All their accounting will be fully transparent to the public. Stock market will not reopen.

Revaluation will take place. It means that the exchange rates between various currencies will change, but not drastically They will reflect more truly the real productivity of nations. Iraqi Dinar will not gain much value, contrary to speculations of many people. Federal Reserve notes, Euro banknotes and other banknotes will be widely accepted, until they are phased out in a few months and new money is printed.
All fair business agreements, contracts and responsibilities worldwide will be kept valid and will be respected. Those business agreements that involve criminal or fraudulent interactions with the Cabal will be cancelled, null and void.

In a few weeks
Multinationals will be obliged to buy back their shares and this will effectively force them to go bankrupt. They will be split and healthy portions of those companies will be nationalized in their own countries.
The existence of Global Settlement funds will be then introduced to the public. Those funds include about  $ 70 trillion from old money patriots connected to the Positive Military, $ 100 trillion from White Dragon Society and Templar groups, $ 120 trillion from Resistance Movement and $ 10 trillion from Saint Germain Trust. Global Settlement funds will also include all money and assets from the Cabal.

Global Settlement funds will be used for many purposes. First, all national, public and private debt will be paid off worldwide. After that, all people will receive restitution for all theft and criminal activity against them by the former Cabal. Then prosperity funds will be released and humanitarian, environmental and new advanced technology projects funded. Part of the money from Saint Germain Trust will go directly to Lightworkers, the rest of it will fund projects connected to the introduction of the First Contact.


Terra Galactica

crop circle

ET First Contact

the way we live

Could you imagine





“Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth peace, good will toward men.”

This Christmas, Give Peace

I Decree



esoteeric II


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THIAOOUBA PROPHECY - 14,15,16,17,18


terra galactica uk


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埋め込み画像 1埋め込み画像 2

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Send Snowden home


The world's greatest whistleblower is stuck in the Russian winter, facing solitary confinement, ridicule, and life in prison if US agents grab him. But this week, we could help get him to safety.

Edward Snowden exposed the mind-boggling and illegal level of surveillance the US government is conducting on, well, all of us. His welcome in Russia runs out soon, and he's got nowhere to go. But Brazilian President Dilma is angry at US surveillance and experts say she might brave massive US pressure to consider asylum for Snowden!

This is about much more than one man. If Snowden's act of truth-telling leads to crippling punishment, it sends the wrong signal to abusive governments and whistleblowers everywhere. If 1 million of us take action now, we can send President Dilma the largest citizen-supported asylum bid in history -- sign to safeguard Snowden and defend democracy everywhere.



Revolution in Kiev, Ukraine

In the last days I received multiple requests to translate my posts for foreign readers, as they have very limited information about the happenings in Ukraine. This material describes events which took place in Kyev on January 22 and 23.

Sharing and distribution is appreciated.

22 January 2014. Battles on streets of Kiev.

I came to Kiev. I came to see for myself what is happening here. Of course, an hour after arriving at Maidan, you begin to understand that everything what you've read in dozens of articles, saw in TV news reports is total crap. In the upcoming reports I will try to, as objectively as possible, to sort out this new wave of Kiev revolution.
Janeiro 16, 2014

Deixem a desinformação começar


Ancient Knowledge


The Book of Enoch


Falado em Portugês Biografia - Albert Einstein nasceu na região alemã de Württemberg, na cidade de Ulm, numa família judaica. Em 1852, o avô materno de Einstein, Julius Koch, estabelece-se como comerciante de cereais em Bad Cannstatt, nos arredores de Estugarda. Os pais de Einstein, Hermann Einstein e Pauline Koch, casaram-se em 8 de agosto de 1876. Hermann, que era comerciante, muda-se de Bad Buchau para a cidade de Ulm, onde passou a viver com a esposa. É em Ulm que nasce Albert Einstein, em 14 de março de 1879.

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Steve Bassett Interview